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C9 Why Are You Here

Her eyes were wide open, and she could not hide the astonishment in her eyes.

It was one of her earrings. After the anniversary of the magazine, after waking up in the hotel, one of her earrings was missing.

She thought she had lost it, but why was it in Xiang Chaojue's hands?

"Mr. Xiangfeng, why are my earrings with you?" Gu Luanqing was shocked. Under Xiang Chaojue's meaningful gaze, Gu Luanqing understood that the person who sent her to the hotel that day was Xiang Chaojue, but since he was Xiang Chaojue, why did he leave in a hurry? Why did he tell the person in charge of the hotel not to reveal his identity?

Under her questioning gaze, she asked hesitantly. "Mr. Cheng, was it you who sent me to the hotel the day I got drunk?"

"Of course!"

Then can you tell me what happened that day? "

"You want to know? Xiang Chaojue's thin lips curled into a teasing smile. He looked at Gu Luanqing with narrowed eyes and smiled. He leaned towards her and sat down.

When he moved his body, Gu Luanqing seemed to have been electrocuted. She was afraid that she would not be able to avoid him. So, she hurriedly sat back and sat down.

She looked at Xiang Chaojue with vigilance.

That frightened look made Xiang Chaojue's eyes flash with a trace of a smile.

Xiang Chaojue looked at her and laughed. "Do I look scary?"


Then why are you avoiding me? "

"I didn't. How could I hide from you? Why would I hide from you?" Gu Luanqing smiled awkwardly.

"Really? But I saw that you were avoiding me." Xiang Chaojue's thin lips curled up as he leaned closer to Gu Luanqing.

His handsome and cold face got closer and closer to Gu Luanqing.

Gu Luanqing stood up abruptly and stood far away. It was as if she was carrying a spring on her body as she walked far away.

Xiang Chaojue laughed lightly and crossed his arms. He elegantly sat on the edge of the sofa. He looked at Gu Luanqing and laughed softly. He teased her a lot. "Don't you want to know what happened that day? Then come over and sit a little bit. How am I going to tell you if you stand so far away?"

Gu Luanqing looked at Xiang Chaojue warily. Without a doubt, she was wary of this Mr. Chao. This time, when they met, she felt that this Mr. Chao looked like him. A wanton young master.

No wonder his son would be like soy sauce when he was not married.

She didn't want to have anything to do with him, but she was here for an interview. She also wanted to know what had happened at the hotel that day.

After hesitating for a while, Gu Luanqing sat down on the sofa opposite Xiang Chaojue.

She looked at Xiang Chaojue and nervously swallowed her saliva. "Sir, please tell me what happened at the hotel that day."

"I don't think it can be described accurately, so it should be done. " Why don't we rehearse it again? " Xiang Chaojue smiled and stood up. He walked slowly towards Gu Luanqing.

He bent down and watched Gu Luanqing lift her chin with her palm.

Gu Luanqing screamed. She was like a frightened kitten and instantly her hair stood on end. Without caring about anything else, she ran out of Xiang Chaojue's office with her briefcase in her hand. Her whole action was done in one breath, especially fast.

She stumbled, but she ran very fast. She ran all the way out of the Xiang's Group building.

On the way, no matter how strange the Xiang's Group employees looked at her, she didn't slow down at all.

On the stairs, Xiang Chaojue watched Gu Luanqing's back as she left. The corner of his mouth curved upwards.

Gu Luanqing ran back to the company and requested the company to change the interview subject.

"Chief Editor, I really can't interview this Xiang Chaojue."

Chief Editor Xu looked at Gu Luanqing and sighed, "Luanqing, it's not that I want to make things difficult for you. But you also saw that I am also under pressure from Chief Editor. Either Yaan Chenghuai or Xiang Chaojue. Xiang Chaojue is better than Yaan Chenghuai, right? I can help you, but I have already helped you. But I can't help you, and I really can't. The Chief Editor gave a death order. This interview must be carried out. There was no third candidate. Yaan Chenghuai and Xiang Chaojue would choose one from two. You had to make a decision. I don't want you to do it either. But the Chief Editor is against you. He wants you to do this. "Just bear with it. Is Xiang Chaojue really that hard to deal with?"

Gu Luanqing pinched between her brows. She knew that there was no room for negotiation. She looked at Chief Editor Xu and sighed. "I know. I will do my best. Don't worry."

"I believe you." Chief Editor Xu was afraid and patted Gu Luanqing's shoulder.

Gu Luanqing could not wait until tomorrow, so she learned about Xiang Chaojue's schedule from Xiang Chaojue's secretary.

Surprisingly, when she asked, the secretary revealed Xiang Chaojue's schedule to her. This really surprised Gu Luanqing.

"Miss, do you have a guest?" A playboy walked over from the other side of the corridor. He looked Gu Luanqing up and down and reached out to stop her.

Gu Luanqing frowned. She looked at the Playboy in front of her and shook her head. "I'm sorry. I came to find someone."

"Who are you looking for?" The Playboy smiled and did not intend to move away.

It looked like he was going to pester Gu Luanqing to the end.

Gu Luanqing walked around him in disgust. "I'm sorry. I really came to find someone. I'm here to find Mr. Xiang Chaojue. Do you know him?"

"Xiang Chaojue?" The man's expression changed. He looked Gu Luanqing up and down. In his doubt, the Playboy stepped aside.

If it was really Xiang Chaojue's woman, he really didn't dare to touch her.

What kind of person was Xiang Chaojue? If he really offended him, he would disappear from the world tomorrow.

Xiang Chaojue's card was really useful. Gu Luanqing let out a sigh of relief in her heart.

In the corner, the scene of Playboy blocking Gu Luanqing was recorded.

A change appeared on Lau Xinci's charming and vulgar face. A smile that was like a gesture was exceptionally fierce. The corner of her lips curled into a smile and she turned around to return to the room.

In the private room, Yaan Chenghuai was having a toast with his business partner.

Lau Xinci secretly stared at the door and estimated that Gu Luanqing was about to walk over. She deliberately leaned close to Yaan Chenghuai and then pretended to scream in surprise.

This sound was not loud but because the room was very noisy, only Yaan Chenghuai could hear it.

Yaan Chenghuai frowned. Yaan Chenghuai frowned and looked at Lau Xinci. Lau Xinci quickly lowered her head, but her eyes deliberately peeked at the door.

Yaan Chenghuai followed her gaze and saw Gu Luanqing walking past. She was looking at the door number on the opposite side.

Yaan Chenghuai saw Gu Luanqing appearing in such a place and immediately became furious. He stood up with a whoosh and walked out without caring about everyone's surprised gazes.

"Gu Luanqing!" Yaan Chenghuai's deep and malicious voice sounded from behind Gu Luanqing.

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