Kiss Her 100 Times/C9 Did He Not like Her Anymore
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Kiss Her 100 Times/C9 Did He Not like Her Anymore
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C9 Did He Not like Her Anymore

Qiao Dajian was sitting on a long table in the restaurant on the first floor of Qiao family. On Qiao Dajian's left was Zhao Shumei, Qiao Guanghao, and Lu Yingying. On his right was Qiao Minyuan and his wife.

Lu Yingying looked at Qiao Minyuan as he sat down. She picked up what she had not finished and pushed the topic to the center of the family feast.

"How can Minyuan be reserved? If he is really like what Aunt Mei said, how can he take down a 1 billion yuan contract right away?"

That's right, how did he do it?

Everyone had the same question in their hearts.

"He needs it, we have the technology, so we can smoothly achieve it." Qiao Minyuan answered calmly.

Why did it have to be you? Why did it have to be you who took care of this?

Of course Lu Yingying was not stupid enough to ask such a question. Qiao Dajian did not seem to want to pursue the matter further. He raised the glass in front of him. "Minyuan did well this time. He helped the company resolve the financial crisis with just this project alone. He is a great contributor!"

"To Minyuan." Qiao Guanghao's eyes were full of smiles and he responded with anger.

"To Minyuan." Qin Jiamu gently touched Qiao Minyuan's glass with a smile.

Qiao Dajian felt better after drinking the wine. He smiled and gestured for everyone to move their chopsticks.

There was nothing to be nervous about during the family dinner. It was nothing more than Qiao Guanghao talking about the company's new business and Lu Yingying reporting the situation of the fetus.

It did not mean that it was really fine. After the family dinner ended, Qiao Guanghao and his wife returned home. Lu Yingying's face immediately pulled down.

"Did you see that woman? She's dressed beautifully. Do you think she's a beauty pageant?!"

"Your focus is really strange." Qiao Guanghao impatiently loosened the collar of his shirt. "If you have the time, go find Lawrence. Or you can bring me a billion yuan project to help my family."

Lu Yingying stared at him, "Qiao Guanghao, what do you mean? You are a mother with milk, aren't you? You don't like your sister-in-law, do you?!"

"Are you sick?" Qiao Guanghao was so angry that he almost threw his slippers at Lu Yingying. "Can't you say something human?" he asked. Which eye of yours saw that I was interested in her? Crazy!"

"I'm crazy! I don't have the ability to create a big project like Qin Jiamu! I don't have the face to stay in the Qiao family. I'd better go back and raise my child!" As she spoke, Lu Yingying was about to turn around and walk out.

If it wasn't for the marriage alliance with the Lu family, Qiao Guanghao wouldn't have been able to secure the position of the Wansi Group's CEO so quickly. He could not afford to offend his father-in-law's family. Furthermore, he was waiting for the child in Lu Yingying's womb to calm Qiao Dajian's heart.

Therefore, Qiao Guanghao, who had been working all day, had no choice but to suppress his anger and run over to hold his wife. He held her in his arms. "Alright, alright. I was too harsh on you today. I will compensate you. It was already so late. How can I be at ease if you run out alone? Okay. "

Lu Yingying muttered and did not make any more noise.

She knew very well that if she went back to the Lu family now, she would not be able to gain anything.

When she returned home now, not only did her family not feel that she was wronged, they would even think that she lost the first battle to Qin Jiamu. If she went back to her mother's house to cry, it would definitely humiliate her until she could not raise her head. She knew her mother and sister too well.

So, when Qiao Guanghao gave her a way out, she also took the opportunity to come down.

However, the peace of their small family did not last for a few days. Because of the importance Qiao Dajian attached to Qiao Guanghao, as well as the frequency of other projects entrustments and requests for him to enter the chairman's office, the board of directors began to spread some rumors that the crown prince had changed hands, which made Qiao Guanghao feel that there was a nail in the chair under his butt.

He was not happy, but he could not vent his anger. He forced himself to smile during the day and went home without saying a word. His mind was full of thoughts about how to find an opportunity to show off.

Lu Yingying did not cause any trouble for Qiao Guanghao. She really took his pain seriously.

"Settle a family and start a career?" Lu Yingying who was reading the online comments suddenly had an idea, "If the family is not well, then it will be difficult to set up a business..."

Qin Jiamu, who wholeheartedly invested in organizing the laboratory, was so busy that she could not separate herself from thinking about other things. She ran out early in the morning and did not return home until 90.

She was a little worried that Qiao Minyuan would mock her about her absence. After all, sarcasm had become a daily thing between the two of them. However, Qiao Minyuan did not have the chance to mock her at all. He had returned later than her.

Qin Jiamu's entire body was sore. She put in a bathtub of warm water and planned to take a good bath. But for some reason, she fell asleep beside the bathtub while soaking in the water.

Before Qiao Minyuan went back to his room, he heard from the maid that Qin Jiamu had come back, but he did not see her for a long time. He thought she had gone to the study room or somewhere else, but when he pushed open the bathroom door, he saw her sleeping in the bathtub with a red face. Even the heavy knock on the door did not wake her up.

She must be very tired.

Qiao Minyuan glanced at the small screen on the wall. The temperature was set at 37 degrees.

It seemed that it was not stupid enough to make people worry.

He first pressed the water switch of the bathtub, then reached out to remove the towel from the wooden shelf. He was about to wipe Qin Jiamu dry and wrap her up and put her back on the bed, but he did not expect that the moment he bent down, the sleeping person woke up.

Qiao Minyuan's heart was beating a little fast, and his rhythm was also a little chaotic. He stared at the pair of starry eyes that were almost a foot away, as if he could see the vast galaxy.

Qin Jiamu also looked at him.

She was thinking of what to do.

Last time, she used a kiss to block his mouth to stop him from questioning, but he did not seem to be very satisfied.

Did he... don't like me anymore?

This thought suddenly appeared in Qin Jiamu's mind and she immediately heard herself laughing at herself in her heart.

In the past, it was you who rejected him. Now that he doesn't like you and you can't let him go, you deserve it.

"When will you return..."

When Qin Jiamu spoke, every word carried a soft air flow as it gently pounced on Qiao Minyuan's face. He froze, but he also gained strength.

In the next second, he kissed the woman in front of him.

Qin Jiamu's wet forehead was still dripping water, but Qiao Minyuan seemed not to notice it. His wide palm passed through her soft black hair and held the back of her head, as if he did not want to give her a chance to escape.

Qin Jiamu's cheeks became redder, but she was immersed in the sense of security that she had lost. She could not bear to open her eyes, so she naturally lifted her arms by her side and hooked them around Qiao Minyuan's neck.

More than half of the water in the bathtub was released, and the bathroom door was still open. The cold air drifted in from outside the door, and Qin Jiamu, who still had countless small droplets of water hanging on her body, could not help but tremble.

Qiao Minyuan let go of her lips and continued to dry her body with a dry towel with no expression on his face.

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