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C76 Wave

Gu Wangshu tossed and turned, and did not sleep the entire night.

The next day, he woke up with a pair of panda eyes, especially with his fair skin, which made his eye sockets more obvious. Uncle Fu was shocked when he saw him.

He just smiled and did not speak. Uncle Fu thought that he was worried about Pei Xingyun and understood.

But in truth, he was worried about Pei Xingyun as well as Bai Yuanjun.

When it was noon, Pei Xingyun finally returned, his face a little haggard, his eyes bloodshot. Upon seeing him, Gu Wangshu rushed over: "Big Brother, are you alright? Do you want to rest? "

The corner of Pei Xingyun's mouth curved into a smile as he held onto Gu Wangshu's hand: "I'm fine, don't worry."

Gu Wangshu bit his lower lip, and asked hesitantly: "Then, did you catch the assassin?"

Pei Xingyun shook his head. "There's more than one assassin, and they are also exceptionally cunning.

Gu Wangshu heaved a sigh of relief. Since Pei Xingyun still had not caught him, it meant that Bai Yuanjun and Gu Wangyan had safely left the imperial city.

However … Would Pei Xingyun even suspect Bai Yuanjun?

"Brother, do you know who did this assassination?"

"I don't know. But, to assassinate the Emperor at such a sensitive time like the night before when the two nations got married, I suppose it should be someone from Huiguang Dynasty or Shouyi Dynasty … Shu need not worry, Big Brother will take care of this matter. "

Gu Wangshu felt embarrassed and blamed himself, because he had concealed the truth about Pei Xingyun.

However, he would never give away his own blood brother and kin.

"Then... How is the Emperor now? "

"Fortunately, we reacted in time. His Majesty wasn't injured, he was just a little frightened."

Only now did Gu Wangshu heave a sigh of relief. The emperor would never blame Pei Xingyun for nothing, he didn't want to hurt the seniors and elder brothers that were close to him, and he also wanted to hide the guilt in his heart from Pei Xingyun. If the emperor was fine, the guilt in the bottom of his heart would be slightly alleviated.

Pei Xingyun also did not sleep last night, but he was currently very tired. Seeing Gu Wangshu's panda eyes, he quickly pulled Gu Wangshu along to rest with him, and the two hugged and slept together in the broad daylight.

However, what he did not know was that during the assassination attempt yesterday, it was like a stone that caused a thousand ripples.

On the second day, when Zhonglee Xian sent the envoy of Huazhou Dynasty away, this beautiful and refined woman, whose face was pure and refined without a speck of dust, knitted her eyebrows and coldly shouted at the envoy of Huazhou Dynasty: "How dare you change your plans and take action by yourself?"

Even if this person were to be married off, he wouldn't dare to anger her. He immediately clarified: "Princess, last night's matter was not done by us, we were wrongly accused."

Hearing that, Zhonglee Xian blinked her clear and beautiful eyes, bit her pink fingertip, and thought: "You're saying, other than us, there's still someone else who wants to scheme against the Ming Jing Empire? Or maybe … Was this done by the Shouyi Dynasty and Ming Hui Empire to destroy the marriage alliance between our two nations? This doesn't make sense … Royal Father has clearly discussed it with them … "

This time, although she volunteered herself for the marriage, she was not very interested in the Third Prince, but was very interested in the latter. This was because the temperament of the both of them were very similar.

Unfortunately, her Royal Father said that the Sixth Prince was too difficult to deal with and insisted on letting her marry the Third Prince so that she could make use of the Third Prince.

"Princess, apart from us, there are some people in the Ming Jing Dynasty who are not without suspicions …" After all, the sons of Emperor Mingjing have all grown up. "

Zhonglee Xian, who grew up by the side of the Huazhou Dynasty Emperor, understood this sentence very well. Her Royal Father often suspected and disliked her royal brothers, and her few adult royal brothers were also eyeing her, the emperor of the Royal Father, covetously.

She was a little distracted and did not know if anyone else would hurt her Royal Father after she left.

However … Very soon, when the matters of the Ming Jing Empire come to an end, she would return to the Huazhou Dynasty.

Since she already knew that the assassination attempt on Emperor of Great Jing had nothing to do with the people on her side, she felt relieved: "Since that's the case, you all can go back now. We will carry out the plan and take care of this matter here in the shortest time possible to return to the Royal Father."


"Oh right, this is a handkerchief that I personally embroidered for Royal Father. Remember to personally hand it to Royal Father and tell him that he will definitely return to Flowerland within a year!"

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