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Kiss Her 100 Times/C10 What Do You Think
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C10 What Do You Think

Qin Jiamu was at his mercy. He picked her up and helped her. He let her sit by the bathtub and she obediently did not move.

Qiao Minyuan turned around and took her nightgown. The clear silk slid across his fingertips. He recalled her full and soft lips.

It was very tempting.

After putting Qin Jiamu's robe on, Qiao Minyuan patiently tied a bow around her waist.

Qin Jiamu lowered her head and looked at the man's side face, feeling a little depressed.

What was wrong with her?

She had always paid attention to her diet and the habit of working out, so the curves of her waist and buttocks were also proud.

But he could control it!

Was it because he didn't like it at all that he didn't move at all...

Qin Jiamu could not help but sigh when she was carried to the bedroom bed by Qiao Minyuan.

Qiao Minyuan naturally heard this sigh as well.

He was a little annoyed.

Was she blaming him for not taking good care of her? It was not like he had been trained to take care of others since he was young. This was the first time in his life that he had helped someone else wipe their bodies!

Thinking back to her tender skin... Could it be that it really hurt somewhere?

"Put me down. My hair is still wet. The hair dryer is still in the bathroom."

"I'll bring it over for you later." Qiao Minyuan had already put her down by the bed.

Qin Jiamu still got up quickly. "It's easy for me to lose my hair. It's better to blow it in the bathroom. Later, I'll use water to wash the floor. I won't make you feel uncomfortable."

She remembered his mysophobia.

Qiao Minyuan pushed Qin Jiamu, who had just regained her balance, back down.

"I didn't realize you were so strong before." Qin Jiamu was embarrassed and angry as she put on her nightgown. Seeing Qiao Minyuan walk towards the bathroom alone, she shouted at his back in a low voice.

After drying her hair, Qin Jiamu habitually used Kindle to read the documents for a while before turning off the lights and lying down.

Qiao Minyuan walked out after taking a shower and tucked the corner of the blanket for her. He should have turned around and left, but it was as if he was stuck to the ground and could not move his feet.

What was she thinking in her heart?

The moon was bright and bright. Through the other half of the curtains that had not been pulled up, she threw the man into the bedroom. The man's body was illuminated by a layer of light black shadow in front of her eyes.

The person lying on the side moved his eyes imperceptibly.

Did he always look like this by the side of the bed every night?

When he looked over, what was he thinking?

If he didn't like her, what would he look at?

However, if he liked someone, didn't he want to completely possess her? What did he rely on to resist humanity's most instinctive impulse?

In her previous life, she didn't seem to have the time to think about these love and love at all.

Now, she had changed her fate. The fake sister who was supposed to have a deep blood feud was someone who had not made a big mistake in her entire life. She slowly began to learn how to let go and let go. Would she be able to return to her normal life? Would she be able to properly love the person she should love?

Thinking of this, Qin Jiamu suddenly had a mischievous thought.

"Don't go..." She closed her eyes and whispered softly, like a frightened child in a dream.

Pretending to have a nightmare, would she be seen through?

It would be very awkward if she was seen through.

Then she would probably become crazy in his eyes.

Just as Qin Jiamu was regretting her actions, Qiao Minyuan quietly laid down beside her and hugged her waist from behind. They were tightly dependent on each other through the blanket.

This night was the best night Qin Jiamu slept when she married into the Qiao family.

Very few people knew that she actually recognized the bed. She had never mentioned this matter. After all, compared to a lot of big things that had to be done, this matter was too small and insignificant.

The next morning, Qin Jiamu woke up a little shy and reached out to touch the side while she was sleepy.

However, the side was empty and there was clearly no one around.

Qin Jiamu rubbed her eyes and sat up. She laughed at herself in her heart.

She got up and walked around inside and outside. She did not see Qiao Minyuan. She thought that he probably went out a long time ago.

Qin Jiamu went into the bathroom to wash up. Unexpectedly, she saw a bottle of essence that she had never seen before on her storage rack.

"Solidifying essence?" She held a toothbrush in her mouth and translated the English words on the bottle. The corner of her mouth unconsciously curled into a smile.

She said that she would lose her hair last night, so he gave this to her.

What exactly was he thinking in his heart?

After washing up, Qin Jiamu walked out of the bathroom to put on her clothes and prepared to go out as usual.

Unexpectedly, someone knocked on the bedroom door from outside.

"Young Madam..." It was Nanny Lee's voice. There was an indescribable nervousness in her voice.

"Wait." Qin Jiamu pulled the zipper of her dress and walked out.

Nanny Lee had been a nanny in Qin family for almost ten years. She was used to wind and rain and would not make a fuss over a small matter.

Did something happen?

Qin Jiamu could not help but increase her pace as she walked towards the door.


It took more than half an hour to get to the hospital from home. Along the way, the driver could not help but look at Qin Jiamu in the rearview mirror. He felt that she would cry in the next second, but Qin Jiamu seemed to be ignorant. From beginning to end, she was very indifferent.

It was not that she did not feel anything.

The clear sky outside the window was cloudless for thousands of miles. It did not look like a disaster was about to descend at all.

She couldn't understand.

Why did she change her life and let Qin Jiaxin marry into the Liang family? Why would she still hear the news of her mother committing suicide?

When Qin Jiamu rushed outside the emergency room, Qin Qiming, Qin Jiaxin, and Liang Jinting were all there.

She did not ask how the situation was. Just when everyone was about to look away from her, she took a deep look at Qin Jiaxin.

Qin Jiaxin's eyes were filled with tears and her eyes were bloodshot. Her cherry red little mouth was currently suffused with a dark color. She looked like she had been too frightened.

"Why..." Qin Jiamu asked dejectedly.

She originally only asked in her heart but did not think that she would really ask.

"Yes, why." Qin Jiaxin caught her words, "Mother is such a cheerful person. She can even handle a huge matter. How... how could she..."

Speaking up to this point, Qin Jiaxin could not continue and cried out. Liang Jinting went up and hugged her.

Qin Qiming's face was heavy and uneasy.

In her last life, Qin Jiamu relied on a glance at his expression to believe Qin Jiaxin's words. She concluded that her father was the murderer of her mother, so she pressed on him step by step.

Probably, in her father's heart, he really thought that he was the murderer who forced her mother to death.

At this moment, in front of Qin Qiming's eyes, time and time again, it was the scene of the quarrel with his wife that night.

"As parents, shouldn't we teach the children what is fair? It was hard for them to seek justice outside. Could it be that they couldn't do it at home or in front of their parents? Jiamu is our daughter, and so is Jiaxin!"

"Jiaxin is not!" Qin Qiming shouted after drinking.

The study room was silent.

After a long time, Lee Tian asked in a daze, "When did you know?"

"A long time."

"Then why... why didn't you tell me? Why?!" Tears rolled down his wife's face.

Qin Qiming did not answer.

"Qiming, I'm sorry..."

"I did not do that willingly. I only found out after Jiaxin was born that such a terrible thing happened to me during the reunion. But Qiming, the child is innocent. It is all my fault. It was my negligence..."

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