Kiss My Dear Wife/C12 I Hate This Kind of Pheasant the Most
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Kiss My Dear Wife/C12 I Hate This Kind of Pheasant the Most
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C12 I Hate This Kind of Pheasant the Most

"Chief Editor, thank you!" Gu Luanqing looked at Chief Editor Xu with tears in her eyes.

Other than Shuhan, no one else had thought about her like this for a long time.

Chief Editor Xu's words made Gu Luanqing determined to divorce and live her own life.

The Yaan family family banquet came again. This was a good opportunity to talk to Yaan Chenghuai. A chance to negotiate a divorce.

Perhaps it was because of what happened last time. This time Yaan's mother and Yaan Shuangrao did not call Gu Luanqing back to host the family banquet, but Yaan's mother personally organized it.

In the Yaan family's mansion.

Gu Luanqing and Yaan Chenghuai entered almost at the same time.

Lau Xinci also came.

Was Lau Xinci going to be placed on the table this time?

Standing at the door, Gu Luanqing coldly looked at Yaan Chenghuai and Lau Xinci who were standing side by side.

The door was enough for three people to enter side by side.

But Gu Luanqing did not want to.

Lau Xinci did not want to.

Lau Xinci looked at Gu Luanqing and smiled proudly. "I'm sorry. Chenghuai and I will go first. You take a step back first and give way. "

Lau Xinci's action was undoubtedly to show off her identity.

Her arrogant expression in Gu Luanqing's eyes was really laughable.

In Yaan Shuangrao's eyes, it was endless anger.

Because of her father's fickle heart, Yaan Shuangrao hated this kind of woman who thought herself to be a chicken in the top position the most.

Gu Luanqing did not say anything, but she walked out and spoke first. "My sister-in-law is the young mistress of this family. Who do you think you are to make my sister-in-law give way? Do you not even know how much weight you weigh?"

Yaan Shuangrao walked out and saw Gu Luanqing acting out of the ordinary. She pretended to be friendly with her. "Sister-in-law, you are too kind. If I were you, I would have thrown this wild chicken out long ago. The gate of the Yaan family is not casually let in. Some shameless women want to come in, but I am afraid that it will dirty our family's carpet."

Gu Luanqing smiled, "Shuangrao, what you said makes sense. But no matter what, Miss Liu is your brother's guest, so you should be more polite."

"Be polite?" Yaan Shuangrao's cold laughter grew, "She does look like a miss. Why should I be polite to a miss?"

This young lady was not a young lady.

Yaan Shuangrao's insulting intention was obvious.

These two people, who were never able to get along, collaborated to give Lau Xinci a show of strength.

Lau Xinci felt humiliated. Her eyes were filled with tears as she looked at Yaan Chenghuai weakly and pitifully.

Yaan Chenghuai's face did not show any expression.

If he had any pity for Lau Xinci, he would not allow Yaan Shuangrao to insult her.

Compared to his sister, Lau Xinci was just a woman who could be bought with money.

Today he bought this woman and tomorrow this woman would make him unhappy. He could also spend money to exchange for another woman.

So Yaan Chenghuai did not mind Yaan Shuangrao's insult to Lau Xinci.

It was not necessary to make his sister unhappy because of this woman.

How could Lau Xinci not see through Yaan Chenghuai's thoughts?

Lau Xinci's expression was ugly when she saw herself in a difficult situation. However, she suddenly raised her red lips and smiled. She looked at Yaan Shuangrao and Gu Luanqing raise their chin proudly and announced in front of everyone, "Miss Yan, I am not qualified to step into the gate of the Yaan family, but I do not know if the child in my womb is qualified to step into the gate of the Yaan family."

"What?!" Yaan Shuangrao was stunned.

Gu Luanqing looked to the side and a trace of surprise appeared in her eyes.

A trace of gloomy shock flashed across Yaan Chenghuai's face. He lowered his head and turned his body to the side. He stared intently at Lau Xinci's figure and sized up her stomach.

"You're pregnant?" Yaan Chenghuai's face was full of doubt.

How is that possible?

Of course it is!

A woman like Lau Xinci would do anything to get the position.

Lau Xinci lowered her eyes. After she felt guilty, she grabbed Yaan Chenghuai's arm and acted coquettishly, "Chenghuai, I am really pregnant. This is the child of your Yaan family."

The atmosphere fell into silence.

Just when Lau Xinci thought she could openly enter the gates of Yaan family, Yaan Chenghuai suddenly turned around and left.

Lau Xinci's face revealed a stunned expression. Clearly, she did not expect Yaan Chenghuai to turn around and leave.

Yaan Shuangrao looked at Lau Xinci's departing back and sneered. Her eyes were full of contempt. Stupid woman, do you really think you can get pregnant and force the Palace to take over?!

Looking at her elder brother's expression, he knew that this woman's pregnancy was something his elder brother did not know at all and it was completely out of his expectations.

A wild chicken was a wild chicken!

Yaan Shuangrao rolled her eyes and turned her head to see Gu Luanqing's figure. She snorted coldly and turned around with a face full of disdain to enter the house.

Gu Luanqing stood at the door and looked at Yaan Shuangrao's back. She pursed her lips and lightly laughed. She did not care about Yaan Shuangrao's attitude. Originally Yaan Shuangrao did not really help her but Yaan Shuangrao just could not see a woman like Lau Xinci.

Since she had grown up and left, there was no need for her to stay and attend any family banquet.

After Yaan Chenghuai and Lau Xinci left, Gu Luanqing also turned around and left.

In Yaan Chenghuai's car, Yaan Chenghuai's expression was very ugly. It could be said that it was very gloomy and ugly.

He had a long face and his expression was extremely gloomy.

Lau Xinci carefully looked at Yaan Chenghuai's expression. She was not happy in her heart, but her mouth was still acting coquettishly. "Chenghuai, we have the crystallization of love. Are you not happy?"

"Abort the child!" After a long silence, the first thing Yaan Chenghuai and Liu Xinci said was to ask her to abort the child.

"No!" Lau Xinci's face changed when she heard Yaan Chenghuai's words. Her face was pale and she looked at Yaan Chenghuai in horror. She could not believe what she heard.

"Chenghuai. This is our child. You want me to abort him? "Touch him. He is alive. He is your son!" Lau Xinci pulled Yaan Chenghuai's hand and placed it on her lower abdomen. She wanted him to feel the life in her stomach.

However, Yaan Chenghuai pulled his hand back in disgust.

"If we abort the child, we can still be together. Otherwise -"

"Otherwise what?" Lau Xinci opened her eyes wide and looked at Yaan Chenghuai with fear and disbelief. She laughed wildly and said, "Otherwise what? Otherwise you will break up with me?"

Lau Xinci smiled bitterly and tears rolled down her face.

Yaan Chenghuai did not say anything. He turned around and opened the door to get out of the car.

"Chenghuai, don't go!" Lau Xinci reached out to grab Yaan Chenghuai's clothes.

Yaan Chenghuai opened Lau Xinci's hands and pulled the corner of his suit out of Lau Xinci's hands.

He looked at the driver and said in a deep voice, "Send Miss Liu back."

"Chenghuai!" "Chenghuai!" Lau Xinci cried and screamed.

Yaan Chenghuai left without looking back. He couldn't just disappear from the family banquet like this. He had to go back.

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