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Kiss My Dear Wife/C7 It's Good to Bring It Back
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C7 It's Good to Bring It Back

In the hospital.

"Drink another spoonful of young master."

"No!" Xiang Luxing shook his head.

The nanny looked at Xiang Luxing and secretly sighed.

It was no wonder young master was unhappy today.

First, the mother of the children next door came to pick them up and leave the hospital. Then, many children took their mother and said goodbye to the child. Only Xiang Luxing did not have a mother to accompany him.

Because of his mother, no one knew who she was. Mr. Xiang Chaojue had never said anything about her.

Today, one of the parents came to the hospital for the first time. He didn't know the inside story, and he even casually treated Xiang Luxing's nanny as Xiang Luxing's mother.

Although Xiang Luxing did not feel insulted, he could not hide his sadness and disappointment.

No matter how sensible he was, he was only a child. Moreover, he had been ill all year round. In fact, he was very fragile.

When Xiang Chaojue walked into Xiang Luxing's ward, he saw Xiang Luxing's very disappointed expression. His eyes were lowered and he looked very pitiful.

Even Xiang Chaojue, who was very busy, looked miserable. When he came to see him, he didn't get too excited.

"Luxing? What's wrong? Are you unhappy to see your father?"

"I'm happy!" Xiang Luxing nodded and played with the toys Xiang Chaojue had brought him. He said, "Dad, do you know? Many of my patients are jealous of me. Because there are so many toys that they don't have. But I am also envious of them, because not only do they have a dad, but they also have a lot of toys. There's a mother, too. "Father, do I have a mother too? Where is she? Can I meet her?"

Facing Xiang Luxing's series of question marks and pitiful eyes, Xiang Chaojue bent down and clapped his hands. Touching Xiang Luxing's hair: "Of course Luxing has a mother. Of course Luxing's mother will come back to visit Luxing. Her mother is just because of something and can't come to visit Luxing, but her father guarantees. " Dad will bring Mom back to Luxing. "

"Are you serious?" Xiang Luxing's eyes lit up. He held Xiang Chaojue's hand tightly.

The excitement in his eyes made Xiang Chaojue smile.

Xiang Chaojue looked at Xiang Luxing. His eyes were full of fatherly love. "Of course it's true."

Under Xiang Luxing's excited gaze, he narrowed his eyes and looked out the window.

He had already investigated. Gu Luanqing was the wife of the president of the Yan Family, Yaan Chenghuai. This Yaan Chenghuai Feng. This Yaan Chenghuai was a womanizer who flirted with women everywhere.

A few years ago, Gu Luanqing's father had an accident and they had just gotten married. Yaan Chenghuai was actually not willing to pay for Gu Luanqing's father's medical fees.

Gu Luanqing actually came to get surrogated when she was at her wit's end.

Yaan Chenghuai was also a scumbag.

This could be considered as giving Yaan Chenghuai a green hat.

Since Gu Luanqing did not live happily by Yaan Chenghuai's side and Xiang Luxing missed his mother, it would not be a bad idea to bring that woman back to Xiang Luxing as his mother.

Anyway, she was his mother and her blood was constantly cut.

However, that silly woman probably still did not know that she had seen the father of the child and the child she gave birth to a few years ago.

Thinking of this, the corner of Xiang Chaojue's mouth curled up. Stupid woman.

But stupid was interesting, stupid was cute.

A few days later.

After Gu Luanqing and Yaan Chenghuai had a big fight, they lived a life where they did not see each other again. In any case, Yaan Chenghuai was not going home again, but he had changed. Gu Luanqing was very suspicious of his possessiveness. He had sent people to keep an eye on her condition at all times.

Otherwise, why did Yaan Chenghuai keep an eye on her if she did not go home for only a day?

Gu Luanqing's work continued. The magazine wanted to do an interview with successful people. After screening, they finally confirmed Yaan Chenghuai and Xiang Chaojue.

They planned to invite one of them. After all, they would invite both of them. They might offend both of them if they were not careful.

This wasn't a scene that the magazine leader wanted to see.

On this day, the chief editor called Gu Luanqing to the office.

"Luanqing is here, quickly sit!" The chief editor called Gu Luanqing to take a seat. His attitude was very amiable.

So kind that Gu Luanqing felt that the chief editor's attitude was very abnormal. She always felt that the chief editor's smile was very strange and his intentions were very big.

Sure enough, Gu Luanqing just sat down and held the coffee that the chief editor gave her. She did not dare to take a sip and the chief editor told her his purpose, "Luanqing, I think you should also hear the news and know that our magazine is going to do an interview with successful people. After many meetings and discussions, we decided to invite Mr. Yaan Chenghuai."

"Yaan Chenghuai?" Gu Luanqing murmured.

"Yes. Considering the relationship between you and Yaan Chenghuai, we feel that you are the most suitable person to send this invitation. You are a family, and Mr. Yaan Chenghuai is your husband. I believe that no husband will refuse his wife's request. Most importantly, considering your ability. I've decided to let you do this interview. This is a good opportunity. I believe that you will not give up such a good opportunity. "

"Chief Editor, thank you for your trust and guidance, but I will not invite Yaan Chenghuai here. The relationship between me and him is public, private, and private. We are very clear that I will not use my personal relationship to complete the work."

"How can we differentiate this kind of thing clearly? It is easier to have more friends than to have more friends. Even if we do interviews outside, it will be easier to have more friends. "Why do you need to be so formal? "This is a mission given to you by the higher-ups. You must complete it."

"Sorry, I really can't do it." Gu Luanqing's expression changed. She lowered her eyes and firmly refused to let go.

Not to mention that she could not see Yaan Chenghuai at all. Even if she saw Yaan Chenghuai, she could not send any invitation to him because he would not agree at all. Their relationship was no longer as bad as before. It could even be described as bad now.

However, she had no way of explaining these things to the Chief Editor. She could not tell the Chief Editor about her family's ugliness.

Even if she did, the chief editor would think that she was trying to shirk and quibble.

With the network of the chief editor, it was impossible for him not to have heard of Yaan Chenghuai's rumors. He still came to find Gu Luanqing, which meant that he did not care about Gu Luanqing's feelings at all. What he cared about was whether the interview could proceed smoothly. As for other matters, they were secondary in his eyes. He did not care at all.

"What do you mean by not coming?! This is a mission! Mission, do you understand?!" The chief editor went crazy and shouted at Gu Luanqing.

Gu Luanqing still did not want to back down. She stood up and looked at the chief editor who refused righteously. "Chief Editor, the task you said is too much. I can't do it."

"Why can't I do it? Yaan Chenghuai is not your husband?"

"Yes! But I won't invite him, Of course, if you send someone else to invite him, I won't object."

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