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C3 Shameless Thing

Gu Luanqing looked at Yu Shuhan and Yu Shuhan took a step forward, "Yes! I can help you. I am a doctor. Sir, you can let go of the child first. "No matter what difficulties there are, they will pass."

Gu Luanqing nodded and looked at the man. "Sir," she said. My friend is a doctor, a genius doctor. Do you see the white coat on her? She is a doctor. She can solve all your problems. She will do her best to treat your wife. "Furthermore, she will help your son contact the best rehabilitation center."

The man's eyes were still wide open, unmoved." I don't have money! "

"You don't have to worry about that. Your boss said that. He'll take it. " Besides, there are many charity organizations. My friends and I can contact each other for you. Think about the children in your family. Think about it, you're holding an innocent child hostage. He's still so young. Such a young life, he just fought with the disease. How can you bear to let him suffer such fear and harm again? "You are also a person with children."

Gu Luanqing's words were reasonable. She tried to persuade the other party one sentence after another. She quietly approached the other party. "Give me the knife. I will ensure the safety of your wife and child. I promise."

Seeing that Gu Luanqing was about to approach the man, the man's expression changed. He also wanted to put down the knife in his hand.

Xiang Luxing, who was being held hostage, suddenly started bleeding.

The intense coughing made Xiang Luxing's body tilt. He fell out of the balcony. He was about to fall. He fell down.

"Xiang Luxing!" Xiang Chaojue shouted and ran away with his long legs.

Gu Luanqing was even closer. She hurried over and held out her hands.

A loud scream echoed in the air. After a loud bang, the man holding Xiang Luxing was gone.

The man fell down.

The man fell down from the balcony to protect Xiang Luxing.

Blood spilled all over the ground. He struggled for a while and stopped moving. Before he died, he looked at the sky with empty eyes.

On the roof, Xiang Luxing's hands were grabbed tightly by two people.

Xiang Chaojue and Gu Luanqing tightly grabbed Xiang Luxing.

The two of them pulled Xiang Luxing up together.

Xiang Chaojue carried Xiang Luxing and hurried downstairs. Before he left, she turned her head to Gu Luanqing and thanked, "Thank you."

With a word of thanks, he turned around.

When he turned around, he narrowed his eyes and looked at Gu Luanqing. He was slightly stunned. Her arm was scratched!

Xiang Chaojue carried Xiang Luxing and left. As he walked, he thought that this woman was very familiar.

She was Luxing's mother?

Xiang Luxing was bleeding even harder.

There was no time to think. Xiang Chaojue carried Xiang Luxing and left with a group of medical staff.

Gu Luanqing looked at the balcony and only sighed.

That man was dead. Before he died, he finally knew that his actions were wrong. He used his own body to protect Xiang Luxing and caused him to fall off the balcony.

Xiang Luxing was fine, but Gu Luanqing's heart became heavier.

Life was really full. Everyone struggled to survive in pain. Life was so tough.

After sighing, Gu Luanqing lowered her head and prepared to leave.

With a hiss, Gu Luanqing sucked in a breath of cold air.

The abrasions on her arm made Gu Luanqing clench her teeth in pain. Just now, she was so anxious to save someone that she did not even know that her arm was injured.

The hospital was busy and the injury was not serious, so Gu Luanqing did not do anything to treat it. Instead, she turned around and went back to his father's ward.

Gu Luanqing stayed in the hospital ward for a night.

When Yu Shuhan made ward rounds, she found Gu Luanqing was still there and the wound on her arm was not treated.

"Although it was a abrasion, you can't be so careless, right? What should we do with the scar?" Yu Shuhan scolded Gu Luanqing as she treated her wound.

Gu Luanqing pursed her lips and did not say anything.

Yu Shuhan looked at her pitiful appearance and could not bear to say anything about her. She only asked her, "What exactly happened? Why did you stay here all night and not go home?"

"Let's go out and talk." Gu Luanqing looked at her father who was unconscious on the hospital bed and did not want to talk about it here.

She was afraid that her father would be sad if he heard it.

Yu Shuhan nodded. "Let's go! To the corridor! Anyway, it's almost dawn, I have to get off work."

Right! How are the man and the child today?"

"Are you talking about the man who forced the man to fall off the roof and the patient who was kidnapped?" Wang Yao asked.

"Yes," Wang Yao said. Gu Luanqing nodded. She did not know why she felt worried when she saw the child, but she was worried about him.

Perhaps maternal love started from nature.

Motherly love?!

Thinking of these two words, Gu Luanqing gave a self-deprecating wry smile. She did not have the right to say these two words and did not even have the right to think about it.

Yu Shuhan's voice sounded in Gu Luanqing's ear, "That child is fine. The father of the child did not pursue the family's responsibility and instead helped that man's wife and child who are seriously ill. It can be considered to have done his best."

"That's good."

"Then tell me what happened to you?" Wang Yao asked. If you're like this, you still have time to worry about others."

"I -" Gu Luanqing lowered her head and told Yu Shuhan everything that had happened to her, including Yaan Chenghuai's excessive actions.

"What? He dares to hit you?! " Yu Shuhan was so angry that she stood up, "This is ridiculous, this scumbag!"

Yu Shuhan rolled up her sleeves and got up angrily. She pulled Gu Luanqing's hand and said," Let's go! Go to your house!"

"Why are we going to my house? I don't want to go home, and I don't want to see Yaan Chenghuai and Lau Xinci's disgusting faces! "

"I don't want to be disgusted by them. I don't want to be stained by sh * t. It is very disgusting, but the current situation is that I can't not go. " You've been beaten. Can you just let it go? I can't bear it. "If you can endure this, you'll just have to wait for domestic violence from now on! Is there any use for you to hide? Won't you chase after them and beat them up if you hide?"

Yu Shuhan paused and shook Gu Luanqing's shoulder," Gu Luanqing, Wake up. Where did the arrogant Gu Luanqing go? I watched you change bit by bit. My heart aches a lot, okay? All these years, Do you still think I know Gu Luanqing? Your cowering appearance really makes me very angry! But I don't have the time to be angry with you right now. "I want to go deal with the scumbag man and the slut first!"

Yu Shuhan turned around and pulled Gu Luanqing to her office. After changing their clothes, Gu Luanqing and Yu Shuhan took advantage of the fact that the sky was not bright and opened the Yaan family's door.

Yu Shuhan kicked open the door of the master bedroom.

"What are you doing? Gu Luanqing, are you crazy?!" Yaan Chenghuai hurriedly put on his pajamas and looked at Gu Luanqing with his eyes wide open. He shouted loudly.

What are you shouting at Luanqing for?! Do you think you have a point? Bastard!" Yu Shuhan looked at Yaan Chenghuai and scolded him.

"Where did you come from?" Lau Xinci was not happy when she was woken up in the middle of the night.

"I haven't scolded you, shameless slut. You are arrogant first. Sleeping in the mistress's bed, you are not afraid of nightmares. Where is your face?" Yu Shuhan was angry. She scolded one at a time, and two at a time.

"Chenghuai, who is this woman?" she asked. She is so fierce!" Lau Xinci hugged Yaan Chenghuai's arm and acted like a spoiled child.

A trace of disdain flashed across Yu Shuhan's eyes. She looked at Yaan Chenghuai and sneered. "Your Mo is acting like a spoiled child. Hurry up and pacify him in front of us. Let me see how you do something shameless in front of others."

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