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Shu Qi went to find a doctor. Uncle Fu came over after hearing the news, and asked Gu Wangshu worriedly: "Shu, are you alright?" Pei Xingyun had just left, and Gu Wangshu was already feeling unwell. Could it be … Should he really let Gu Wangshu accompany him to the border?

With the easing of his internal energy, the pain in his abdomen had already calmed down. With a smile on his face, Gu Wangshu suppressed his agitated emotions and said to Uncle Fu. "I, I might have my big brother's child …"


This old man looked even more agitated than Gu Wangshu. His grizzled hair was just a hair away from standing up, and his pair of turbid eyes were actually twice as big as normal.

"The eldest young master's child!" The Uncle Fu had a face that was difficult to hide his joy. This was a child of the Pei Family, and right now, only Pei Xingyun was in the Pei Family. Ah, Shu, don't stay in a place like the Martial Arts Practice Grounds, from now on, don't do anything else. Hand everything over to Shu Qi and this old servant, this old servant will definitely treat the little future young master well, haha. "

Gu Wangshu calmed down and said with some embarrassment, "Uncle Fu, this, this is only my guess, I am still not sure … We have to wait for the doctor to come before we can be sure. "

"Doctor?" Uncle Fu's expression froze for a moment before he frowned, "Sigh, I don't know what kind of damned bastard is going to pull Eldest Young Master over to the border at this time. If Eldest Young Master wasn't assassinated, you all are already married … Shu, brother is extremely likely to get pregnant, I believe your feelings are correct. However, the matter of you getting pregnant, cannot be revealed, if not, it will be a huge blow to your reputation. I'll get another doctor to take your pulse. "

Gu Wangshu frowned, this meant that this child could not be seen in public?

But it could be said that it made sense. After he had remarried to the General Mansion, he had a secret relationship with Yuchi Weirann. He simply took his genuine husband's words as if the dead Pei Mufeng was nothing. But now, following his dead husband, he was pregnant. Wasn't this clearly telling others that he was disrespectful?

In this era, gossip could kill people. Furthermore, Gu Wangshu did not want the reputation of the Guardian God of Great Jing to be affected.

Uncle Fu was right.

Even if he was pregnant, it couldn't be revealed.

That is … If he had known earlier, he would have married Pei Xingyun earlier.

"Then. Uncle Fu, when do you think this child will be able to see the light of day? "

Uncle Fu muttered to himself for a moment: "This is the flesh and blood of Pei Family, the son of the eldest young master, so we can't be wronged. Fortunately, the eldest young master hasn't gone far, so it would be better for this old servant to send someone to catch up and ask for countermeasures." Uncle Fu was so old, but it was the first time he encountered such a thing in Pei Family.

"Will it distract Big Bro?"

"This, I don't think so right …" "Eldest young master has always been a steady man …" But having his own flesh and blood was a first for Pei Xingyun as well. It was hard to ensure that Pei Xingyun would not get too excited and lose himself in thought.

Gu Wangshu obviously saw through Uncle Fu's concerns. He thought for a while, "Why don't you not tell Big Brother about this first. When Big Brother comes back, let's give him a surprise. Uncle Fu, if I tell an outsider that I am already married to Big Brother, would an outsider believe me? "

Uncle Fu thought for a moment, "They shouldn't believe us. Within our Great Jing, we need to find someone related to the Rites Department to register our marriage. It is recorded on the record. "Ugh …"

Halfway through his words, he paused before continuing, "Actually, if you really want to register, then there's a way. Sixth Master and Eldest Young Master have a good relationship, if you have Sixth Master's help, then this matter will be much easier."

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