Kiss Her 100 Times/C6 Don't be so Boring
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Kiss Her 100 Times/C6 Don't be so Boring
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C6 Don't be so Boring

"There's no such thing." Lee Tian gently patted Qin Jiaxin's forehead, "Don't think about your father like that. Your father should be angry when he heard that."

Qin Jiaxin angrily pushed her mother's hand away, "How can I think like that? Ever since I was young, my father has always been partial to older sister! They are all father's daughters. I will also do my best to let father see how good I am. But as long as there is a little bit that I cannot compare to older sister, father's face will be very ugly!"

"Alright, today is your and sister's return banquet. Don't put such a small matter on your face." Lee Tian revealed a trace of fatigue, "Don't let outsiders see our family's joke."

Qin Jiaxin was unrelenting. "Now even mother is going to be biased towards elder sister? Why are they all daughters, but I will never be able to compare to elder sister? " Did I give birth to the wrong person? "

"Jiaxin!" Lee Tian stared at him, "All these years, mom has always thought about you and taught your sister everything. Even this marriage with the Liang's Corporation... you can think about it yourself. Why do you have to say it out loud and make everyone unhappy?"

"It's not that I made everyone unhappy, it's dad!" Qin Jiaxin put down her glass of wine with hatred. Suddenly, she thought of something important. Her eyes were hollow and she lowered her voice, "Mom, guess. With dad's preference for sister, will he move the little gold bank from home to help the Wansi Group?"

The small treasury was Qin Qiming and Lee Tian's private money. It was saved for family travel and treatment of major diseases.

Although Lee Tian did not keep Qin Jiaxin around, she unconsciously planted her daughter's words in her heart.

Before the official opening of the banquet, Qin Qiming and Lee Tian, as the hosts, walked to the small stage together to express their blessings and anticipation for the two daughters. They also gave gifts to the two son-in-law. The scene of a family being harmonious and loving made the media feel very bored.

"They are all the son-in-law of the Qin family, but their wealth is so far apart. Director Qin and his wife have to force themselves to act like they are equal."

"Hurry up and make a fool of yourself. Otherwise, how can we keep this month's prize money if we send out this kind of notice?"

"That's right..."

As if he wanted to respond to the media's thoughts, Liang Jinting's special assistant suddenly went up to the stage and quietly handed over two beautiful jewelry boxes.

Everyone's eyes were attracted by the two dark green velvet boxes. They were looking forward to them being opened in front of everyone.

"Dad, Mom, This is a gift that Jiaxin and I specially prepared for you two." Liang Jinting deliberately paused as if he was trying to keep everyone guessing. He waited for the camera to take a close-up of the jewelry box. After ensuring that everyone could see it through the screen, he slowly opened one of the boxes. "This gift is mainly composed of a pair of unique pink diamonds, because when they look at it alone, They are two unique triangles, but when combined, they can form a complete rectangle. So it is determined that they are a pair. Because of the combination of his parents, he had a happy family like the Qin family. That's why I was fortunate enough to have such an excellent wife. So we gave this gift to our parents to thank them for raising Jiaxin. And trust in me. "I wish you two a hundred years to be together and to be together forever!"

Liang Jinting's mouth was so coincidental that it turned the host into a decoration.

However, no one paid attention to the host's embarrassment at this moment. They stared at the giant screen and discussed in astonishment.

"This is the pink diamond that the Liang's Corporation bought last month at a price of 120 million RMB?!"

"I heard that the dowry value of Second Miss Qin is only around 30 million. The Qin family's business is worth it!"

"Director Liang is really generous..."

"Heh, there's going to be a good show to watch now. What can the Qiao family offer? Tsk tsk..."

The crowd's discussion gradually died down because Qin Jiamu had also asked someone to bring something up. The gift for her father was a pen. The gift for her mother was a gold bracelet. Although the value of the gift was not dependent on the price, it was comparable to his sister and his wife. The difference was too great. Moreover, the other side was a man's gift. This Qiao Minyuan really relied on his poor family background. He was so thick-skinned that he could break a jar and not even show his face.

No one said anything, but they all seemed to have a bright mind. After exchanging glances, they almost embarrassed the parents of the Qiao family who were sitting at the table with laughter in their hearts.

Qiao Dajian did not show his fear in front of others, but he could not hide his resentment. He looked at Zhao Shumei with a fake smile, "Why don't you ask about the children's gifts?"

Zhao Shumei felt wronged, "Your daughter-in-law has such an idea. I can ask about it. But I can't be her home..."

On the stage, Qin Jiamu held Lee Tian's hand with a smile, "Mom, this bracelet was specially picked by my mother-in-law. She accompanied me for an entire afternoon. Look, do you still like it?"

"Mom likes your feelings." Lee Tian held her elder daughter's hand but did not know why, but Qin Jiaxin's words flashed through her mind.

If her father doted on her elder sister so much, he might move the family's little treasury to help her brother-in-law's urgent need.

She understood the man beside her who had slept with her for many years. He was indeed a profit-seeking businessman in front of outsiders, but in the face of his family, especially his most beloved child, let alone using the little treasury, what was the point of spending more than half of the Qin's Group...

Zhao Shumei, who was below the stage, naturally did not know what Lee Tian was in a daze thinking about. She only thought of what Qin Jiamu said just now and muttered, "Jiamu is sensible. When she says so, others only know that she does not have a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in our Qiao family who are not on good terms with each other..."

"Humph, what kind of big matter is the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law?" Qiao Dajian snorted, "Just based on Minyuan's empty handed performance, our Qiao family's back is going to be poked by someone! How the hell are you going to be a mother! "

Zhao Shumei felt wronged and annoyed, "Minyuan told me that he had prepared a gift..."

"Where is the gift?!" Qiao Dajian asked in a low voice, but his actions were a little too big and attracted the attention of the Liang family's parents.

Master Liang looked at him with great compassion, and asked with a smile that was not a smile, "Is Director Qiao not feeling well?"

Qiao Dajian looked at him with a smile and waved his hand without saying anything. In his heart, he wished that the banquet would end in the next second.

"Dad, Mom, I have prepared a gift." Qiao Minyuan suddenly opened his mouth on the stage, but after he pursed his lips and smiled, he revealed an embarrassed smile. "Maybe I was delayed on the way, so I haven't arrived yet."

This was because he wanted to save the Wansi Group's last bit of face, so he had no choice but to say it. The audience all thought of one thing.

Qin Jiaxin leaned against Liang Jinting's chest and smiled. "Brother-in-law, don't worry. It's not your fault. We'll change all the people who are at a disadvantage later. Tell them to be at a disadvantage."

Qin Qiming turned his head and looked at Qin Jiaxin. His eyes were gentle and there was no emotion in them. However, with just one look, Qin Jiaxin was filled with grievance. If not for so many pairs of eyes looking at her, perhaps her eyes would have turned red.

Qin Qiming retracted his gaze and prepared to announce the opening of the banquet. Suddenly, he saw a group of bodyguards protecting a young man walking into the banquet hall.

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