Kiss Me Not/C2 Hangover!
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Kiss Me Not/C2 Hangover!
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C2 Hangover!

Celine pov

I stammered, almost peed in my pants with his words, "excuse me! What do you mean by the cost is me?"

And I dragged my feet backward. All I was able to think of was running out of his house. I thought it was a trap. I cussed and scolded myself internally, 'I shouldn't trust strangers.'

He chuckled loudly and heartily, "you're really naive."

I blinked, confused, "w-what do you mean, sir?" Yes, I tried to be polite as much as possible, probably because I was sure I would never be able to fight a guy with his strong muscled features.

He swung his head, closing gaps between us, "sir? You're so funny. Don't you?"

I cleared my throat. I didn't know what I should do. He was playing with his words and pressing on my nerves. "Celine. I meant that I would work and get the money, and you will take care of the housework. Like cleaning our clothes and cleaning the house. This woman's stuff."

I exhaled a deep breath, my knees weak from the surprise, "oh my god! Is that what you really meant?"

He grimaced, feeling offended again by my harsh accusing words. Even so, I didn't direct a straight accusation to him - but- it was apparent to the blind that I didn't trust his intentions.

He walked out of the room, taking the lead to his small kitchen, and then beckoned his fingers to me, "I'm not a bad person. Trust me. I know we have just met, but I'm excited to have a woman in the house. If you don't want to clean the house and sort it out, it's okay. I need you to know that you're not a maid."

He explained to me. I was glad that he said those words. It meant a lot to me. But even so, if he asked me to work for him as a maid, I wouldn't refuse. I wanted to find a job. "thank you so much." I said, fiddling with my fingers.

Theni walked next to him, "let me cook something then." I offered to show him how I could be helpful, not useless.

But he pushed me gently aside and pinned me to the fridge, "not now. I will cook something for us." he leaned, moving his finger seductively to my lips. He didn't take his eyes off my lips, which scared me once again. As if he enjoyed playing with my nerves.

I coughed to grab his attention to my eyes, "Lucas. Stop touching me."

He pulled himself away and turned his body, searching for things on the shelves to cook, "you know, I need to be honest with you— you're so gorgeous. And if you weren't so beautiful, I wouldn't help you. I am just telling the truth. And also, as much as I am sure I will never do something by force to you. As much as I want to tell you—"

He lingered his words in the air, then he glanced off his shoulders, glaring at me Longley, "as much as I really want you to be mine someday with your will. As my girlfriend. As my lady. I always wanted an innocent virgin girl to be my wife… just saying."

He finished his words and then started cooking and ushered me, "you can go to your room now and take a shower and change your clothes. I will cook something."

I nodded. I didn't comment on his words. I just met the guy, yes, I have never been so close to a handsome guy like him, but that doesn't mean I would fall head over heels for a stranger. Nope, that's not me. I shielded my heart. I knew love was not worthy at such a point in my life. It was a turning point. I needed to stand on my feet first. And then I can search for love.

I walked to the room, and it was a cute one. It was not furnished with much. But I liked it. I grabbed some clothes for my small bag and walked to take a shower.

The water was so cold…. but I needed that shower; Water made me relax a bit from the tension.

Once I finished and walked out of the tiny bathtub, I searched for a towel, but I didn't find anything. I grumbled, feeling awkward already, — so I walked to the door and opened just an inch to stick my head out, "Lucas."

I called his name. He shouted back, "yes, do you need anything?"

I coughed shyly, "yes, please, a towel."

In just a minute, he was there handing me one, his eyes glaring intensely into my face, "thank you."

But he then pushed the door open. I tried to push it back,… "hey, what are you doing?" I yelled at him.

But he only stood there like a monster checking my body slowly from my barefoot to my hair, and said with a wide smirk and pride, "see! I'm looking at your naked body now. But nothing happened! Can you trust me now?"

What the fuck! What kind of proof was that? The guy was sick-minded. I narrowed my eyes and said in a firm tone, "Get out now, or I will kick your balls."

