Kiss Her 100 Times/C3 Married to a Rich Boy
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Kiss Her 100 Times/C3 Married to a Rich Boy
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C3 Married to a Rich Boy

In the backyard of the Qiao family villa...

"Dad, I can't give you Qin Jiamu's dowry."

"Qiao Minyuan, do you know what you are talking about?" Qiao Dajian, who was sitting and drinking coffee, was so angry that he almost spat out a mouthful of coffee.

Seeing this, Qiao Minyuan's stepmother, Zhao Shumei, who had been silent for a long time, quickly tried to smooth things over. "Both of you, take a step back and talk properly. Can you do it? Minyuan, Qin Jiamu has already married into our family. That family doesn't talk much. Now that the company is short of funds, her dowry can solve our urgent need. After we get through this crisis, our business will be revitalized. After we earn back the money, won't it be yours or yours? "

Zhao Shumei was used to having long sleeves and was good at dancing. Her few words carried the tone of a thousand pounds. It immediately eased Qiao Dajian's expression a lot.

Zhao Shumei, who had refilled Qiao Dajian's cup of coffee, continued to laugh, "People say that adding flowers on top is not as good as giving charcoal in the snow. Right now, the crisis is imminent. If Qin Jiamu is generous with her dowry, she will work together with us to turn the tides. When she regains her power in the future, your father will definitely not forget the great contribution that Qin Jiamu, this daughter-in-law, has made to our Qiao family."

Qiao Minyuan had seen both kindness and power, and the red and white act since he was young. But because Zhao Shumei's starting point was either the company or the Qiao family, so every time she opened her mouth, no one would have the chance to refute or doubt her.

However, she did not refute or doubt her words because she was not willing to do so. Qiao Minyuan remained silent on the spot. He was still thinking about how to deal with Zhao Shumei's soft knife, but he had offended Qiao Dajian, who had not calmed down yet.

"Aunt Mei has already made her reasoning so clear. You are still stubborn. Qiao Minyuan, is it because you don't treat this place as your own home? Is it because you don't want to acknowledge me as your father?" Qiao Dajian angrily placed the white porcelain coffee cup on the table.

Zhao Shumei quickly reached out to help Qiao Dajian breathe. At the same time, she turned to look at Qiao Minyuan. "Are you worried that you will hurt your relationship when you mention money when you just got married? It's okay. Don't say anything. I'll bring it up."

"No need." Qiao Minyuan frowned.

"Don't worry." Zhao Shumei smiled kindly. "I'm not going to use my mother-in-law's identity to pressure her. Their Qin family's daughter is reasonable and understanding, of course I will reason with her. If I were to say it, if she truly thinks of herself as a member of our family, she will definitely agree without hesitation."

In a few sentences, Zhao Shumei first put on a high hat for Qin Jiamu and then left a trap behind without batting an eyelid. She held the good name and bad name in her hands and waited for Qin Jiamu to do the multiple choice questions.

"Then this matter is decided. Wait. Before Qiao Dajian could finish his words, he heard the butler reporting. "Master, Madam, Young Madam is back."

Zhao Shumei immediately looked at the figure behind the butler and smiled. She raised her voice and greeted," Jiamu is back? "

Qin Jiamu who slowly walked over slightly nodded her head as a simple greeting to the Qiao family's parents.

"Jiamu, we are having a family meeting." Zhao Shumei reached out her arm to pull Qin Jiamu. Qin Jiamu hesitated for a second but still reached out her hand and let her mother-in-law hold it. "The company is facing a financial freeze due to the two recent projects. Your father and I are very worried."

"Is the funds frozen? Then if there is enough funds to turn around, we should be able to survive the crisis, right?" Qin Jiamu followed Zhao Shumei's direction and said the exit.

Qiao Minyuan, leaning against the pillar in the corridor, looked deeply at Qin Jiamu.

He knew that Qin Jiamu should not be stupid enough to be manipulated by others. What was she thinking? What did she want to do?

Zhao Shumei thought differently from Qiao Minyuan. She smiled brightly and patted the back of Qin Jiamu's hand, showing a look of approval, "Jiamu is now a part of the Qiao family. I wonder if you have any good ideas about transferring funds?"

Qiao Minyuan turned his eyes away and did not want to look at Zhao Shumei anymore. That greedy face of asking for money made him feel disgusted.

Qin Jiamu maintained her original expression and did not change. She looked at Qiao Dajian and then looked at Zhao Shumei. She smiled and said, "Mom, please give me a pair of public accounts. I will transfer the remaining money in the account to the company's current turnover of funds. Although it was only a million yuan, But it is also a token of my appreciation for the family business."

When Qiao Dajian heard the first half of the sentence, he wanted to slap his thigh and jump up to applaud, but when he heard that it was only one million, his heart instantly turned cold. Qiao Minyuan also quietly turned around to look at Qin Jiamu.

Zhao Shumei's smile could not be hung anymore. She held Qin Jiamu's hand and continued to raise it. No, she did not take it back. She was so embarrassed that she broke out in a layer of sweat, "What, why do you only have one million yuan of activity funds in Jiamu's hands?"

It was obvious that other than a house, a Bentley, and a pharmaceutical company, your dowry also had ten million yuan!

Qin Jiamu acted as if she could not see the sadness and doubt on her father-in-law and mother-in-law's face. She still explained calmly, "I went out to look at the venue this morning and chose a new place to do the laboratory."

After that, Qin Jiamu started to report the accounts one by one. She even took out the already prepared contracts from her bag.

Ten million a day and she only had one million left?! Oh my god! How did he marry a God of Fortune? Did he marry a boy who scattered wealth?!

- - - The Qiao family's parents were so angry that they vomited blood - - -

"Jiamu, what kind of laboratory are you going to build? Why don't you discuss it with us?!" Qiao Dajian could not help but emphasize the importance of being the head of the family.

Before Qin Jiamu could answer, Qiao Minyuan suddenly moved his long legs and walked closer. He grabbed Qin Jiamu's slender wrist and said in a low and questioning tone, "Dad is right. You are doing as you wish now. Do you not take me, your husband, seriously?"

The man's strength was a little too strong, and it hurt Qin Jiamu's wrist. She did not beg for mercy. Even her expression did not change. She only used a light tone to show her weakness, "I am sorry. I will discuss with you no matter what big matters in the future. You... don't be angry with me, okay?"

She was so obedient and charming. She looked so pleasing to the eye. She just did not like Qiao Minyuan.

He knew this woman when he was seven. He knew that she liked the sweet brownies the most. He knew that she was used to playing the queen's role in a group of children. He knew that she loved the staff more than the crystal shoes, but he did not know that she had such a side to her.

What made her change? It was because she could not marry into the Liang's Corporation and be with Liang Jinting as she wished. So she gambled with her own fate in this way?

Thinking of this, Qiao Minyuan felt his chest tighten. He brought Qin Jiamu into the house and went straight to their room on the second floor.

Bang! The door was slammed hard and there was a loud bang. Qin Jiamu did not show any fear.

The man who was rushing forward finally stopped and turned around to look at the woman in front of him. "I've said it before. Marrying me is the deal I want from our sect. I don't need you to do anything for the Wansi Group!"

"I'm willing to offer a million yuan for the corporation to carry out the transaction. It doesn't belong to us." Qin Jiamu smiled faintly, "So you don't need to..."

"Qin Jiamu, what do you want?" Qiao Minyuan took a small step forward and his chest almost hit Qin Jiamu's face. His eyes were pitch black and filled with countless doubts and dissatisfaction, "Back then you said it was for yourself. Then tell me - what can you get by marrying me?!"

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