Kiss My Dear Wife/C6 He Actually Broke into the Men's Restroom
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Kiss My Dear Wife/C6 He Actually Broke into the Men's Restroom
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C6 He Actually Broke into the Men's Restroom

"What do you mean trouble? Friends don't say that to each other. If you still think I'm your friend, then don't say that. " Yu Shuhan was unhappy when she heard Gu Luanqing being so polite.

Her angry look made Gu Luanqing smile, "It is good to have you."

"If you leave that scumbag, you will live a better life. The Gu Luanqing I know never needed my protection before. She always protected me."

Gu Luanqing smiled, "I will try to find myself as soon as possible and protect you."

Okay! I will wait for you." Yu Shuhan tucked Gu Luanqing under the blanket. "You should sleep for a while. The porridge will be ready soon."

"Thank you."

"Don't say thank you to me anymore. Otherwise, I will throw you out."

Yu Shuhan and Gu Luanqing looked at each other and smiled.

At this moment, Gu Luanqing thought that it was really good to have a friend like Yu Shuhan.

For the next few days, Gu Luanqing and Yaan Chenghuai lived a life of never interacting with each other. It was just that she could not stay in Yu Shuhan's house forever. Even if Yu Shuhan did not dislike her, this was not a long-term solution.

Most importantly, since she wanted a divorce, she had to go back home and talk to Yaan Chenghuai face to face.

This was very important.

Therefore, even if Yu Shuhan tried to persuade her again and again, she still decided to move back home.

But her wish to divorce could not be conveyed to Yaan Chenghuai at all. Ever since Gu Luanqing returned home, Yaan Chenghuai had never returned home. There was not even a shadow of him. He was not even willing to pick up the phone.

Gu Luanqing did not deliberately go to his company to look for him. She just wanted to see how long he could hide.

When Yaan Chenghuai hid, he hid until Gu Luanqing's magazine anniversary.

Gu Luanqing was busy with the anniversary so she did not have the heart to care about Yaan Chenghuai anymore.

They toasted and toasted together!

During the magazine office's anniversary celebration, Gu Luanqing was toasted one cup after another. Because of the celebration, and also because of her family's matters, Gu Luanqing drank too much.

This time, it was even more serious than the previous meeting.

"Go to the bathroom! The bathroom!" Gu Luanqing supported herself against the wall. She squinted her eyes and walked unsteadily towards the bathroom.

After a loud bang, a woman opened the door of the men's room and fell on Xiang Chaojue's feet.

He looked down at Xiang Chaojue's shoes and hugged him. She was sleeping soundly. She squinted her dark eyes and asked, "Gu Luanqing?"

He bowed slightly and squatted down. Xiang Chaojue looked at Gu Luanqing and the woman in front of him.

He looked like he was asleep.

"He was drunk and slept like this. How dare he break into the men's restroom?" A cold smile appeared on Xiang Chaojue's face. It was full of meaning.

A woman who dared to drink and do such a thing deserved to be punished for everything!

A hint of coldness flashed across Xiang Chaojue's eyes. He got up and wanted to leave, but Gu Luanqing hugged his big legs tightly.

In her sleep, she murmured, "Don't go. Don't leave me!"

Xiang Chaojue was startled. He turned his back slightly and looked down at Gu Luanqing. His dark eyes showed an unknown throbbing.

He bent down and picked her up. Xiang Chaojue carried Gu Luanqing and left.

In the nearest hotel, Xiang Chaojue booked a room.

Xiang Chaojue personally carried the person inside.

Gu Luanqing, who had been sleeping soundly all this time, suddenly twisted her body uneasily. She twisted her body in all directions. Xiang Chaojue was accidentally brought along by her and fell face to face with her on the bed.

The distance between them was close, warm. The endless posture made people stunned.

In a daze, Xiang Chaojue looked at this face and recalled a few years ago when Gu Luanqing came to find him that day. She wanted to get him surrogated on the condition that she needed a large sum of medical fees.

That year, through the screen, Xiang Chaojue remembered her helpless and strong eyes.

The next morning, when he woke up in the hotel, Gu Luanqing's side was already empty. She was the only one left.

Xiang Chaojue was nowhere to be seen.

Gu Luanqing did not remember why she came to the hotel. She did not even remember that she had broken into the men's restroom. The only memory she still remembered was the anniversary of the magazine.

At the anniversary of the magazine, she seemed to have drunk too much.

After going downstairs, Gu Luanqing had a negotiation with the people of the hotel. She wanted to ask who was the owner of the room she was staying in.

But the hotel refused to reveal any information about the guests.

"I also stayed in that room. I just wanted to ask who was in that room with me last night." As Gu Luanqing spoke, she found that her voice was too loud and had attracted the attention of the crowd. She lowered her head in embarrassment.

The hotel lobby's receptionist lowered her head. She wanted to laugh but did not dare to. "I'm sorry, Miss. We are not qualified to reveal the information of our guests. I hope that Miss will not make things difficult for us."

Gu Luanqing turned around helplessly.

The receptionist instantly looked behind her. In the corner of the room behind her, Xiang Chaojue was elegantly sitting on the sofa.

His eyes were like torches as he stared at Gu Luanqing's back. His gaze was deep.

When Gu Luanqing returned home, she drank a broken piece and did not return for the entire night. She was caught by Yaan Chenghuai.

Yaan Chenghuai, who usually did not even see her, actually had the nerve to say that she did not return for the entire night.

"You have the right to say this? Yaan Chenghuai, don't you always stay all night?"

"So what? You are admitting it now. I didn't come back at night. I didn't do anything good. Isn't that right? "

"I didn't say that. Yaan Chenghuai, don't put your own disgusting things on me! " Do you think I'm you? I like to mess around outside and bring home all kinds of viruses! " Gu Luanqing did not hold back in the slightest when faced with Yaan Chenghuai's ridicule.

Yaan Chenghuai sneered. "I was blind. I took care of you and tried my best to make you happy and pursue you. I also have great respect for you. Back then, Gu Luanqing was even shy when holding hands. I didn't expect that she was just a total slut. She's just a woman. "

The more they argued, the more intense they became. They had already reached a point where fire and water were incompatible.

While they were feeling excited, Yaan Chenghuai kicked the door and left in a fit of anger.

The door let out a loud bang after being kicked by Yaan Chenghuai. There was even a hole in the door. His anger could be seen from this.

Gu Luanqing sat on the bed and covered her face with her hands. However, tears still flowed out from between her fingers. Why was it like this? Why did her life become like this?

The corner of Gu Luanqing's mouth was filled with bitterness and extreme bitterness.

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