Kiss Her 100 Times/C5 Please Don't Hurt My Sister
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Kiss Her 100 Times/C5 Please Don't Hurt My Sister
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C5 Please Don't Hurt My Sister

Three days later, Qin Qiming and his wife held a banquet for their two married daughters. It was an open celebration at the A City Royal Court Hotel. All the famous people from all walks of life gathered here. The major media outlets were not willing to give up this opportunity to make a big deal out of it.

Liang Jinting and Qin Jiaxin, who drove the Maserati first, instantly became the focus of everyone's eyes. Qin Jiaxin, who was dressed in a champagne dress, intimately held Liang Jinting's hand and smiled brilliantly in front of the media cameras.

"Mr Liang, when does Miss Qin plan to have children?"

"The diamond ring on Miss Qin's hand is the Liang's's ancestral emerald ring, right?!"

"Mr Liang and Miss Qin have any plans for the following honeymoon?"

The flashlights gathered and the shutter clicked. Liang Jinting and Qin Jiaxin, who were surrounded in the middle, smiled but did not answer.

Qiao Minyuan and Qin Jiaxin, who had followed closely behind them, were obviously much dimmer.

A few reporters from the media gathered at the side and whispered to each other.

"Is the Wansi Group going to close down soon?"

"It can't be. Could it be that the Qin's Group is willing to marry their daughter to a poor family?"

"Or is it that the Qin's Group has taken a fancy to some project of the Wansi Group and intends to support it?"

"Isn't the Qin's a clay Bodhisattva who can't even protect himself now..."

Some whispers entered Qin Jiaxin's ears. Her expression immediately changed.

Holding Liang Jinting's arm, Qin Jiaxin stood on the spot and waited for Qin Jiamu and Qiao Minyuan to come closer. A polite smile appeared on the corner of her lips. She did not look at Qin Jiamu like she was looking at her elder sister, but more like she was looking at the most powerful competitor in the world.

"Elder sister, brother-in-law." Qin Jiaxin pretended to be obedient and greeted the two people in front of her. After that, she seemed to lean on Liang Jinting unconsciously. Her eyes fell on Qin Jiamu's empty neck and wrist. "Why isn't elder sister wearing the diamond chain that father gave her? Could it be..."

Her face revealed a bit of heartache. "The outside world is saying that the Wansi Group's capital flow is not smooth. Could it be that it has already reached the point of selling elder sister's dowry?"

Not waiting for Qin Jiamu and Qiao Minyuan to speak, Qin Jiaxin continued to snatch the white cloth, "Brother-in-law, my elder sister is a spoiled golden branch and jade leaf in her mother's family. Her parents never bear to let her suffer any grievances. If Wansi Group is in trouble, brother-in-law can only ask Jinting and me. We will definitely do our best to help! "But please don't hurt my sister..."

Qin Jiamu sneered in her heart.

She knew that Qin Jiaxin would not have good things waiting here. It turned out that she had prepared for such a deep brotherly relationship. Not only did she raise Qin Jiaxin's ego, she also stepped on Qiao Minyuan, and even instigated the relationship between Qin Jiamu and the Qiao family. She was really one stone and three birds with one stone. Her calculations were accurate.

"How can the rumors outside be biased when one person opens his mouth?" Qin Jiamu looked at her younger sister tenderly, "Haven't you heard that the Wansi Group has recently returned their funds?"

Liang Jinting smiled when he heard that. A layer of cold light flashed across the gold-rimmed glasses, "Jiamu, you are a great contributor to this matter, right? "In the future, we will be a family. It is only right for a family to help each other. The Liang's Corporation will definitely help whenever the Qin's Group needs help. If the Wansi is in danger, the Liang's won't mind helping them."

After Liang Jinting and his wife finished their insults, most of the media had already turned their cameras to Qiao Minyuan, who had been silent the whole time.