He was so daring, crazy, shameless! Mentally abnormal...But he was my savior. Without him, I'd have died in the dark-street.

He chuckled and left, "okay, okay. I just wanted to win your trust. Sorry."

I shut the door in his face, but he opened it again, chuckling, "sorry but not sorry. You're so yummy." he teased, sticking his tongue out of his mouth childishly.

I shut the door again and shouted from the other side, "you're a freak."

He shouted back, still laughing, "yes, I know."

His laughs made me laugh too. But to be honest, no one would ever do what he has done unless he was under some sort of drug or something!

I dried my body with her towel, and then I wore my clothes. Walking out of the shower room, to only be stopped by the noises of a lot of men… I called "Lucas." that made my heart skip some beats.

I walked slowly but hesitantly to the living room to see a round table like gamble tables, money and beer, and Lucas playing with them.


He raised his brows, "yes, please serve us the beer and the food."

"what!" I raised my brows, dumbfounded. I didn't expect that sort of housework!

"Lucas! Please can we talk?" I said politely, not to raise my voice.

But one of the guys shot me with hunger stares, "she's beautiful. Let me fuck her now, and I will give you more stuff for free." he mentioned.

And Lucas smirked, looking at me, "she's a virgin. She is worth more than a bunch of stuff."

What kind of stuff! What the fuck they were talking about.

At this point, I didn't think of anything. I hurried to the room and took my bag to feel out of this house. But I heard the room's door crack. Then I turned my body to see who's there. To see three guys and Lucas with them. I crawled over the bed to the corner, "What's going on here? Lucas! You promised me not to touch me and protect me."

One of them scoffed, "protect you! He's a drug addict! He can sell you for just 5 grams of heroin."

"what the fuck! Heroine."

I leaned to the window next to me, "don't dare to come close, or I will jump now."

Lucas said, challenging me, "then jump. If you dare".

What the hell!

I switched my eyes between them and the window. I didn't want to die— I was only eighteen years old!

"What do you want, Lucas?" I asked him, hoping to get an answer.

He rubbed his chin, "nothing more than serving my friends and me. If you ever wanted to run away, then I will make sure to find you and eat you alive. All of us will do. Is that clear?"

I nodded immediately, my body shivering, "yes, sure. Sir."

He snapped his fingers to them, "guys, no need to scare her more. Now get out of all of you." and they did simply.

He laughed again, "don't be scared."

Then he walked to his friends. I followed him, as he said, I need to serve them… I only calmed down a bit when I heard him speaking to his friends, "See, no need to be scared of her. She would never call the police. we can trust her."

I grabbed the beer and placed it on the table. No one really tried to make a wrong move towards me, which made me relieved a bit. But living with a drug-addict and gamble wasn't safe. He might sell me as they have said at any time for any cheap cost too.

After a few hours of serving them, they finally finished and stood up, waving to Lucas, "See you next week."

They gave me a weird glance before leaving. I walked after them to make sure to close the door by the keys.

Lucas was more than tipsy, "sir. Are you okay?"

He opened his arms, "I'm drunk. Come help me to stand up."

I hesitantly helped him. I placed his arms over my shoulder and walked with him to his room. I put him on the bed. He didn't kiss me or touch my body. So, once again, I thought he was not that bad. They only made a prank on me to laugh for a while or scared me not to call the police and inform them about this illegal gambling table.

Yes, I was too naive!

Once I helped him sleep in his bed, he ushered to me, "take off my clothes."

I sighed, bent to take off his shoe, then his shirt. I didn't want to take off his jeans. I had never seen a naked guy or cock! Ever.

He pulled me to the top of his chest, saying heavily, with half-sealed eyes, "my pants too."

I gulped nervously, shivering under his firm grip, "no need."

But he squeezed my chin and flipped me in a blink of an eye underneath his massive body, "I said—"

Then he started throwing up over me— "fuck! Get off me."

I pushed him away, he slammed his body to the bed, and all I heard next was his snorts and deep sleep!

Damn! This is not a house. This is a hell-house.

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