Kiss Her 100 Times/C1 She's My Fiancée
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Kiss Her 100 Times/C1 She's My Fiancée
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C1 She's My Fiancée

The daughters of the Qin's Group have become enemies because of him...

A piece of eye-catching news about the wealthy and influential families stirred up a huge commotion in their circle of friends overnight. It also became the topic of conversation between the families after meals.

Qin Jiamu put down her phone and slowly sat up from the bed. She gently covered her chest.

"Miss, is it still painful?" Nanny Zhang's mother came over and asked with concern.

Zhang's mother...

Seeing the old face that she had not seen for many years, Qin Jiamu's heart was in turmoil but she suppressed her emotions and waved her hand, "It's okay. Where is Qin Jiaxin?"

The corner of Zhang Ma's mouth twitched slightly.

She even called Second Miss by her surname. It seemed like the First Miss was really generous this time... How could this be good? The two precious pearls of the Qin family.

Seeing Zhang Ma's expression flicker, Qin Jiamu knew the answer - Qin Jiaxin should still be feeling awkward at this moment.

A day ago, the news of the marriage between the Qin and Liang families had spread throughout the Wealthy circle, but what the outside world did not know was that the Liang family was interested in the older and more mature Qin Jiamu, and not the Qin Jiaxin who had just been in a relationship with Liang Jinting.

Because of this, Qin Jiaxin almost demolished the house and even made her elder sister Qin Jiamu so angry that she had a heart attack. And now, Qin Jiaxin was still throwing a tantrum.

She actually returned to this day.

In her previous life, when she was dying, Qin Jiamu looked at Qin Jiaxin who was sitting beside her bed smiling like a snake and scorpion. She desperately did not believe that this world was fair.

However, at this moment, her breathing was real and her heartbeat was real. She had returned to 24 years old! Back to the year when a major turning point happened in her previous life...

Was fate going to be fair to her?

"I want to change my clothes. Zhang Ma, you can go out first."

Zhang Ma was stunned, "Miss wants to go out? But your body..."

"I'm fine." Qin Jiamu said as she got off the bed, "I need to see someone as soon as possible."

She wanted to see the person who had sent out such a shameless statement that had tarnished the Qin family's reputation.

In the cafe -

"It seems like Jiamu really loves me. It has already been said that she still needs to come and see me in the face of the wind." Liang Jinting smiled evilly and sat opposite Qin Jiamu, "Good, good, good. I will remember this kindness. But elder sister is loyal and younger sister is affectionate. How should I choose? It is really difficult."

Qin Jiamu's eyes suddenly became sharper," Today I came to tell you clearly that Qin Jiaxin will marry. "

"Oh?" Liang Jinting touched his chin, "Then what are you going to do? "I feel sorry for you. "Why don't you two marry each other? "Although our Liang family is not as wealthy as our country, I, Liang Jinting, have no problem raising two wives."

Qin Jiamu said with a faint smile," Then should I thank Mr. Liang for his kindness? Unfortunately, I have already decided to marry Qiao Minyuan. With the tradition of the eldest daughter marrying first, my wedding will be held before the wedding between you and Qin Jiaxin. At that time, I would like to invite Mr. Liang to attend."

Qiao Minyuan? The young master of Wansi Group? The Wansi Group that was on the verge of bankruptcy?

Hehe, she must be angry.

"Jiamu, don't be angry. Your Qin's Group's current situation can't stand the two of you causing trouble." Liang Jinting smiled confidently.

Qin Jiamu was lost in thought for a moment.

She was not lost in thought because she was scared by Liang Jinting, but because she could not remember why she used to insist on marrying such a scumbag man who treated women like toys.

Liang Jinting did not know what she was thinking. He lifted his hand that was wearing a million-dollar watch and prepared to hold Qin Jiamu's slender fingers that were casually placed on the table.

"Please take care of yourself, Mr. Liang." A deep and cold male voice came from behind Liang Jinting, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

He frowned and turned his head to look. He was surprised to see the young man whom he had despised in his heart - Qiao Minyuan.

He was 1.86 meters tall, and his body was getting more and more fit due to working out all year round. He also had a serious face. These elements formed the first impression Qiao Minyuan gave people.

"Mr. Liang may not know yet." Qiao Minyuan took another step forward and held Qin Jiamu's hand in an overbearing manner. He could not refuse her. "Jiamu is already my fiancée."

Although he said the lines that he had arranged beforehand, Qiao Minyuan did not show any signs of discomfort.

After saying this, he seemed to be smiling, but in reality his eyes were malicious and his aura was intimidating. In an instant, he attracted several gazes from the cafe.

Liang Jinting, who felt uncomfortable from being looked down upon, stood up and stretched his clothes. He raised his eyebrows and said with a faint smile, "Since that's the case, then... I'll first congratulate the two of you."

"Thank you." Qiao Minyuan held Qin Jiamu's hand and left quickly.

After watching Qin Jiamu take Qiao Minyuan's arm and leave, Liang Jinting's smiling face immediately became gloomy.

"Go and investigate this kid. Also, investigate the Qin family along with him and see what they are up to."

Outside the cafe, Qin Jiamu and Qiao Minyuan left together in the black car of the Qin family.

"Are you satisfied?" Qiao Minyuan asked coldly.

Qin Jiamu nodded. "Yes. Your acting skills are good."

"Why did you help me?" Qiao Minyuan stared at the back of the passenger seat with a worried look. "Don't talk about a deal. In order to let me play a play with you, you promised to invest to save our family. I won't believe such nonsense. "Moreover, your Qin's isn't optimistic right now."

Qin Jiamu was not in a hurry to answer. She looked out of the window indifferently.

The car was passing by the most luxurious private hospital in the city. The thorns in her eyes seemed to wake up bit by bit and hurt her eyeballs.

"People are not for themselves. God will kill them." Qin Jiamu turned around and looked in front of her. "I did all of this for myself. It is temporarily inconvenient to reveal the reason, but I will slowly let you know. " There are some things that I can't do alone. "That's why I need to board the big ship of Qiao family."

The big ship that seemed to be in a precarious situation.

"We will be allies from now on. I hope we can work together and win."

The car stopped outside the villa of Qiao family. Qiao Minyuan got off the car alone. He walked in with a gloomy expression. Soon, he walked out with the same expression. The only difference was that he had a square-shaped dark red book in his hand.

Qiao Minyuan did not stop when he looked at the shiny black Maybach in front of him, but he unconsciously slowed down.

Was he going to be married to her?

He had thought of this day since he was seven years old, but he did not expect it to be in such a cold and stiff way.

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