Qiao Minyuan, who was dressed in a black suit, stood in the crowd like a tall and dignified statue. The light from all directions shone on his body like a layer of light fluff, making him look cold and gentle at the same time.

He smiled faintly. His rhythm was neither fast nor slow, and his tone was calm and composed. "If the Liang's Corporation and Qin's Group need help from the Wansi in the future, the Wansi will also do their best. This is the meaning of family."

"You're stubborn.

Liang Jinting and Qin Jiaxin laughed in their hearts at the same time.

The scene that happened at the entrance of the hotel quickly reached Qin Qiming and Lee Tian's ears.

Qin Qiming, who was chatting and laughing with his old friends in the business circle, immediately frowned slightly. Lee Tian was afraid that her husband would blame her little daughter who caused the trouble today, so she softly advised, "Jiaxin is also worried about her elder sister."

"Giving face to her brother-in-law is just slapping her older sister's face. She is such a big person, yet she doesn't even understand this principle?" Qin Qiming's tone contained an unconcealable anger.

"We can talk about it when we get back tonight. There are too many people here," Lee Tian said. Suddenly, she complained to Qin Qiming, "Don't talk about Jiaxin. I feel that you have always been partial to Jiamu."

Qin Qiming's anger was even more intense but he could not flare up due to the situation. He could only lower his voice and say," The child is being calculative. You are also being calculative? "I love my two daughters as much as I do, but I will criticize whoever makes a mistake. How can you women be so petty?"

"Yes, yes, yes, I am petty." Lee Tian helplessly sighed. Seeing the few wealthy ladies walking towards her, she had no choice but to smile and greet them politely.

Looking at Lee Tian's departing back, Qin Qiming also quietly let out a breath of sulk.

He had endured this sulk for more than 20 years, but these two years, he could not suppress it any longer. Qin Jiaxin was not his daughter, but the fruit of Lee Tian's love with others, Qin Qiming already knew.

But he loved this woman beside him. He cherished her happiness and did not want to see her sadness. He knew that she was sensitive and fragile and helped her withstand all the storms.

But he did not expect Lee Tian to be so angry when she heard that he was biased towards Qin Jiamu.

The position of the princess of Qin's Group, which originally belonged to Qin Jiamu alone, had been divided into half over the years. She had been wronged, but she did not know that now she still had to endure her younger sister's anger. How unfair was this! And all of this injustice was caused by his selfish father...

"Dad." Qin Jiamu walked to Qin Qiming's side and called him softly. She then grabbed the glass from his hand in a domineering manner. "Didn't the doctor say that your liver condition is not good? You should drink less."

"What day is it today? If I don't drink, I won't be able to enjoy myself." Qin Qiming protested, but his hand did not move. He allowed his daughter to make the decision.

At this moment, Qiao Minyuan picked up a glass of fruit juice that looked like wine and offered it to Qin Qiming.

His daughter was sensible and his son-in-law was considerate. It was supposed to be a comforting thing, but Qin Qiming could not laugh.

In the end, the thing that could make Qin Qiming frown was Qin Jiamu's matter. From the moment his daughter decided to marry, he had been constantly worrying about the declining Wansi Group. It was a pity that he, Qin Qiming, did not have the strength to do so. Otherwise, the Qin's would have been able to revive the Wansi Group with a wave of their hand.

"Dad, what are you thinking?" Qin Jiamu gently climbed onto her father's shoulder and asked worriedly.

Although Qin Qiming was in his prime, in Qin Jiamu's heart, it was hard for her to forget the last time she saw her father in the cold prison in her previous life. His face was full of vicissitudes of life. Therefore, when she looked at Qin Qiming now, her chest was full of guilt.

Qin Qiming, who felt full of care in his daughter's eyes, felt his heart heat up. The smile on his lips could not be hidden.

At this time, Qin Jiaxin, who was standing beside Lee Tian and watching this scene, unconsciously tightened the wall of the goblet. She muttered very discontentedly, "Daddy loves older sister more."

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