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C78 Entrustment

"Although I will leave the capital, I will still leave some of the elites of the Pei Family soldiers with Sixth Master. If Sixth Master needs them, feel free to order them around."

Unknowingly, Pei Xingyun had already changed his final name to me.

In fact, in front of Heelian Mingzhao, he rarely used his final words. What he had said before was all to test Heelian Mingzhao's attitude, and he was very satisfied with Heelian Mingzhao's decision, thus returning to his previous attitude.

Heelian Mingzhao's eyes flashed as he nodded his head, "Then, I'll have to thank General Pei."

After finishing his business, Pei Xingyun coughed lightly, and suddenly changed the topic, "After I leave, I hope that Sixth Master can help me look after my General Mansion, especially since Shu is a thorn in the eyes of the Princess Mingfaang and the empress dowager. I'm afraid … The last fall was repeated. "

Heelian Mingzhao said with a smile that was not a smile. His eyebrows that seemed as if they had been sprinkled with ink twitched as he said, "Even if General Pei didn't say it, this duke would still have given more light to the General Mansion."

That Gu Wangshu was the first person who could arouse his desire without intentionally luring him in. However, Pei Xingyun's current attitude made him even more interested in Gu Wangshu.

Unfortunately, Gu Wangshu was now his man.

A friend's wife could not be messed with, and he would not fall out with Pei Xingyun just over a brother, so he had no choice but to give up.

Gu Wangshu still did not know about Pei Xingyun's decision to leave, and he was pestered by Seventh Prince Heelian Mingfeng to tell a story.

The last time he was talking about mermaids, this time he was talking about Cinderella.

Heelian Mingfeng was actually enjoying these fairy tales.

It was a pity for his flawless and incomparably handsome face. However, at his age, he could still maintain his innocence and remain so carefree. Who said that he was not happy in another way?

Ignorance was a type of happiness many times. Not to mention, there was also a Sixth Master who was willing to protect the ignorance on Xiao Qi's face.

was not only Sixth Prince, he was also an honorable person of the Great Jing. Recently, the emperor and his generals had been assassinated consecutively, and he had so many things to do that he could not count, so it could be said that he had so many things to take care of.

Gu Wangshu heaved a sigh of relief, although the feeling of being together with Seventh Prince was not bad … It was easy to play with a child, but Heelian Mingfeng's status was still noble after all, if he was not a good host, there would be trouble.

"Xiao Qi likes to play, and he has a good relationship with Mufeng. When he came here before, Mufeng played with him."

Gu Wangshu didn't know what Pei Xingyun wanted to express, so he only nodded and didn't reply.

Pei Xingyun continued: "In the future, if I'm not in the Palace, and you find it boring, you can ask Uncle Fu to bring you to the Sixth Master's Palace to play." This was completely different from the Pei Xingyun who had his suspicions towards Gu Wangshu before.

Gu Wangshu was startled: "You want to leave?"

Pei Xingyun looked up at him. Seeing him frown, his expression showed displeasure, and reached out to hold his hand. "Shu, my connection with the border region has already been cut off for a few days.

With just that one sentence, Gu Wangshu understood what Pei Xingyun meant.

Pei Xingyun was a mighty general, a Patron Saint of the Great Jing. It was his duty to protect the Great Jing.

"I'll go with you, big brother. We already agreed that we will go together on the battlefield. We'll push our horses to the limit and conquer the world."

Pei Xingyun's mouth revealed a bitter smile. He wanted to bring Gu Wangshu to the border, but he wanted to take Gu Wangshu to live when the border was stable. He didn't want to bring him onto the battlefield. Even if Gu Wangshu said that he had the ability to protect himself.

The battlefield was not a place where he could lose his life at any time. He could not, and he could not allow Gu Wangshu to take that risk!

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