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C7 Let Him Jump

"The present has finally arrived." Qiao Minyuan seemed to be explaining, but at the same time, he seemed to be talking to himself.

"It's a bit late. It's good that it's here." Qin Jiamu held Qiao Minyuan's hand that was hanging by her side very naturally.

He looked back at his newly married wife and smiled lightly. His eyes were full of love, "Yes. I still let you worry."

"I'm not worried." "I know you will take it."

"My wife is so smart." Qiao Minyuan gently held Qin Jiamu's fingers. The little girl's soft hand was firmly wrapped in his wide palm.

All these details were taken into the eyes of Qin family's parents. They looked at each other and smiled, but did not say anything.

It was natural for them to be happy. However, they weren't happy because Qiao Minyuan had prepared a gift. They did not have high expectations for his gift. What they were happy about was that although their daughter married into a family that was not considered rich, it was good that her husband truly loved her. Money and people must be obtained one way or another. Otherwise, their daughter would be too pitiful.

The late assistant ran all the way to the stage. When he ran to the stage, his forehead was full of sweat.

He respectfully and solemnly handed the leather folder to Qiao Minyuan. At the same time, he quickly and gently congratulated, "Congratulations, Director Qiao."

"Thank you for your hard work." Qiao Minyuan took the folder and thanked him gently.

"What are you up to again?" Qin Jiaxin turned her shoulders slightly in Liang Jinting's arms and muttered quietly. Her tone was full of dissatisfaction.

Liang Jinting's restless big hand pinched her slender waist and Qin Jiaxin blushed, "Scoundrel..."

"You, how can you be so calculative after autumn? This does not match Mrs. Liang's identity." After he finished speaking, a trace of coldness flashed through his eyes. "Let him jump around. Anyway, he won't be able to jump around for more than a few days."

Liang Jinting was not the only one who thought so. However, everyone still focused their attention on the document folder in Qiao Minyuan's hand.

"Actually, this isn't a gift." Qiao Minyuan took out the document and slowly said, "It can be considered as the answer sheet that I should hand over."

It was a contract.

When the words were written in black and white, everyone on the stage saw it clearly.

The people below the stage craned their necks to take a look. Unfortunately, no matter how powerful the camera was, it could not allow the camera to have X-ray vision.

Qiao Dajian carefully observed the reactions of Qin Qiming, Lee Tian, and the others. His chin, which could not be raised, suddenly seemed to have regained its position. He turned his head to look at Zhao Shumei, "Do you know about this gift?"

Zhao Shumei put her hands on her legs and shook her head at Qiao Dajian with a slightly tensed expression.

"What could it be?"

"It looks like it is indeed a gift." Qiao Dajian smiled. "It is a big gift."

The guests who came to the banquet knew the content and weight of the gift in half an hour after Qiao Minyuan's gift was opened. The media in City W worked overtime to rush the press release that night. Finally, on the morning of the next day, the news of Wansi Group's resurrection became the headlines of the day.

"Qin Jiamu is really the lucky star of Wansi Group!"

"This matter doesn't seem to have anything to do with the big miss of Qin's. It is said that the second young master of the Qiao family went to discuss it."

"Why doesn't it matter? If it wasn't for the fact that the big miss Qin married the second young master Qiao and allowed the second young master Qiao to carry the beauty back, How could he be at ease with the development of the group? Didn't he hear that Second Young Master Qiao had been rejected by Miss Qin before? Later on, he had no interest in the position of the CEO of the Qiao Group, which was why his brother took advantage of it. Men, ah! They all started their families first, then started their businesses later! Now that Second Young Master Qiao's family was complete, As husband and wife were harmonious, they naturally had to give it their all for their small family in the future. Look, those who had the ability were different. If they didn't say anything, it would be fine. "Shocking the world with a single feat!"

"They are indeed very powerful. They are simply a legend in the industry... A few days ago, I heard that the Wansi Group is going to go bankrupt. The stock prices are dropping rapidly. It is scary to watch. " But from this morning onwards, their stock prices have been soaring all the way. Now, they are all rising and stopping! "

"No wonder Miss Qin doesn't want the young master of the Liang's Corporation. She is so old that she can't stand straight. It would be more exciting to take a gamble by herself!" "No wonder Miss Qin doesn't want the young master of the Liang's Corporation. It is no wonder that Miss Qin doesn't want the young master of the Liang's Corporation. She is too old to stand straight. " Miss Qin has a good eye! "

"That's right. Chairman Qin has completely acknowledged Qiao Ershao as his son-in-law. Yesterday, he was publicly praised as' this is the best gift '."

