Kiss Her 100 Times/C2 I Really Love Her
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Kiss Her 100 Times/C2 I Really Love Her
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C2 I Really Love Her

The next day, the title was "The Battle of the Young Marital Ladies in the Qin's," followed by "The Battle of the Young Marital Ladies in the Qin's. "Big sister married the Wansi in anger, and the relationship between the sisters has been severed? The exclusive news once again took over the headlines of WeChat Moments, major magazines, and social media sites.

"Is Xiao Yan angry?!"

When the Qin family's parents saw the news, they were shocked and immediately rushed home to talk to Qin Jiamu.

Lee Tian held Qin Jiamu's hand, "Xiao Lan, the marriage is not settled yet. It was all written by the media outside. You cannot be angry with your sister because of their instigation..."

"I am not angry with my sister." Qin Jiamu lightly replied.

Lee Tian secretly stared at Qin Qiming, who had been standing silently by the side. Her eyes were full of reproach. It was all because of your stubborn character that affected her daughter!

Qin Qiming felt innocent on one side, and on the other, he loved his daughter in front of him.

Women always kept their mouths shut. The more they said that they were not angry, the more angry they became. That was true. If they weren't angry, they wouldn't impulsively go to the Qiao family's second son to get a certificate!

Although the Qin family had encountered a bottleneck recently, their strength was still able to completely suppress the Qiao family. It seemed like the elder daughter's rash decision to get her certificate had to be solved by him.

"Don't be afraid, my parents are here for everything." Lee Tian dotingly reached out and touched Qin Jiamu's cheek.

She was not afraid. She just did not think that she would be able to see such a lively father and mother again. That was why her eyes could not help but turn red for a moment.

Qin Qiming's heart ached.

He cried. Did he feel wronged? Did he regret it? Was he afraid that the Qiao family would blame them? With him, Qin Qiming, the one who suffered must not be his daughter!

"Dad will help you get rid of this matter now!"

"Leave what?" Qin Jiamu looked up and held Qin Qiming's hand. "I really want to marry Qiao Minyuan. Dad, don't make a mistake..."

A sickly figure suddenly appeared on the second floor of the villa, "Sister, is what you said true?"

Although Qin Jiamu knew that she would meet Qin Jiaxin sooner or later under the same roof.

However, she wanted to enjoy an additional moment of reunion with her parents alone. She did not want to see her younger sister who made her hate every bone to the point of buzzing.

"Older sister..." Seeing that Qin Jiamu did not speak, Qin Jiaxin's eyes were on the verge of tears. She seemed to be ashamed and embarrassed as she turned around and was about to rush back to her room.

"What I said is of course true." Qin Jiamu seemed to hear her clenched teeth cracking, "I married into the Qiao family and you married Liang Jinting. Everyone is happy."

Except for Qin Jiamu, everyone in the Qin family changed their expressions when they heard this.

"Isn't the Qiao family... going bankrupt?" Lee Tian's heart ached as she tightly gripped Qin Jiamu's hand, "Don't be anxious, little Yun. Let your parents pick a good one for you, okay?"

"Qiao family can't marry!" Qin Qiming could not hold back his anger anymore, "Even if we throw Xiao Lan's dowry in, it will not be enough to fill the deficit behind Wansi Group's back!"

A low cry came from the second floor, "Father, mother, if elder sister and Qiao Minyuan truly love each other, why can't they help them?"

Really love each other?!


It was that kid from the Qiao family who got a huge advantage for nothing!

"Dad, Qiao Minyuan and I really love each other."

After saying that, Qin Jiamu felt a stabbing pain in her heart. She reached out and grabbed Qin Qiming's wrist. Her father's strong arm had held her up high and had pampered her for many years. But in her last life, she listened to Qin Jiaxin's instigation and personally sent the person who loved her the most in this world to prison...

Wrong! She was wrong!

Fortunately, she could do it again!

"Little Chen, you..." Qin Qiming did not know what his daughter was thinking, but he was shocked by what happened in front of him.

"Dad, Mom, please fulfill my wish."

In the middle of the seventh month of the Wild Fire, the Qin family's parents married two daughters one after another with tears in their eyes.

Qin Jiamu, who married into the Qiao family, seemed to have started living together with Qiao Minyuan legally, but in reality, she hardly ever got close to Qiao Minyuan at night.

They would act as a couple every day until they entered the couple's suite.

"You and I are just using each other. Don't make our relationship too complicated." This was what Qiao Minyuan said on the night of their wedding.

He could not be blamed for being cold and decisive. Because he was not like this in the first place.

The changes between the two of them had to be traced back to a year ago.

A year ago, the Qiao family felt that Qiao Minyuan was not young anymore, so they prepared to arrange a marriage partner for him. In Qiao Minyuan's heart, there was only Qin Jiamu. Thinking about the fact that the man was not married and the woman was not married, he confessed to Qin Jiamu with many years of love. However, he was rejected by Qin Jiamu, who had not experienced any storms and was arrogant and arrogant in the past.

"I have always regarded you as my elder brother."

"Furthermore, my parents want me to find a suitable family."

"I'm very grateful that you thought of me, but we... aren't suitable, right?"

Qin Jiamu's cruelty at that time had hurt Qiao Minyuan deeply. It could be seen from the degree of indifference he had now.

Qin Jiamu, who was watching the field alone and preparing for the new laboratory, stood alone on the spacious balcony and looked into the distance with a bitter smile.

She had made a mistake in the past. Now she could make up for it.

There was still time.

Fortunately, fortunately.

Qin Jiamu slowly retracted her gaze and turned her head. Her tone was firm as she said to the real estate agent who accompanied her, "It's here."

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