Kiss Me Not/C6 Kidnapped!
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Kiss Me Not/C6 Kidnapped!
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C6 Kidnapped!

Celine pov

No more words came out of my mouth. In a freaking less than a second, a black cloth-covered my head, and my hand was tied behind my back, and that was the only answer that I received in return for my question.

I didn't know what I'd done. I thought everything was going well. I sold the drugs and saved myself from those dangerous men and Lucas. I thought I might be able to get some money and leave in the morning.

But no, it seemed like I'd never see the light ever again.

I mostly fainted. I couldn't breathe normally since this black cloth blindfolded me and blocked air from my mouth and nose.

After one hour maybe—

I heard noises talking behind me, "wake her up."

Another man's voice thundered, "told you, we can't. the king said clearly that we cannot torture her now."

Coldness struck my body. The word 'torture' made my body shake in fear. I realized that I wasn't blindfolded anymore. But maybe I couldn't open up my eyes from fear.

There was nothing to think about. I was trapped and kidnapped. But by whom and for what? That was the question that I couldn't find an answer to.

Another man groaned, "I need to eat her alive. I don't know why the king wants her."

I guess the one who wanted to eat me alive couldn't hold on to his anger and his rage anymore for some hidden-reason. He clutched my hair and dragged me on the ground. He forced me to open up my eyes by pressing his strong hands to my neck, "you bitch! Open up your eyes now."

I gazed at him in awestruck; he looked at me as if I killed his parents or something. My lips trembled, "w-what's the matter? I didn't do anything."

I didn't do anything. They didn't look like police officers either. I stole a few glances around me to check my surroundings. It was like a basement, nothing there except— holy moly— torture stuff! Electricity chair and cuffs and slashes, guns. What the fuck!

I shivered terrified, "sir, I didn't do anything. I swear to god. I think you've mistaken me with someone else."

I demanded, "please, I need an explanation. Why am I here?"

He realized my neck had let me fall on the ground and hit my butt. He switched his eyes to another three men behind him, "you don't know why you're here?"

I cleared my throat and nodded, "yes, I swear. I don't ever lie."

He crossed his arms over his chest. He looked more like a boss- gang leader or something, even so, he was wearing an elegant suit, "so, tell me, did you sell drugs or not?"

I gulped nervously and immediately replied in honest, "yes, I did. It was my first time, but Lucas forced me."

Another man stepped closer; he looked calmer and younger in age. He leaned a bit to my face, "Lucas? Your boyfriend?"

I shook my head, "he is not my boyfriend!" I almost shouted.

But the man with a raging tone pulled my hair again, making me ouch in pain, gritting his teeth, "you're lying again."

I stammered, "I -I swear. I don't ever lie."

Then he pulled me, ignoring all my words, and pushed me to a chair. He wrapped me all my body with ropes, then tapes. Then he shot me with deadly gazes suggesting to the other men, "I think we should torture her. She dared to sell drugs in our streets without our permission. She's lying too."

I shouted with all my voice straight, "I said I'm not lying."

He raised his gun and pulled his trigger, "now, I'm angry. I will kill you—"

But before he could shoot me, another shoot came from nowhere directly into his head… the man fell on the floor, slamming his head like a bear.

I screamed, seeing the blood, I had never seen a dead person ever! Not to mention he was murdered.

Silence filled the air, except my voice squealing over the dead man. A sharp voice said in a dominating tone, "shut up now."

I did! Immediately. Raising my eyes that were welled with tears to see the same handsome guy again, "who are you, and why am I here?"

He ignored me and looked to his men, "I said; clearly, I don't want anyone to touch her or torture her. Right?"

They bowed their heads in respect to him, "yes. Mr. Elijah."

Elijah! His name was so powerful. Echoed in my ears and made my heart drop in my feet with his robust and deadly gaze.

He was too calm and confident. Even so, his face was saying how serious a man he was and how dangerous he could be. Sure, he was dangerous; he just killed a man with cold-hands.

"Mr., please tell me what's going on here. Why am I here?" I asked him, hoping he could give me an answer.

He turned his head to me, rubbing his chin, "I want to ask you a question and tell me honestly everything, or I will make sure to kill you in a few seconds."

"Ask me," I said instantly.

He snapped his fingers, a massive iron door opened, and few men came inside, dragging Lucas with them. Then the man who's called Elijah asked me, "Is he your boyfriend?"

Lucas shouted, "yes, I'm her boyfriend. But I didn't tell her to sell drugs."

Elijah raised his hand to me, "I want to hear from you."

And the tears started to fall on my cheeks, "I'm an orphan. The orphanage kicked me a week ago because I turned eighteen already. I met him at the incident. I was homeless and jobless. I didn't know he's a drug-addict. Anyway. He was ready to sell my body or my organs to gang leaders. So, I offered him my help by selling some of his stuff but to let me go. It was my first time. That's the truth. But he's not my boyfriend."

Lucas shouted, "she's lying. She's a bitch."

Elijah walked closer to me and untied me, then asked me, with a soft tone, "are you slut?"

I gasped, wiping my tears, "I'm a virgin. No one ever touched me."

I never expected that ever— maybe dangerous men, are men with dignity more than any other man on earth. He stood up and in confidence, but an explicit facial expression pulled his gun and shot Lucas dead.

Elijah groaned, "I hate liars."

Elijah pulled me to stand up on my feet, "you can go now. You; are safe. One of my men will send you out of here. Stay away from this dangerous circle and never do such rubbish things ever."

His eyes melted my heart. I wanted to hug him and say 'thank you.' but I was only glaring at him speechless. He saved me.

Not only this, but he generously pulled his wallet and handed me a credit card, "you can use this. There are one million dollars. Stay safe."

And he walked away after he ordered his men to drive me away.

But I froze him by my words as if my heart spoke up, not my brain, "why?"

He didn't turn his body. He just said, "why what? No more questions."

I dared to walk closer, saying in a breathless tone, "you said you hate liars, but you didn't mention that you hate questions. So, tell me, why are you doing this to me?"

He sighed. I could feel his softened tone. "you need to leave now."

He walked away. I rushed to him before reaching the door and grabbed his jacket to stop him, "but— I don't want to leave."

He turned his body slowly, looking at me hesitantly. As if I threw a bomb into his face, "what?"

I smiled genuinely, "yes, I want to stay with you." and I handed him the credit card. Letting our hands touch, and maybe our heart touched too. It was a miracle feeling that I would never be able to express. But that mutual attraction made me realize that I would never let him push me away ever. I would stick to him forever.

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