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C16 It Doesn't Matter

It wasn't that Yaan Chenghuai didn't feel any pain in his heart. He wouldn't be able to bear it, but compared to Yaan Chenghuai, he hated his emotions even more.

Therefore, he chose to watch and let Gu Luanqing be insulted by Yaan Shuangrao.

Gu Luanqing saw all of his indifference. Her heart that was on the verge of collapse finally collapsed at that moment and was ruthlessly destroyed by him.

Her heart finally died.

Suddenly, Gu Luanqing curled her lips and sneered. She raised her eyes and stared at Yaan Shuangrao through her hair. "Do you think you are giving face to the Yan Family now? You are still randomly biting people like a mad dog."

"You!" Yaan Shuangrao was extremely angry and her ferocious face was about to approach and hit people again. Gu Luanqing did not dodge and instead straightened her back. She raised her long hair to the back of her head and raised her chin. Her gaze was as cold as ice, "You should hit him instead. Anyway, there are still people around to be spectators."

She had swallowed her anger for so many years because she still had a trace of hope for Yaan Chenghuai. She thought that her persistence could wait for his repentance.

Now it seemed that she was too naive. How could a cold-blooded person like Yaan Chenghuai have any sympathy for her?

Gu Luanqing's words were not unreasonable. Yaan Shuangrao was startled and her hand stopped. Her round eyes looked to both sides. Just as Gu Luanqing said, there were already many people around who were pointing at them.

Yaan Chenghuai also felt embarrassed and jumped out to persuade her, "Shuangrao, forget it."

"Ha." Gu Luanqing turned her face away and sneered.

Only then did Yaan Shuangrao put down her hand. Her face was full of unwillingness. She gritted her teeth and fiercely said, "You better remember."

In the future, during the family feast, they would settle their old and new debts together.

Yaan Shuangrao coldly snorted and waved her hand to leave. She pulled Yaan Chenghuai up and said, "Brother, quickly leave. You have nothing to say to this kind of shameless woman."

"Take care. I won't see you off." Gu Luanqing's heart became more and more calm.

She would never be swayed by a scumbag again.

Because of the conflict between the Yaan family siblings, Gu Luanqing did not have the courage to return upstairs to receive the strange gazes of her colleagues. She simply left the magazine company and went to the law firm instead.

When Gu Luanqing came out, a document appeared in her hand.

This was the divorce agreement between her and Yaan Chenghuai.

It was the end of her miserable life.


After Yaan Chenghuai went back with Yaan Shuangrao, he went home alone. He felt inexplicably restless.

He hurriedly washed up and arranged for the servants to prepare more dishes. He also specially instructed them to wait for Gu Luanqing to return before starting the meal.

He personally prepared a Hongmen banquet for her.

However, when it was late in the night and Gu Luanqing did not return, the scene of Yaan Chenghuai looking forward to when she was bullied until tears flowed down her face became a fantasy.

Yaan Chenghuai was angry in his heart and his sadistic heart grew heavier. When he thought of Gu Luanqing looking at him with contempt today, he wanted to agitate her even more.

Whether it was a fight or a fight, Yaan Chenghuai kept hitting Lau Xinci like he was taking his life, "Come here for me!"

"Okay, come here!" Lau Xinci was very happy.

Before Lau Xinci came, Gu Luanqing came back first.

The floor-to-ceiling windows upstairs were blocked by the heavy curtains. There was only a small gap. Yaan Chenghuai looked through the gap and saw Gu Luanqing come down from the taxi alone.

His wounded pride was finally comforted.

He pretended to be calm as he walked out and bumped into Gu Luanqing who had just entered the door. Yaan Chenghuai put his hands in his pants pocket and stood on the stairs looking down at her.

"You went to meet your lover again?"

Gu Luanqing turned her face away. "Is it related to you?"

She did not deny it but admitted it.

Yaan Chenghuai was sure that she had gone on a date with Xiang Chaojue again. Mo Hei's eyes flashed with a trace of ruthlessness. He revealed a sinister smile. It was very cold.

"It seems like Shuangrao hasn't taught you enough." As he spoke, he slowly walked down the stairs. He looked calm and composed, but in reality, he was already burning with anger in his heart.

Gu Luanqing did not move. When he walked in front of her, she took out the documents from her bag and gave them to him, "Let's divorce."


Yaan Chenghuai was caught off guard. His eyes flashed and his expression became even colder.

"Didn't you see? I said we should divorce." Gu Luanqing repeated. She was determined to separate from him.

If she still loved him when she married him, Then his years of torment had worn away little by little her love.

The feelings between them had already been buried six feet deep and no longer revived.

Yaan Chenghuai had a clear look. The words "divorce agreement" were written on the document. He did not get angry but laughed instead. He pretended to be relaxed. "Is this what you have been working on all day?"

Yaan Chenghuai snatched the document from her hands and glanced at it quickly. His smile disappeared bit by bit and was replaced by malice.

"Are you sure you want to divorce me?" He suddenly became ruthless. He pinched Gu Luanqing's chin and glared at her. He wished he could crush her bones and gouge out her eyes.

He wanted her to die right now!

Gu Luanqing had already seen through his terrifying possessiveness. She steeled her heart and repeated with a cold face, "I want to divorce you."

No matter what price she had to pay, she had to leave him.

Seeing that his face was taut and there was no reaction, the strength in his hands became greater and greater. Gu Luanqing's brows were knitted in pain but the corner of her mouth was raised high, "Do you think that I will die if I leave you? Do you think that I will be treated by you no matter what? Yaan Chenghuai, I love you a long time ago. Now, I will disgust you.

In this life, he would be her biggest stain.

The more she spoke, the more choked she became. Gu Luanqing endured the pain he brought her and closed her eyes to feel it.

This would be the last time she tolerated it.

After a long silence, Yaan Chenghuai fiercely flung her away. Gu Luanqing stumbled and fell to the ground. She turned back to look at him with hot tears in her eyes.

Her gentle but stubborn look really made people pity her, but it did not make Yaan Chenghuai feel any pain. Instead, he smiled.

"Heh, it's different after you have a lover. Did he teach you to say these things? Or did he teach you how to divorce?" Squatting in front of her, Yaan Chenghuai had a smile on his face, but his deep eyes were cold.

Gu Luanqing blinked and refused to yield.

"Please don't confuse me with you. I am not like you who can change your mind."

"Yes, yes, yes. You're the only one who can change your mind." Yaan Chenghuai perfunctorily reached out and touched her cheek without any warning. He wiped away her hot tears and then carefully described her delicate little face. "I want to give you to someone else. It's a pity that I won't have any pets to play with in the future."

Gu Luanqing did not respond and patted his hand away.

It was rare for Yaan Chenghuai not to be annoyed by her attitude. At least he did not beat her up. He put on a fake smile, "I don't know if he taught you. If you say that, ordinary people might sympathize with you and share a large amount of wealth with you. But I am different. I can divorce you, but the premise is that you can forget about getting any property from me."

"It doesn't matter." Gu Luanqing did not care.

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