Kiss Her 100 Times/C8 Don't Let down Good Times
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Kiss Her 100 Times/C8 Don't Let down Good Times
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C8 Don't Let down Good Times

"How do you know Lawrence?" Qiao Minyuan stood by the desk and looked down at Qin Jiamu, who was busy reading English on the tablet. "Mom and Dad will definitely ask. I don't want to lie to them."

"No need to lie. Just tell them the truth." Qin Jiamu's attention was on the computer. She did not even look at Qiao Minyuan.

This woman.

Qiao Minyuan roughly covered the computer in Qin Jiamu's hand and repeated seriously and domineeringly, "How do you know him?"

"Information society is very important to grasp resources." Qin Jiamu did not feel annoyed. She just held Qiao Minyuan's wrist and tried to pull his hand away.

Qiao Minyuan did not want to give up. "Just like that?"

"It's just like this." Qin Jiamu's expression was still calm.

That's not right.

It shouldn't be like this.

In his memory, she hated being doubted. And now that he was questioning her repeatedly, it was obvious that he was doubting her.

He really did not believe her explanation. So many people had access to information. Why did she know that a foreigner named Lawrence was looking for this project?

"Sometimes, other than resources, there is also some luck." Qin Jiamu suddenly smiled like a spoiled little girl. She shook Qiao Minyuan's arm. "Everyone says that I am Wang Fu. Why don't you praise me?"

Qiao Minyuan pulled his hand back indifferently as if he had been frightened.

Her smile was real. It came from the bottom of her heart. He had seen it for so many years. He could tell whether it was real or not.

But he did not understand why she was happy.

When she rejected him back then, she said it so decisively. At that time, he truly knew that she did not love him.

Later on, their connection faded, and the two people who were as close as inseparable twins instantly became strangers.

And this kind of stranger relationship lasted for a year, she suddenly came to find her and wanted to marry her, and even suddenly seemed to have changed her past... She cherished him very much.

Qiao Minyuan was not sure why he would use the word "cherish," but his feelings told him that she really did cherish him.

It was too strange.

"Can't I learn to be smart?" Qin Jiamu understood Qiao Minyuan's expression, so she did not need him to say it out loud. "People can make mistakes or correct them. As long as the heavens are willing to give them a chance."

"Alright, I don't know what you are talking about." Qiao Minyuan looked impatient. "I'll have dinner with my parents tonight. My brother and my wife will come as well. Do you want to prepare?"

Did he ask her to dress up?

After Qiao Minyuan left, Qin Jiamu sat alone in front of the mirror for a while.

She really married Qiao Minyuan. She was the fake Second Young Madam Qiao. This was completely different from her previous life when she married Liang Jinting and was eventually abandoned.

Her mother was not dead, and she would not let her father be imprisoned for no reason. Then, would Qin Jiaxin not become a poor and evil person? Then, would she just have to continue with the research dream that she had not completed in her previous life?

Qin Jiamu looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was clean and smooth. She was in her twenties and she was in her prime.

Since she had chosen him, since she wanted to cherish this relationship, she had to live up to her good times.


The day passed very quickly. At dusk, Qiao Minyuan returned home.

"Second Young Master, Young Madam has been staying in her room all day." The maid reported.

Qiao Minyuan frowned and entered the room alone.

"You're back." Qin Jiamu greeted him in the room, but she only heard his voice and did not see him.

"You haven't finished packing?" At the same time Qiao Minyuan walked into the room, he said this. The impatience in his tone was especially prominent in the quiet room, "You clean up the whole afternoon..."

The words that he did not finish were stuck in his throat. Qiao Minyuan looked at the profile in front of him and felt that he had instantly turned back to the stunned kid from more than ten years ago.

"Who bullied my sister!? Stand out!" A five-year-old girl wearing denim pants shouted at a group of boys who were a head taller than her.

"We've already bullied your sister, what can you do?" The leading fat kid laughed in a hooligan manner, and the surrounding boys all laughed.

The girl raised her hand and threw a handful of sand over. Then, she threw a fist rain at the fat boy.

"Ah! Ah! I can't see anymore!"

"He hit me!"


Qin Jiamu looked like she was not afraid of getting into trouble. She looked at the fat kid shouting and kicked his knee, "Go back and tell your mother! Qin Jiamu hit you! It was a little girl who hit you! "I'm so embarrassed!"

The fat kid really ran away while crying. However, no one was sure if he was crying because his eyes had sunk into the sand or because he was humiliated by the little girl.

At that time, Qin Jiamu had cut her short hair that reached her ears. Because her actions when she hit someone were too big, the belt on one side of her suspenders had slid off her shoulder. Both of her hands were dirty, and there was sand on them.

But she hugged her younger sister who had red eyes behind her and laughed especially loudly. Her laughter was full of success. She was fearless and invincible. With such a smile, she had planted a mystical seed in his heart ever since.

"It's very beautiful, isn't it?" Qin Jiamu turned around in front of Qiao Minyuan and pulled him back from his memories.

The corner of her orange-pink dress skirt fluttered. It was so beautiful that no one could take their eyes off it.

"It's just a family dinner. There's no need to be so grand." Qiao Minyuan coldly responded to her question.

Qin Jiamu smiled. Her eyes curved. "It's not grand, is it? I thought it should be official. After all, this is the first time we are having dinner with brother and sister-in-law after our wedding."

Qiao Minyuan's brother, Qiao Guanghao, moved out of the Qiao family's old residence the year before last. He lived with his wife, Lu Yingying, in a compound in the city. They only came home once in a while. The last time he came home was because Lu Yingying was pregnant and Qin Jiamu had not married yet.

She valued his family. He should have been happy, but he should have followed her heart and praised her.

But Qiao Minyuan indifferently turned around, "It's about enough. Let's go downstairs."


Qin Jiamu quickly followed. When she walked to Qiao Minyuan's side, she naturally held his arm.

The man froze.

Seeing Qiao Minyuan and Qin Jiamu appear intimately, the few pairs of eyes downstairs in the living room all had their own thoughts.

Among them, it was the daughter-in-law of the Qiao family - Lu Yingying's gaze was the sharpest.

She did not notice how close Qiao Minyuan and Qin Jiamu were. It was Qin Jiamu's bright dress.

Why are you dressed like this? Was she going to attend a grand banquet? Do you have to make it so eye-catching when a family is having dinner together? Anyone with discerning eyes could tell that there were two young wives in the Qiao family. Wasn't she, Qin Jiamu, clearly competing with each other?

But she was pregnant now, so how could she compete with her?

Thinking of this, Lu Yingying's left hand that was placed on her leg involuntarily tightened.

The daughter of the Qin family, she had never been bullied before, right? Since young, she had lived a life of being surrounded by the stars and the moon.

"Sister-in-law is really becoming more and more beautiful." Lu Yingying was now four and a half months pregnant. Her stomach was slightly bulging, but she was especially careful. When she got up and greeted Qin Jiamu, she looked like she was afraid that her stomach would touch the dining table, so the smile on her face was mixed with some caution and uneasiness.

Qin Jiamu let go of Qiao Minyuan's arm and quickly walked a few steps to Lu Yingying's side, "Sister-in-law, quickly sit down. It's hard to bear a child, right?"

"Sister-in-law really knows how to be considerate." Lu Yingying smiled and revealed her mouth full of bright white porcelain teeth, "No wonder Minyuan came back so early after work. In the end, having a lovely wife at home is a little different."

"Oh you, you clearly know that Minyuan is a reserved person but still make fun of him." Zhao Shumei also smiled. She waved her hand and signaled everyone to take their seats.

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