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Kiss Her 100 Times/C4 Have a Good Life
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C4 Have a Good Life

Qin Jiamu's gaze was fixed on the small white button on Qiao Minyuan's collar, but her eyes were blurry, "I got the part of the family property that I wanted."

She was a little awkward, but she did not hesitate to put her arm around Qiao Minyuan's waist. "I also got you."

The woman's actions made Qiao Minyuan, who was originally furious, freeze on the spot. An unfamiliar body temperature, a soothing fragrance...

He suddenly lost control of his body. Immediately after, he opened his arms and hugged the woman he had dreamed of marrying countless times. His right hand passed through her soft hair and pressed against the back of her head. He made her raise her head slightly to face him, and then he kissed her deeply.

Qiao Minyuan had forgotten everything.

This was the first intimate contact after their marriage. It started in a way that no one had expected. It started to develop at an uncontrollable rate.

But just as Qin Jiamu was about to lift up her shirt, Qiao Minyuan held her hand.

His arms were by Qin Jiamu's side. Like an angry beast, he used his pair of scarlet eyes to stare at the warm and soft jade in close proximity.

"Who are you?"

Qin Jiamu's mind went blank when she heard Qiao Minyuan's sudden question.

Who was she?

Who else could she be? She was the eldest daughter of the Qin's Group, Qin Jiamu. Who else could she be?

But she was not the original Qin Jiamu in this world.

Those scenes with blood and tears in her memories did not seem like a dream. Qin Jiamu had experienced many sensational events in the laboratory in the past and believed that she had lived a new life.

The woman in front of her blinked her eyes like a bucket of ice water, freezing Qiao Minyuan's blood in an instant.

Wasn't she really Qin Jiamu?

He rolled over and sat by the bed, leaving behind a complicated figure in Qin Jiamu's field of vision. She looked at the ceiling and blinked lightly. The corner of her lips curled into a relieved smile.

"I am Qin Jiamu. Otherwise, who else could it be?" Qin Jiamu slowly sat up and sat down with her legs crossed. "It is just that I am not the Qin Jiamu you knew before."


In the small garden downstairs, Qiao Dajian and his wife knew nothing about what had happened in the bedroom on the second floor. They were in a state of great disappointment and frustration when their plan failed. They had nowhere to vent their anger.

"I knew she was not easy to control." Qiao Dajian said indignantly.

Zhao Shumei put her hand on her husband's shoulder. "Brother Sen, don't be angry. I don't know if what this girl said is true."

"What do you mean?"

"I want to check and see if she really has a laboratory." Zhao Shumei rolled her eyes. "Even if she wants to buy a house, she has to go through the procedures. She has at most paid the deposit. She can't possibly only have one million left."

The next day, after Zhao Shumei left the house, Qiao Minyuan also followed closely behind and left the Qiao family Villa.

The car sped forward. Qiao Minyuan watched the scenery outside the car without blinking, but his mind drifted far away.

Before going to bed last night, Qin Jiamu, who was sitting on the bed, suddenly mentioned a name to him, who was lying on the sofa and was about to enter the dream.

"His name is Lawrence. He is from California and is looking for a temperature control project development team everywhere in the country. " I remember that there's an important project in Wansi that has something to do with temperature control, right? "

This was the reason why Qiao Minyuan went to find Lawrence and visit him. If Lawrence was willing to cooperate with Wansi Group, it might bring a new turn to the stalemate in Qiao family.

Qin Jiamu stood on the balcony on the second floor of the villa and watched Qiao Minyuan's car leave.

"Miss, don't worry." Qin Jiamu came to the Qiao family with Qin Jiamu. There was also Nanny Lee, the nanny who had been taking care of her since many years ago. Nanny Lee smiled kindly. After she finished speaking, she rubbed the apron on her waist, "I see that Second Young Master is a capable person. There is nothing he can't handle."

Qin Jiamu turned around and smiled gently at Nanny Lee, "I am not worried."

But the reason why she was not worried was different from what Nanny Lee said.

If what she remembered was true, then the Wansi Group would be saved by a wealthy American businessman called Lawrence soon and would be full of vitality again. This was a big piece of news that shook the whole country.

Thinking of the words "the previous life," Qin Jiamu felt it was a little unbelievable. She could not help but raise her hand and press it lightly on her forehead.

Nanny Lee thought that there was something wrong with her and quickly wanted to invite Qin Jiamu back to the house, "It is summer and summer heat is the heaviest. Miss, don't get sunburned."

"It's okay." Qin Jiamu sighed with emotion and turned around to hold Nanny Lee's hand.

Being able to reunite with an old friend was such a precious thing. Qin Jiamu was grateful from the bottom of her heart for the opportunity given to her by the heavens. In the past, Nanny Lee was treated as a traitor by Qin Jiamu in the huge reversal of the world in the Qin's Group. In the end, she was chased out of the Qin family. Her family was impoverished and persecuted. In the end, they died young...

"Miss missed home, right?" Seeing the corner of Qin Jiamu's eyes turn red, Nanny Lee took out a tissue from her apron pocket and handed it over, "Master and Madam must be preparing a banquet for you and Second Miss to return home. We will be able to see them in a few days."

Going back to the banquet?

In the past, Qin Jiamu did not successfully marry, so she did not know. There was actually such a thing.

On top of that... In his previous life, Qin Qiming and his wife had a disagreement over the question of which daughter they would marry into the Liang's Corporation. After that, they started a fierce argument. During the argument, Qin Qiming revealed the secret that he had hidden for many years. Qin Jiaxin was actually not his biological daughter, but the fruit of Lee Tian and another man's love.

This fact was heard by Qin Jiaxin, who was hiding in the study room due to coincidence. She was nervous and worried that her identity in the Qin family would not be guaranteed. So she went to Lee Tian alone to vent her anger after the incident. She did not expect that her husband had already known about her past mistakes. Lee Tian was even more ashamed of her daughter's crying. She had always been the wife of a wealthy family in the greenhouse and had fallen into a mental despair. In the end, she chose to commit suicide to end her beautiful life.

Qin Jiamu did not know the truth. After Lee Tian's death, Qin Jiamu heard from Qin Jiaxin that her father, Qin Qiming, fell in love with a young model. Because of this, he wanted to divorce Lee Tian. Lee Tian, who could not bear the blow, chose a dead end.

"Miss?" Seeing Qin Jiamu's face turn paler, Nanny Lee worriedly called out to her.

Qin Jiamu lightly pressed her chest and shook her head with a smile.

"Is it because my heart hurts again?" Nanny Lee said as she helped Qin Jiamu into the house, "Miss, you must relax. Life is good and bad is also bad. Since you want to live, you must live well."

"Yes, live well."

She was grateful for the blessing of fate, giving her a chance to do it again. If she didn't have a good life, That would be a waste of time.

Now that Lee Tian was still around, she and Qin Jiaxin had married each other. It was already different from their previous lives. But Qin Jiamu's hatred towards Qin Jiaxin still existed.

If it was not for Qin Jiaxin distorting Lee Tian's death, Qin Jiamu would not have gone crazy enough to put her own biological father in prison! How could she watch the Qin's fall into the hands of others in her lifetime...

But the one who made a mistake was Qin Jiaxin in her previous life. Currently, other than fighting for Liang Jinting with her elder sister, Qin Jiaxin had no other major mistakes.

Qin Jiamu sat in the study room and looked at the lush forest in the distance. She always had a bad feeling in her heart.

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