For some reason, this kind of public opinion became the mainstream one among all the social classes. Regardless of whether they really knew Qiao Minyuan or not, they all gave him good reviews. It was as if his success and victory were what everyone wanted. Of course, these people were all supporters of Qin Jiamu. They said that she was sensible and well behaved. They were really good friends with Qiao Minyuan.

For a moment, all the people online and offline were asking for this husband. What could a woman (husband) ask for? Qin Jiaxin could not hide this kind of sound even when she hid at home.

"Can you make them all shut up?!" Qin Jiaxin smashed a computer in her newly wedded villa, "How much did you charge? How can you shamelessly praise them to death! Is Qiao Minyuan their son?"

The assistant at the side was so scared that she kept quiet. She wanted to comfort Qin Jiaxin but could not find the right words.

"Get lost! Why did I raise a bunch of trash like you!"

After the others dispersed, Qin Jiaxin's curses seemed to resound in the living room. She crossed her legs and sat alone on the living room sofa in anger.

Father was really biased!

He did not even blink when Jinting gave out the 1.2 billion pink diamond. Qiao Minyuan took out a broken contract. He said, "This is the best gift.

No, it wasn't a broken contract. Then the contract was worth 1 billion... It really helped the Wansi turn the tables!

Qin Jiaxin was so angry that she almost tore open the expensive sofa.

What made her even more uncomfortable was that the whole world knew that the Wansi Group's return of blood had nothing to do with Qin Jiamu's dowry. Because she took advantage of the opportunity to publicly announce that she was building a research laboratory and invested all of her funds into the laboratory. And it seemed that 10 million yuan was far from enough. She wanted to use her parents' connections to build a bridge for herself. He wanted to start a mass fundraiser, which attracted a lot of people's interest.

Qin Jiaxin felt that she could imagine how her father praised Qin Jiamu in front of her mother and stepped on her at the same time.

"The same dowry. What did Jiamu do and what did Jiaxin do? The value of a laboratory is limitless, but Jiaxin's sports cars and jewelry are all constantly depreciating!"

After all, they were father and daughter in their twenties. Qin Jiaxin's guess about her father was quite accurate. It was just that when Qin Qiming expressed his feelings, he paid more attention to Lee Tian's feelings and did not use a heavy tone.

Lee Tian naturally understood what Qin Qiming meant.

"The back of your hand and the back of your hand are all flesh. Why do you always compare them to sisters? Everyone is different. Jiamu and Jiaxin have their own interests and pursuits. Isn't it very normal? Qiming, You said you were going to let the kids grow up. But you... "Lee Tian sighed softly," You are speaking the truth. Do you know that? So, Jiaxin hated her elder sister so much because - "

"What right does she have to hate her elder sister?!" Qin Qiming was furious." If you don't take your sister as an example, you will be jealous, repulsed, and disgusted. Is this what my daughter should be like? "

Lee Tian's eyes slightly trembled, but she quickly regained her composure.

Qin Qiming saw it, but he could only pretend not to see it. He did not want to scare her. His daughter was not his flesh and blood. He had pretended to be deaf and mute for more than 20 years. Now, he could no longer pretend. But every time he saw Qin Jiaxin's arrogant and despotic appearance, the thorn in his heart would grow. The more he wanted to train and change this daughter, the more he wanted to do so. This daughter became more and more rebellious, as if she represented her own father. Standing in the Qin family and confronting Qin Qiming...

The quarrel between the Qin's couple ended with Qin Qiming leaving the house. As soon as Qin Qiming left the house, Qin Jiaxin ran to Lee Tian and cried.

"It's all father's fault! If it wasn't for father's words, why would Jinting fight with me? We've known each other for more than half a year. This is the first time he has lost his temper with me! Dad caused trouble, but he wants me to pay for it! I can't accept this, Mom!" Qin Jiaxin was crying and making a ruckus in the living room of the Qin family mansion. Lee Tian did not want her daughter to lose her composure and be laughed at, so she chased away all the servants. She pulled her daughter into her arms and tried to persuade her with good words.

On Qin Jiamu's side, it was a completely different scene.

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