Lailah/C1 Chapter 1
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Lailah/C1 Chapter 1
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C1 Chapter 1

"You shouldn't have done that you know?"

She reached for the bowl on the table. He was jumpy but would not show it. It was better to feign than to give himself away so easily. He knew what he was capable of doing.

She took a swig of the soup in the bowl. Twas kinda sapid. Though there was too much seasoning. That's what you get when you leave an amateur to prepare your meal.

She dropped the bowl again and looked at him. He didn't know how to convince her. There seemed to be no point in wanting to do that. He should try.

"Twas partly because of you, you know."

She chuckled. She hadn't thought that being with a human would make her that happy. She hadn't been that happy in a long while. After she had been kicked outta the depth of the sea by the rude Poseidon. He had been the one who had been there for her. She should be able to repay him.

He stood up from where he was and went to sit beside her. She was the one feeling jumpy then. He seemed to want to demand for something. She couldn't be really sure. She made him seat.

Then she stood up and went to the berth. She sat on it, pretending to want to pack the clothes on it. She looked at him with a side of her left eye, figuring out if he would come over. He should of course. Though she had no qualms about that.

"Why did you say it's about me?"

He hesitated. He really wanted to come but he wasn't ready. Like he was ready but didn't know how he would do it. He didn't want it to be too obvious. He shouldn't hide it of course.

She remembered how gently he had touched her and ran his hands across his body when she was lying lifelessly on the shore of the dark sea. Though she was unconscious, yet she could feel some surges squashing her veins during the process. He did seem to be gentlemanly but he was always acting odd. That could be referred to as his tragic flaw.

"You won't understand if I tell you."

She stopped the pretense and turned to him.


He smiled. He was comely. That was as easy as it could had come. His broad face could house a thousand smiles and have them all seating there comfortably. He was such a blessed fellow. She wasn't drooling though.

"Of course. If I try explaining to you, you might not understand. I can't be sure how well you can think."

She wanted to take that as offensive. But even if she would take it, it shouldn't be what he had said. Even if he did slap her, she shouldn't consider it as anything evil or odd. He did worth it. He had been good to her and could do whatever was best. Not really what it was, but whatever it did seem to be.

"I am a Nymph and you know that, Ja."

"I prefer Lia, or suiting to say, Ja Lia."

Twas her time to make fun outta it.

"What's the difference between Ja, Lia and Ja Lia. It's merely the trained ideologies. There is no such big deal about it. You don't want to make a mountain of a molehill."

He stood up abruptly and edged towards her. He could use that medium in advancing. He had been longing for going over to the bed. That was the best time to do it. He did hope that the lady wouldn't notice his intentions.

"Are you actually trying to explain my name to me?"

He sat on the berth while she moved sideways. She sat with her back to him. He was breathing heavily. She could feel his breath on her air. She wasn't sure how close he was to her on the bed. She didn't want to be sure. It could birth something she wasn't actually prepared for.

She dragged her bum away from where she was and reached for a scroll which was on the window of the super small and untidy room. She sat again,with her back to him. She wanted to be sure that she had moved away from him. It really did seem so. She couldn't feel his breath anymore on her hair.

She fiddle with the scroll and let the rope holding it folded slip off. She opened and pretended to be reading. She noticed a movement behind her. He had dragged closer. She had no idea what he was doing. She might have to use redirection.

"As I said earlier, I'm a Nymph and know many things you never will have an idea of."

He was already very close to her. She could feel his breath all over her hair and ears. His hands were not on her yet, yet she did feel as though she had been ravished. He had helped her, she shouldn't mind whatever he would want to do.

"Really. Do you mean that?"

He buried his face in her long hair. He made a movement and rumpled the hair. She didn't mind. She didn't care. But she was jumpy. She didn't seem to be comfortable with that. She believed that if she did keep talking he would to be forced to think twice and change. She wasn't sure.

"Ja Lia should be the name of a lady not of a man. You don't do well with a name swap."

He seemed to stop. That was very brilliant of her. She should be willing to admit to that. She continued, before he would have a change of his mind and keep to his nuances.

"I have been sent to many emperors in Rome and Athens and I've taken note of the names they bear. I used to know of a lady whose name was your name. Or should I say you are the impostor? She was valiant and strong. Though she did have no child."

