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Kiss My Dear Wife/C8 The President Wants to Fish
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C8 The President Wants to Fish

"You don't need it. I'll call someone else? Gu Luanqing, you can just say that you don't want to cooperate with the work! Is it because Yaan Chenghuai can't accept interviews, or you don't want him to accept interviews from the company? Gu Luanqing, the company has trained you for a while. Is this how you repay the company? " Facing Gu Luanqing's attitude, the chief editor immediately became angry.

He looked at Gu Luanqing angrily and questioned her. His stance was full.

Gu Luanqing did not give in at all. If she did not look for it, then she did not look for it.

The atmosphere fell into silence and awkwardness.

The knock on the door broke the awkward atmosphere in the Chief Editor's office.

The Chief Editor roared angrily at the door, "Come in."

Chief Editor Xu walked in slowly. The moment she came in, she was full of smiles. She looked at the Chief Editor and apologized, "Chief Editor, Luanqing has always been clear about public and private matters. It was understandable that she did not want to invite Yaan Chenghuai. Besides, she is the company's specially invited editor. These things should not have happened in the first place."

What should not have happened? As a specially invited editor, she can be arrogant. I can disregard the company and do whatever I want?" The chief editor snorted coldly and walked back and forth with his arms akimbo in anger.

He was unmoved by Chief Editor Xu's words.

Chief Editor Xu sighed and changed the topic, "Chief Editor. In fact, I think Xiang Chaojue is the most suitable candidate between Yaan Chenghuai and Xiang Chaojue. Secondly, he is the diamond king's fifth brother. He has a lot of topics to talk about. He has a mysterious son. No one knew who the mother of the child was. Of course, we can't report this. But he himself is controversial enough. And - - -

Chief Editor Xu looked at Gu Luanqing and sighed. "Yaan Chenghuai's fame, wealth, and popularity are actually slightly inferior to Xiang Chaojue's."

Chief Editor Xu knew that there was a problem with Gu Luanqing and Yaan Chenghuai's relationship. So she did not care too much about this evaluation and directly said it.

Most importantly, she was doing this to protect Gu Luanqing.

Although it was difficult to invite Xiang Chaojue, it would not be much more difficult than Yaan Chenghuai.

The chief editor looked at Gu Luanqing angrily. Seeing that she still had no intention of letting go, he knew that Gu Luanqing would not do anything to invite Yaan Chenghuai, so he gave up on Yaan Chenghuai.

But he did not intend to let Gu Luanqing go just like that.

He looked at Gu Luanqing and pointed at her. "You! The matter of inviting Xiang Chaojue is up to you."

Chief Editor Xu was about to say something when the chief editor waved his hand. "All of you can leave now! You must complete the task!"

Chief Editor Xu and Gu Luanqing looked at each other and turned around to walk out.

After going out.

Gu Luanqing and Chief Editor Xu thanked, "Chief Editor, thank you."

"That's enough! Don't talk about this. Chief Editor's temper is like this. Don't forget to prepare yourself and invite Xiang Chaojue."

"I know." Gu Luanqing nodded and turned back to her desk to prepare.

Gu Luanqing first called Xiang Chaojue's office. The person who answered was naturally her assistant.

The assistant and secretary received this kind of call countless times a day.

Every day, she would help Xiang Chaojue audit and reject media interviews without qualifications.

However, Gu Luanqing's magazine was very influential in the industry, so the assistant did not reject. However, she did not agree. Instead, she said that she would report to Xiang Chaojue about whether to accept an interview or to see Xiang Chaojue.

The final decision was made by Xiang Chaojue.

When the secretary reported the work, she also told the president's office about several media interviews and invitations. They were all interviews.

Xiang Chaojue was busy with the documents in his hands. He did not even look up and refused all of them. "Help me to reject all of them."

"Okay!" The secretary turned around and left. The records in her hands fell off accidentally. A gust of wind came from the window outside. The paper fell on Xiang Chaojue's desk along with the wind and landed in front of him. It was completely in front of Xiang Chaojue.

The name of the specially invited editor of a certain magazine, Gu Luanqing, suddenly appeared on the paper.

Xiang Chaojue saw Gu Luanqing's name at a glance in front of a bunch of densely packed words.

"President, I'm sorry." The secretary hurriedly apologized to Xiang Chaojue and reached for the paper on the table. Xiang Chaojue picked up the paper and narrowed his eyes to look at it.

"Gu Luanqing?" The corner of Xiang Chaojue's mouth curved into a meaningful smile.

The secretary was stunned. Cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

"Don't reject Gu Luanqing's family yet." Xiang Chaojue smiled and returned the paper to the secretary.

The secretary nodded. "Yes, sir."

She turned around and left.

In fact, she could tell that the CEO was not interested in the magazine interview. Otherwise, she would not have rejected all of them without even looking at them. However, the CEO seemed to be very interested in this woman called Gu Luanqing.

In short, what she meant now was to drag it out.

She neither rejected nor replied.

It seemed like the CEO was going to fish and wait for the other party to come to him again.

One day, two days passed.

The Xiang's Group did not give an answer. Gu Luanqing called to ask. The assistant and secretary's answers were ambiguous.

This made Gu Luanqing feel a lot of pressure. The chief editor kept urging her, and Chief Editor Xu could not hold it anymore.

Gu Luanqing could not and decided to pay a visit personally.

She made an appointment with the secretary and the secretary agreed to make an appointment for her.

Gu Luanqing, who originally did not have any hope and was prepared to kill her way over, did not expect that the Xiang's Group would give a quick reply this time and arrange for two o'clock in the afternoon for her.

The sudden efficiency of the Xiang's Group shocked Gu Luanqing.

That afternoon, Gu Luanqing came to the Xiang's Group as promised.

She stood in Xiang Chaojue's office.

Gu Luanqing was a little nervous. "Hello, Mr. Cheng."

"Please take a seat." Xiang Chaojue looked at Gu Luanqing and smiled. "We meet again."

"Yes, sir. I didn't expect you to still remember me."

"You saved my son, of course I remember. Regarding the last time, I am very grateful to you. " But because of my son's illness, I was unable to personally thank you. I am very sorry. "

Gu Luanqing shook her head. "You are too polite to Sir. I have already received the gift that mister asked my friend Shuhan to give me. I like it very much."

"That's good!" Xiang Chaojue got up and walked to the sofa. He looked at Gu Luanqing and raised her chin. "Miss Gu, please take a seat."

Gu Luanqing nodded and sat down. Just as she was about to get to the main topic, she saw Xiang Chaojue take out a jewelry box and put it on the coffee table. He pushed it in front of Gu Luanqing.

Gu Luanqing was stunned. 'You're -?'

Xiang Chaojue laughed in a low voice. There was a hint of hidden ridicule in his voice. "Just open it and you will know."

Gu Luanqing opened the jewelry box in front of her in front of Xiang Chaojue's deep eyes. The thing inside made Gu Luanqing stagger and she was stunned.

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