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C72 Court Affairs

Since then, it was as if Pei Xingyun could not stop, and actually moved his things to Gu Wangshu's place, starting from then on … Living together?

However, he was still very busy during the day and would only be able to come back at night for the most part.

Sometimes, when he was sleeping soundly, he would be able to crawl back to his bed and tear off his underwear, waking up the guy who had barged into his body, before starting his "rich" night life again.

These days, although a little tiring, were very fulfilling.

No one would restrict him, no one would give him face, he could do whatever he wanted … Actually, he only needed to do his own things, the rest were Shu Qi and Uncle Fu, he did not need to worry about them. Some of the other brother s or madams that came to visit him, the Uncle Fu would pick and choose, and only after confirming that they had good character, would they let him go.

This allowed Gu Wangshu to make two friends that were not bad. However, the biggest gain was that he also had some inner strength. Although fighting was not good, it was enough for him to use his more and more proficient lightness skills to fly over the wall.

Although he didn't have any martial arts skills, he still had a bit of the demeanor of a hero when he was out in the open.

Time passed by very quickly. In the blink of an eye, another half a month had gone by.

Pei Xingyun had actually returned early.

Gu Wangshu felt that it was very strange. "Has the princess of Huazhou Dynasty gone back?"

Pei Xingyun shook his head: "No, but tomorrow, the Emperor has already passed down the decree to bestow the marriage. After the wedding, the envoy from Huazhou Dynasty will return to my country, and then, Big Brother will have time to accompany you again."

Gu Wangshu nodded. He wasn't very interested in that princess of Huazhou Dynasty, but when he heard that they were going to be married tomorrow, he couldn't help but ask, "Who is the emperor giving her a marriage?"

Pei Xingyun took Gu Wangshu's hand, and while feeling that soft and smooth touch, he slightly narrowed his eyes and laughed: "I thought you weren't curious in the slightest … However, I do not know who it might be.

"Sixth Master?" Gu Wangshu immediately thought of Heelian Mingzhao. That seemingly noble and cold, unreachable man was very attractive and also looked very powerful. Gu Wangshu had never seen any other princes, but he felt that Heelian Mingzhao had the temperament of someone with a high position, and that he was worthy of being the emperor's master.

"Yes, Sixth Master! I worked hard with Sixth Master for a long time, and it seems that the princess of Huazhou Dynasty also had feelings for him. However, at the same time, she also accepted his goodwill, so in the end … If it was Sixth Master, then it would be fine. Huazhou Dynasty and my Great Jing are allies, if Sixth Master could obtain their support and ascend to a great treasure, then it would be just around the corner. "

Gu Wangshu also laughed upon hearing this, and then said seriously: "Big Brother, you don't have to worry. I think that a person like the Sixth Master might be able to board a great treasure even without relying on women, or Huazhou Dynasty."

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