He buried his face again in her hair. It seemed as though she had made a stray. Maybe she had said something she oughtn't to say. She would regret of course.

"That's quite brilliant of you to say."

He ran his arms around her and wounded her up as though he was some hungry snake. He wrapped his arms around her below her two bounty breasts. She was beginning to shiver. He squeezing her and was pulling her closer to himself. She wouldn't fight him. He had helped her. That should be the least favor she would render.

His two legs were on the floor. He didn't seem to be comfortable. Her own two legs were on the berth. He did wish to that too, but if he did try it out, he would have to take his hands off her and he wasn't ready to take that risk. If he did take it, he might not be able to have that chance with her ever again. He held her tighter. She loved it. His arms were warm and her heart was palpitating heavily. Like a crazed beat breaks and rolls. She didn't even know what to say anymore.

He rested his head on her left should and kissed it. What was he doing. Even if he did want to take back the favor he had rendered, he should ask. Or maybe he was too shy. She could take that the way it had been presented. She should be considerate. She probably had no idea of what he was passing through. She shouldn't make jest of him or make it seem as though she was better. He kissed the other shoulder and brought his mouth closer to the ear and kissed it delicately. Then he fiddled with the ear with his tongue and sucked it.

Twas tinkling her. She didn't want him to stop. She had never met a man who had made her feel at ease in such manner. She hadn't feel so coolheaded and hot at the same before. She was burning within. Twas like her inside had been set on fire by some force. She didn't care if the fire was literal or real. All she did care about was the fact that twas giving her pleasure and pleasure was the only thing that mattered that moment. She was getting acquainted with the whole thing.

He brought his up still wrapped around her stomach. He grabbed her breasts with the two hungry hand and kissed her cheek hungrily. She began to moan. Her legs on the berth began to move. She was beginning to respond to the pleasure physically. His hands were hard and ruthless. His hands were not in her boobs though, but she could feel them as though she was naked. He was making her feel as though she was naked. He was making it so real. He was squeezing the boobs rudely and ruthlessly. She was enjoying. She didn't want him to stop.

Then he reached for the end of the piece of cloth hanging down from her shoulders to the end of her boobs and pulled it off. Her hands were by her side. She had given herself up to him. There was no point in fighting him over it. He had been a good soul. She should bless him too. Plus, she did have no idea what he was doing. She didn't even know that her body could give her so much a pleasure. Which means she had wasted all her life being boring. So, meeting a human was the connection she had been longing to reach?

He slipped the cloth over her head and turned her to him. She was facing him at that moment. His eyes were weary but there was a strange fire in them. He looked deeply into her eyes, she couldn't resist. He brought his hand to her head and lifted her jaw. Then he met his lips with hers and sucked hers. He sucked it for few seconds and fought his free. She wanted to figure out what pleasure was there. She didn feel anything in the first place. She wished he would do that again.

He brought his mouth closer again and sucked her. It tasted as though twas some sapid meal. His mouth was warm and refreshing. The pleasure she sucked from that was quite different from the one she had felt when he squeezed her breast. His hands were moving all over her. He loved that too. He fought his mouth free again but she wasn't done with him. She then knew what twas. She knew what Haven she would swap for an heaven. She pulled his mouth closer and sucked it mercilessly. She ran her two arms around his neck and wound herself around him. She was all over him. Her opened legs were wrapped around his waist.

Then she let go of his face. She wanted to figure out what next he would do. She seemed to be enjoying it more than him. Was that the way he would demand the payback? That shouldn't be. It should be more than that. If that was his definition of payback then she would have to bless him. He was the one doing her another favor. The pleasure was too real to be there. Twas way too strong. Twas nothing as such as a favor.

He sank his face in her boobs and roughened it up. He did as a tiger would bury his face in a sapid Elephant who had killed after several days of plans and tons of hops and kicks. He fought his mouth on the two tits. He bit the tips of the tits delicately and and traced his tongue about that. That was actually where the pressure was. The pressuring pleasure. She helped him achieve his goal. She held his neck tighter and closer as he danced his buried face along the path between the two tits. Hell of a pleasure that was.

"Lia, where did you keep my scroll!"

There was a knock on the door and that was what succeeded the knock. Lia cursed inaudibly as he pushed the lady and made her fall on the bed as he followed suit. He wouldn't give up that heaven for some scroll.

He spoke amidst the sucking!

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