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Kiss My Dear Wife/C17 How about You Being My Mother
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C17 How about You Being My Mother

That day, Lau Xinci was already halfway there when she suddenly received a notification from Yaan Chenghuai asking her to go back the way she came. There was no need for her to come back.

Yaan Chenghuai did not have the time to care about this woman who was not important.

It was now 12 o'clock in Beijing time. The old antique clock made a heavy sound. The dishes on the table heated up twice and became cold again.

Gu Luanqing had already gone to the guest room to rest. Yaan Chenghuai was still in the study room. Looking out the window at the night, he fell into deep thought. The matter of their divorce was already set in stone. Yaan Chenghuai was well aware that he did not want to keep them.

However, he firmly believed in Gu Luanqing in his heart. Even if they wanted to separate, he had to be the one to take the initiative to speak first and not be controlled by her.

Therefore, Yaan Chenghuai was very unhappy right now.

As the cold wind blew, his eyes darkened along with the night sky. He said word by word, "I want to see how far you can go without me."

The next day, Gu Luanqing and Yaan Chenghuai walked out of the room almost at the same time. They looked at each other. She turned her eyes and went downstairs.

It was a waste to talk to the other party.

Yaan Chenghuai was furious. He chased after her downstairs and held her back. "What kind of attitude is this? Don't forget that I'm still your husband before the divorce."

"So what?" Gu Luanqing shook off his hand and touched her aching wrist.

Yaan Chenghuai moved closer to her and sneered, "Nothing. I can change my mind at any time and not divorce you. I will let you suffer by my side for the rest of your life."

Otherwise, she could have spent a lot of effort to get a lawyer to file a lawsuit against him. If she could win, he would take her surname.

Gu Luanqing gritted her teeth and wanted to argue with Yaan Chenghuai again. At this moment, a servant jumped out and interrupted, "The food is ready. Please have dinner."

Only then did they avoid a big quarrel.

Gu Luanqing's meal was dull and dull. Before the plates were finished, she pulled out a napkin and wiped her mouth, "Did you bring the marriage certificate?"

Yaan Chenghuai had always kept the certificate. He had said with a smile that he was afraid that she would lose such an important thing due to her personality. Thinking about it now, it was really ironic.

Yaan Chenghuai took his time slowly. He was unusually calm. "Are you in such a hurry?"

"Yes, I don't want to stay by your side for a moment. After the divorce, I can give this seat to your lover. Isn't she pregnant? " You can finally have your child now. " Gu Luanqing also put down now, but her generosity stimulated his sensitive nerves even more.

Yaan Chenghuai sucked in a breath of cold air and said faintly, "You still have the face to talk about children. You have done such a shameful thing and already forgot it so quickly?"

Gu Luanqing knew he was going to bring it up again. She stood up first and interrupted his sarcasm with the sharp sound of a chair rubbing against the floor.

"Hurry up, I have to go to work later."

Yaan Chenghuai's expression changed as soon as he finished his sentence. It was as cold as six feet of ice.

Apart from the family feast, this was the first time the two of them had traveled together in recent years. It was because of the divorce.

Even so, Gu Luanqing never thought of regretting. On the contrary, her entire body was relaxed. She felt as if she had been relieved of many years of heavy burdens.

Line up, sign the form, take a photo, and print the divorce certificate.

In a hurry, thirty minutes had passed. Gu Luanqing's painful marriage had ended. When she walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, the cold wind was piercingly cold. However, she felt a rare trace of warmth in her heart.

She was free.

Yaan Chenghuai followed Gu Luanqing out and saw her smile with his own eyes. His anger rose in his heart. He was furious and rushed up to grab her by the collar, "Do you think you can be happy just because you leave me? Don't be silly. I let you have the courage to live. It's not because you are Gu Luanqing. 'It's because you're Mrs. Yan.'

Gu Luanqing subconsciously wanted to retreat, but suddenly realized that she was no longer under his control, so she opened his hand.

"Scram, no matter how I live, it has nothing to do with you!"

With that, Gu Luanqing tore the divorce certificate in front of him and threw all the fragments into the trash can in one go. She turned her head and glared at Yaan Chenghuai before turning back and leaving quickly.

After taking a taxi to work, Gu Luanqing was not affected by yesterday's incident at all. Instead, she was more high-spirited than usual and walked with wind.

Coincidentally, Chief Editor Xu came to her office to talk to Gu Luanqing about work. Seeing her rosy complexion, she immediately understood and asked tentatively, "What's wrong? Is there a good thing?"

Gu Luanqing just realized that Chief Editor Xu had come and smiled, "Chief Editor, after you said those words to me that day, I thought for a long time. Instead of continuing to suffer, it would be better to end this kind of life quickly."

"So, I got divorced." Gu Luanqing said sincerely and sincerely. She was sincerely grateful to Chief Editor Xu, "If it was not for your words that woke the person in the dream, perhaps I would still have had fantasies about Yaan Chenghuai now."

Chief Editor Xu was happy for her. She held her hand and smiled, "It's good that I can help you. Based on his attitude towards you yesterday, you are right to divorce."

The news of Yaan Chenghuai and Yaan Shuangrao bullying Gu Luanqing in the office building had long spread throughout the magazine company. Chief Editor Xu also heard some news.

Gu Luanqing smiled and nodded heavily, "Yes, I will work hard to start a new life!"

In the blink of an eye, it was time to get off work. Gu Luanqing and Yu Shuhan had arranged to meet, but Yu Shuhan was temporarily told to be on night duty in the hospital.

Gu Luanqing simply packed a meal and sent it to Yu Shuhan.

The people in the hospital had mostly left. There was no trace of Yu Shuhan in the office on duty. Gu Luanqing put the lunchbox in the office and turned to look for someone.

She walked around and searched every ward. She wanted to find her good friend but did not expect to scare the patient.

"Who are you?" A tender voice came from the ward. Gu Luanqing's back froze. She helplessly turned around and opened the door. She apologized to the other party, "I'm sorry to disturb your rest. I'm here to find someone."

When Gu Luanqing took a closer look, she saw that the other party was the little boy who had been kidnapped that day.

Xiang Luxing looked at the woman at the door and suddenly felt a sense of familiarity. He licked his dry lips and called her in a young but not like a child's steady tone, "Has big sister found someone?"

"Not yet..." Gu Luanqing stood at the door and did not come in nor did she look troubled.

Xiang Luxing called her in and sat down. "I can't sleep anyway."

He was just a child, but he sounded like an adult.

Gu Luanqing pulled out a chair and sat down. She looked at the delicate boy in front of her and felt that his facial features were a little familiar.

She smiled and asked patiently, "Little friend, why can't you sleep?"

"I miss mom. I've never seen her before but I miss her." Xiang Luxing sounded like a baby. He pouted. He could not help feeling sad when he thought of his mother.

Gu Luanqing looked at him and felt her heart ache. She patted his back and pulled him into her arms. She coaxed him, "Go to sleep. Your mother will appear in your dreams."

"Otherwise, how about you treat me as your mother? Tonight." Gu Luanqing hugged the young him and her thoughts drifted away.

Xiang Luxing felt warm in her arms and his eyelids became heavier and heavier. He actually fell asleep in a daze.

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