King & Queen of Another World/C71 I Want to Eat You More
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King & Queen of Another World/C71 I Want to Eat You More
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C71 I Want to Eat You More

Pei Xingyun had been rather busy these past few days and only returned in the evening.

Gu Wangshu coincidentally caught Shu Qi bringing Pei Xingyun his dinner, and immediately received it. He planned to personally send it, and after careful calculation, he did not see Pei Xingyun much in the past few days.

Knocking on the door, he heard Pei Xingyun say in a low voice: "Come in." Only then did Gu Wangshu open the door and walk in, placing the tray containing dinner on the table. Seeing that Pei Xingyun was holding a letter and reading it, Gu Wangshu couldn't help but be curious: "Big Brother is already so tired inside the palace, why are you still busy coming back?"

Pei Xingyun had long heard that it was him from that faintly discernible fragrance and footsteps. After he finished speaking, he immediately reached out and pulled him over, allowing him to sit in his embrace. He wrapped her arms around his body and shook the letter in his hands: "This has nothing to do with the matters in the palace, it's from the border region."

"Speaking of the border … It seems like big brother has been back in the capital for a while. Do you plan to stay in the capital for a long time? "

Pei Xingyun shook his head: "I returned this time because the Sixth Master had something to ask of me, so I stayed for a long time. But even so, the news from the border region has still not ended. "What awaits us are the war and chaos, so we can't be careless at all."

Gu Wangshu sighed: "If only this world could be unified, then wars would be few."

He had only been in this world for a short while before he had a rough understanding of the world. Great Jing was a very rich and powerful nation, and other than this, there were three others that were on par with it, namely Huazhou Dynasty, Huiguang Dynasty, Huiguang Dynasty, and Shouyi Dynasty. In actuality, the full name of Great Jing was Ming Jing Dynasty.

These four nations were relatively strong and flourishing, and Great Jing and Huazhou Dynasty were allies. Radiant and Shouyi Dynasty were allies, and the two alliances were enemies. The other small nations and small clans all relied on them for their survival.

"Unify the world? "From the looks of it, no matter which empire, they will not be able to do so." Pei Xingyun kept the letter and wrapped his arms around Gu Wangshu. "I've been rather busy these few days, and didn't have time to accompany you in your training. How are your qinggong and inner force?"

"With the Uncle Fu teaching me, my progress will be very fast … Oh right, Big Brother, that assassin, he already left and left behind this jade tablet, saying that he can rely on it to get Xuanming Palace to help him with something. "

Pei Xingyun held his hand: "It's good that you have kept this jade tablet, who knows when you might have used it … Do you miss your big brother these few days? "

Why did the topic change so quickly? Gu Wangshu's face slightly flushed, and only now did he feel that his actions while sitting in Pei Xingyun's embrace were extremely inappropriate. He immediately wanted to go down: "Big Brother, Shu Qi said that you haven't eaten dinner, I've brought it over for you, hurry up and eat it, it won't take long before it gets cold …"

However, he did not know that his twisting and turning of his body was tantamount to fanning the flames on Pei Xingyun's body.

Pei Xingyun held onto his waist, not allowing him to leave, and pressed a kiss on Yan Hong's cheek. He said in a slightly hoarse voice, "Compared to dinner, Big Brother really wants to eat you more …"

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