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C74 Accident

The Great Jing Capital was very lively. The marriage between the two nations was even more lively than the marriage between the strongest man in the Great Jing back then.

Before Pei Xingyun left, he told Gu Wangshu that after tonight's wedding, the Huazhou Dynasty Envoys would leave the Great Jing tomorrow, so he could be idle again.

When Pei Xingyun said these words, he looked at Gu Wangshu with extremely gentle eyes, causing Gu Wangshu to be unspeakably happy. During this period of time, the matter of Princess Huazhou Dynasty marrying into the Third Prince and the matter of Yuchi Family having Longevity Scripture s had already become the mainstream public opinion, and all the rumors and rumors about Gu Wangshu had long since been tossed to the back of their minds. Uncle Fu had only told Pei Xingyun yesterday that they could already marry each other — — Pei Xingyun planned to start preparations for the wedding with Gu Wangshu after the envoy of Huazhou Dynasty had left.

After Gu Wangshu watched Pei Xingyun leave the room, he started to practice inner force and martial arts with Uncle Fu. In the modern era, throwing darts was already extremely fast, but now when he used his bow, it was even more effective.

The sky gradually darkened. For some reason, the night that was bustling with noise and excitement due to the marriage alliance between the two countries suddenly quietened down.

The sound of orderly footsteps came from the street outside the General Mansion. Uncle Fu's ears moved slightly: "So many soldiers?" Ordinary people couldn't line up so neatly.

When Gu Wangshu thought about how the safety of tonight's wedding was in Pei Xingyun's hands, he could not help but start to worry a little. "Did something happen?"

Uncle Fu got up, "Young Madame, you stay here, I'll go out and take a look."

Gu Wangshu nodded and sat in the middle of the Uncle Fu.

After a while, the Uncle Fu came back with a gloomy face.

Seeing that his expression was not good, Gu Wangshu's heart thumped, and he immediately jumped: "Uncle Fu, did something really happen?"

The Uncle Fu frowned and said in a low voice, "An assassin snuck into the palace. His Majesty was ambushed."

"What?" Gu Wangshu exclaimed, and immediately covered his mouth.

"Then what's the situation now? Where's Eldest Brother? Is he in danger? Will he be implicated and punished? "

Gu Wangshu who had recovered from his shock lowered his voice, and a series of questions came out.

Uncle Fu muttered to himself a bit: "Eldest Young Master's martial arts are profound, and he is also a Patron Saint with Great Jing. He should be fine, Young Madame, you can relax."

Gu Wangshu rubbed between his brows to calm himself down.

The Uncle Fu was right, Pei Xingyun's identity was just there, and even if the emperor wanted to use it, the Sixth Master would definitely help Pei Xingyun. Furthermore, Great Jing cannot leave Pei Xingyun, and there are many generals who can, but prestige and people who deserve it could not compare to Pei Xingyun.

As for the current situation of the emperor? Gu Wangshu did not care about this situation at all. He was not a native of Great Jing, and did not have a single ounce of respect and defense towards this so-called Son of Heaven.

Right now, the entire capital is under martial law, the imperial guards are searching for assassins house to house, I believe our General Mansion will not be an exception, Young Madame, do not panic, and do not be afraid. With this old servant here, they will not do anything.

Gu Wangshu nodded: "I know." He wasn't really a weak brother, so how could he be scared by those things?

After a while, someone indeed knocked on the General Mansion door. A team of imperial guards wearing silver white and red armour neatly stepped into the General Mansion and walked around inside the General Mansion as if they were all proper. However, they did not even enter a room to search, and were about to leave.

Before leaving, the leader of the imperial guards said to Gu Wangshu: "This must be the Young Madame from the General Mansion, right? General Pei has instructed this subordinate to tell Young Madame to relax. He will be back tomorrow, I hope that you will not think too much about it. "

Gu Wangshu was moved by Pei Xingyun's carefulness, and the turmoil in his heart had indeed calmed down because of these words. He smiled and nodded: "I understand, thank you very much." As soon as he finished speaking, Uncle Fu went forward and stuffed the leader with heavy silver notes. The leader of the imperial guards could not reject and could only accept it.

After sending them off, Gu Wangshu then separated from the Uncle Fu and went back to his room. Unexpectedly, the moment he opened the door, he smelt a stench of blood, and at the same time, a familiar yet foreign voice whispered: "Gu, long time no see!"

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