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C19 You're Quite Cute

Gu Luanqing looked at the fear in her heart and subconsciously moved her finger closer to check his breath, "Fortunately, you are still alive."

She slid her hand down and held Gu Yuanrang's rough and thick palm. Gu Luanqing's eyes were filled with tears. "Dad, don't leave me. I only have you to rely on."

She had promised to be strong, but her tears still fell.

Gu Luanqing was afraid that her father would feel sorry for her when his father found out about her cowardly look. She let go of her hands and left the ward with her mouth covered.

People came and went in the hospital, but the corridor was quiet. Gu Luanqing closed the door as soon as she entered the corridor. She squatted down and buried her face in her arms. She cried again.

After staying in the hospital for two days, Gu Luanqing did not get any rice. She cried twice in a row. With this kind of torment, she was almost exhausted.

Faintly falling asleep in the corridor, Gu Luanqing slept all the way from dawn to dusk.

After Xiang Chaojue got off work, he rushed to the hospital from the company. The moment he entered the ward, Xiang Luxing, who was sitting on the hospital bed, immediately lit up his eyes and wanted to get out of bed. "Dad, you're here."

"Yes, did Luxing behave?" Xiang Chaojue smiled. He walked over and hugged his son to the center of the bed. Then, he gently rubbed his son's soft hair.

Xiang Luxing nodded heavily. "Yes, I have been sleeping well these few days."

"Good boy."

The nurse at the side stood in a corner and looked at Xiang Chaojue carefully. Only when he turned his head did she take the initiative to lead him over. "Greetings, sir."

Xiang Chaojue's expression changed. His delicate facial features were raised. "Come out with me."

He took the nurse out of the ward and waited for her to close the door to isolate Xiang Luxing. Xiang Chaojue turned around. The bright lights in the corridor made his figure even more slender.

Xiang Chaojue pursed his thin lips. His eyes darkened. "You told me that a few days ago, a strange woman came to find Luxing. Luxing fell asleep very quickly. Do you still remember who that person was?"

The nurse lowered her eyebrows and lowered her voice. "I remember. It was the young lady who saved young master's life. I saw her in the hospital these days. Her father seemed to be in critical condition and needed surgery. She has been guarding here until now."

These words fell into Xiang Chaojue's heart. He raised his eyebrows. His deep eyes flickered, and his thin lips parted slightly. "Oh? Where is she now?"

"She should be in her father's ward."

Gu Yuanrang's ward was on this floor. It was not difficult to find it. Xiang Chaojue stood at the door. Before he knocked on the door, he saw through the small window that the room was dark. Gu Luanqing was obviously not inside.

Xiang Chaojue was suspicious. He turned around and was about to leave when he heard a few whispers coming from the corridor not far away. They echoed in the spacious corridor.

This sound was a little familiar. Xiang Chaojue quickly walked to the door and pushed the heavy iron door gently, revealing a gap, revealing Gu Luanqing's dark head and thin back.

Gu Luanqing hugged her bent legs and slept very uneasily. Those few whispers were just words in her dreams and they were not words.

Xiang Chaojue thought that this woman was really interesting. She could sleep anywhere. The last time he met her was in the men's restroom. This time, he actually met her in the corridor.

Unfortunately, he did not have the heart to take in stray animals.

He shook his head. Xiang Chaojue slammed the door shut. Who knew that the heavy sound would wake Gu Luanqing up? She suddenly opened her eyes wide and subconsciously shouted, "Who?!"

The glaring light on the corridor woke Gu Luanqing up. She shook her head and pushed her hair away from her face.

Xiang Chaojue pursed his lips and opened the door, "From Miss Gu's tone, I shouldn't have gone in and out of the corridor. But isn't this a public place? "

It was him?

Gu Luanqing's heart sank and she instinctively retreated. This small action was taken into Xiang Chaojue's eyes and he smiled secretly.

"I, I was too tired to fall asleep here." Gu Luanqing's face slowly turned red. She also knew how awkward her current situation was.

Seeing her delicate and pretty face turn red, Xiang Chaojue turned his face away. The corner of his mouth curled up slightly. He closed the door and then squatted down to look at her.

Xiang Chaojue lowered his eyes and raised his eyebrows. "Is it because of your father? I heard that your father is in critical condition. You rushed to the hospital two days later."

His words caught Gu Luanqing off guard.

This saved her time to explain. Gu Luanqing swallowed her saliva, "Yes, but luckily he is out of danger. I can temporarily let out a sigh of relief."

"Where is your husband?" Xiang Chaojue casually asked and saw her face darken and her pupils suddenly contract.

Forget it. He had never seen her before. Gu Luanqing calmed down and admitted frankly, "I have already divorced him. In fact, even if I did not divorce him, he would not come, let alone to get a divorce. People like him would not even consider the high medical fees my father needs for surgery."

She was full of bitterness. She did not care whether Xiang Chaojue was willing to listen to her or not.

Fortunately, Xiang Chaojue did not make fun of her. After listening to her patiently, there was no change in his expression. "So now you are worried about your father's safety, and you are also worried about the medical fees. Is that so?"

The divorce between Yaan Chenghuai and her was far less important than these two matters.

He said Gu Luanqing's predicament with just a few words. She immediately panicked and did not know how to deal with it. Her small face turned red, "That is..."

Without a doubt, Xiang Chaojue had guessed correctly.

Xiang Chaojue had seen many kinds of women. They were so smart and stupid that they had come into contact with each other. It was the first time he had seen a woman like Gu Luanqing who liked to act tough and weak.

Gu Luanqing did not know what to do, which aroused Xiang Chaojue's interest. Her pitiful look was really cute.

Gu Luanqing was puzzled as to why he didn't speak. She raised her eyes and looked into his eyes. Her eagle-eyed eyes were suffused with light and carried a trace of a different meaning.

She was shocked and blinked her eyes. However, Xiang Chaojue had already stopped looking at her. He stood up and faced her with his side face. His facial features became more and more delicate under the light.

"By the way, I came to find you because of my son. You went to his ward that night, didn't you? " Although I don't know why you went there, thanks to you, he has been sleeping well these days. " Xiang Chaojue said with a meaningful smile, "Thank you."

Gu Luanqing looked up at him and shook her head like a rattle drum. "No need. It was just a coincidence."

"What if it's not a coincidence?"

Xiang Chaojue whispered. Without waiting for Gu Luanqing to answer, he opened the door and walked out in big strides, leaving her confused.

Gu Luanqing did not know what was going on. She was still feeling embarrassed because she had just been seen through.

Since Gu Yuanrang was also out of danger, Gu Luanqing could not stay here with him all the time and leave the task of taking care of him to the caregiver. She went back to the apartment to wash up.

The bathroom was surrounded by fog. In the mirror, she was blurred by the fog. Gu Luanqing could still see the fatigue in her eyes through the mirror.

She sighed and bent down to bury her face in the water.

Tomorrow would be a new day.

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