Kiss Me Not/C3 Bills!
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Kiss Me Not/C3 Bills!
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C3 Bills!

Celine pov

One week had passed normally, I didn't get out of the house, but he was so nice to me. He used to leave the house early in the morning for his job and always returned at 5 pm.

He didn't lock the doors either. Why didn't I leave? Where was I supposed to go? I had nothing in my pocket, no friends, no home, and no relatives. And he didn't show any aggressive or abnormal attempts towards me. He didn't try to touch me either.

Seriously! He was so calm and rarely talked too. I was curious about his job. He told me he's a broker in one of the forex-brokers companies and no more details. As I've said, he wasn't talkative at all. He had never watched the Tv at all. Only on his laptop, he was doing some work most of the time. Then he goes to sleep so fucking early, like 10 pm at most.

He looked like a hard-working guy to me. That made me stay. I did the housework and never complained. There was not much to do except cooking, which was okay until that weekend.

I'd never expected that to happen. I almost forgot about his weekly meeting with his friends and gamble at night. He came up this day and slammed the door of the house. He looked so scary and fierce as the devil he commanded me, "Go cook something. My friends are coming. I need to win tonight. I must win." he stressed the last words coming out of his mouth.

I trembled and asked him, wondering, "but you didn't leave money this morning. There's nothing in the fridge to cook." I tried to explain it to him.

But I didn't think that I only stressed what already bothered him; he groaned and stomped like a monster towards me, gripping my arms roughly, "you spent all the fucking money?! I don't have any."

I gasped, stuttering, "w-what! But how?"

I blinked, confused. It was a freaking situation. I only accepted his offer to stay with him at his apartment and worked my ass off as a maid because he said he earns a lot of money from his daily job. I didn't ask for much, but only for food and a room.

He pushed me to the couch, clutching his hair nervously, walking back and forth like a loser who needs some help. Which was something I couldn't offer?

He stopped finally, and gazed at me, then pulled a few bucks from his wallet, seeming like last bucks, "here go buy some beer."

I jumped off the couch, shocked, "me? How? I don't know where I should buy this stuff?" Yes, that was very true, and, if I had a chance to take these bucks and run, I would do.

As if he could read my mind at this point, he raised his brow and pushed me out of the apartment, saying, "you're not taking your clothes. Go buy the beer and come in ten minutes. You can find this stuff in the market by the end of the street. And don't be late or I will do bad things to you." he warned me in a criminal tone.

I gulped nervously and nodded, "sure."

I rushed out, holding the money carefully in my hand and running to the market. It was only a mile away. But I was shivering as if I was running from something I did; I looked like a thief.

I didn't know that I might need my ID, not to mention the legal age to buy alcohol.

I reached the market. I stood by the cashier and asked the guy, politely, "I need beers with this money." I asked him innocently; I looked so silly.

He narrowed his eyes and asked me, "how old are you?"

"why?" I didn't know that I should be over twenty-one! I didn't realize that this question was to sell me some beer.

He raised his brow and leaned to the counter, checking my face, "tell me the truth. You don't look like a one who has ever sipped from a beer. Who had sent you here? And how old are you? You didn't know that your age must be over twenty-one to buy such stuff?"

I cringed, scared to come back without his beer, "no-no, please give me the beer. He might kill me. Please."

The guy looked so caring, but being nice would never help me. "we can go to the police station and inform them about whoever is treating you."

I shook my head, and the tears started flowing over my cheeks. I held his hands, with my cold, shivering small hands, "I beg you. Sell me the beer. Please. He will kill me."

The guy sighed, his heart softened, he finally agreed, "okay, but please, if anything happens to you, come back and tell me. I want to help you. And don't cry." he wiped my tears softly and walked to the back of the market, "Wait a minute."

Then he came back in a couple of minutes and handed me the bag, "here. Take care of yourself."

I whispered, wiping the tears by my elbow, "thank you."

And in a hurry, I rushed back at a huge pace to the house. I didn't get lost, thankfully. I wasn't late, either. But all of them were already sitting on the table, ready to gamble.

He snapped his fingers to me, "give me this." I handed the beers to them.

And they all started to drink, but he was gulping one after another like a monster. He began to yell. "I need to win. I lost my job and soon to lose my house. I need to pay my bills."

Time flew, and I guess he wasn't lucky. He lost every single penny.

His friends scoffed, patting Lucas back, "see you later, dude."

They left me alone with him.

I stood by the door, intending to run at any second. But he was faster than me, he pinned me to the door and locked the door with his keys. "where are you going? Now! After I had lost everything! How am I supposed to pay the bills and the rent of the house?"

As if he paid me tons of money! He only shared his food meal with me, nothing more.

I gulped nervously, trying to calm him down, "tell me, how can I help?"

He cocked his brow, moving his eyes to my body, and his hands squeezing my thighs, "well, I can sell you daily and earn more… That's an easier way to earn lots of money… Unless…" he lingered his words, walking to the couch and laying his body.

I Fiddled nervously, "No, please. You can't sell me."

He kept playing with his words, and fucking up my mind and squeezing my heart more, "maybe I should sell your organs."

He stopped again, laughed like a fucking witch.

I shook my head, "No, please. How much do I owe you?" I was so awkward and innocent to think that he wanted only a few bucks.

uncontrollably He laughed as if I said a joke, "I need twenty thousand dollars."

I gasped "what!" breathlessly, I pleaded, "please let me go. Please. Why are you doing this to me?"

He swung his head and grabbed his last beer bottle and sipped some, then said, grumbling, "And why is fate messing up with my life? I want to be rich!"

He then stood up and took off all his clothes. He stood shamelessly naked and ushered to me, "come here, suck my dick. I need to take your virginity now. You still need a lot of practice before selling you as a slut every day."


"No." I squealed…

He started to smash things and the gambling table too. He threw a bottle into my face, but luckily it just hit the wall, "I need heroin now. It's the time of my dose. I might kill anyone if I didn't—"

Then, ideas hit my brain, and I slipped those words that I regretted later, "I can help you in selling drugs!"


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