Lailah/C2 Chapter 2
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Lailah/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

"What do you call that?"

He rolled away from her. He had been lying on her for the few past minutes after he was done riding her. The feelings she had extracted were so raw and strong that she didn't want him to stop. She guessed she needed to be considerate. And matter-of-factly, he was the one taking back his favor, he could choose to stop whenever he did want to. His choice.

"It's called sex."

He turned to her. Twas smelly in there. She had no idea what was offending the apt atmosphere. He didn't seem to bat an eye. He probably was acquainted with such odour and wouldn't make mounting of it of course.

He brought his mouth closer to hers and brushed hers. She had no objection to that. He seemed to have a reason for everything he was doing. She could see that in his eyes.

His mouth was still warm. It tasted differently then. It did seem as every day to day occurrences: you get used to something when you persist in it. He left his mouth in hers for a long while and kept sucking. Her body responded to the pull. The surge was strong and she loved it.

He fought his mouth free then. She held his head and pulled him closer. He shouldn't always think that he could taunt her with pleasure and then quit whenever he did want. That was in no way possible of course.

He was willing. Generous enough to give her mouth to her. She flickered her tongue in his tongue. She tried to lie to herself that she knew what she was doing and could do better than he had done. He didn't ignore, neither did he counter. He was a man of multitudinous forms.

She allowed his lips go. They seemed pale at the moment. The chemistry between the two of them was getting stronger and ignoring was simply just making mess of the whole thing.

Her left hand was on his cheek and his was fighting its way down her abdomen. It got to her well and halted over the bridge. He drove his fingers into the well to fetch pleasure out of course. She moved rhythmically to it and moaned. He kept to it as she tried to wrap herself around him. He didn't mind, but she couldn't. There was a gap between them.

He eased his fingers of the burden and licked them. She didn't know what they tasted like.

"What does it taste like?"

He smiled. He looked into her eyes, cursing why he hadn't met her before then.

"Doesn't matter how it smell, if it's of the one you truly love."

She moved very close to him then. Very close that she felt his erection poking out on her flesh.

"What is love?"

He chuckled. She didn't know why he did that. Probably he was catching fun as she was or he was making fun of her. Of course twould be one of the two.

"Are you kidding me? You don't know what love is?"

The two of them were facing each other in the berth. They were stark naked and her voluptuous boobs filled the berth. She was very close to him that he could feel her tits on his chest. He helped his erection into her vagina as she wrapped her legs around his butts. She was moaning amidst the words.

"No... H-how cou-ld I possi-bl-y do that."

He stopped moving in and out of her. She didn't want him to stop but guessed she knew why. They wouldn't be able to have the best discussion if they kept to that.

"Everyone around here knows what love is?"

He smiled. She had no idea what he meant with his continuous smiles. Like he was trying to put a message across and she wasn't getting it? It seemed ridiculous though but that was in a rather cute way. She somewhat loved it.

"Except I then...?"

He rode her again. Moved back and forth again with his erection in her well. She loved it but couldn't cope. She might just burst open into confetti. That would be some real odds of course.

"Except you."

He brought his mouth closer to her ear with his erection still there. She was beginning to understand how the pain worked. Twas a pleasurable one. A pain you wouldn't want to kick aside of course.

"I love you."

He whispered into her ears. She loved the sound of the words though had no idea what that did mean.

"How long does ... it ta-ke to-o love s-o-m-e-o-n-e?"

He chuckled into his ear. Twas with a style. Everything he did at that moment seemed to please her. He probably was working an Alakazam on her but she had no idea how that was working. She wished she would decode of course. But she didn't not anytime soon.

He shifted his position on the berth and brought his mouth closer to her boobs. He began to suck the two of them as he grabbed. He held one to leave for the other. He buried his face in the path between the tits. He was mumbling into it. She didn't seem to mind.

He seemed to be answering the questions. She could only feel the breath from his nose on the tits. Twas warm and sapid tickling. It wanted her to laugh. She felt like doing that. She wouldn't. Tmight seem really odd.

"Whenever you can't quite thinking about someone."

He brought his face away from the path and looked up at her. She was the one smiling at that moment. She probably wanted him to feel what she would whenever he did smile. He smiled in return. Her heart was racing. Her buried his face in the Voluptuous tits again. He wished that he would just die there. He didn't care whatever would happen or was happening.

"So, do you love me then."

He didn't seem to hear that. He was fiddling with her nipples. He bit the left one delicately and bad it in his mouth for several seconds, then used his hands on it. He did exactly the same to the right one.

There seemed to be a pleasure in the nipples than the mound of flesh surrounding it. She had noticed that over and over again when he did suck the two. She didn't mind whichever one he did, all that matter was the fact that she loved everything he was making of her. She was like the clay and he, the porter.

"From my breath to my death."

He said and moved up again. He stood from her and went to the window of the room. He raised the piece of cloth hanging down from the top to the bottom. The rays of light which had been clamorin were opportuned to have their way. That was some other life in disguise.

He looked through the window and tarried there for a while. She had no idea what she was looking at. She should ask him of course. No, she wouldn't. She would take her time.

He dropped the curtain hanging and moved over to her on the berth. Her skin shone like a refined gold. He could never trade her with gold miner if she was one of such.

He dropped heavily on the berth as she opened her arms to him. He landed on her, with his face to the boobs. She held him tighter while his erection was awaken. She wanted more from him and be was willing to continue. She didn't want to say that to him directly. She should manipulate him like she would her subjects when she was back in the depth of the waters.

"Why pull the cloth down. Let the light in."

He raised his head and looked up at her. He wasn't catching a full glimpse of what she did look like. She was kinda a better version of what he had been seeing. He loved her from every area or angle he looked at her. She probably was created or made or formed that way. The beauty of a beauty was what he had seen in her. She smiled firstly, then frowned. She wanted to give him a mixed feeling. She hoped he would fall a victim.

"I'll go raise it again then."

He stood from her and walked to the window. He was feeling very light. He needed to eat. He hadn't thought that twould go that way of course. He had thought that he would only lure her a bit and go the extreme of kissing her if he did succeed. But there they were, she was even ready to go on the fourth round. How stupid he had been to had dilly-dallied. He should had done that earlier the day or some days ago. Well, not too late for it though.

He pulled the curtain up and seemed to see something he had a contention about. His face was wielded into some gaunt grimace. More of confusing smile. No one could actually figure out what that was owed to. Not even he himself.

He walked towards her as she looked directly at his erection. The poor thing was lying helplessly and weakly. To be honest, that was one of the reasons she had asked him to go and raise the curtain up.

The first time he had gone, she hadn't caught a good sight of it, but at that moment she wanted to. She stood on her knees in the berth and faced him. He seemed to be intrigued. She could read it on his face.

His erection was quite big for his size. She didn't know how to make the judgement. She hadn't had sex ever in her life. She wouldn't know how the other men look like. Maybe someday she was going to go around and have a testing spree to figure out the sizes of all the penis of every man she did see.

She pushed her right hand forward with the sign of stop. He halted and kept his gaze transfixed on her. He noticed that she was looking not at his face but done. He traced her eyes to where she was looking at. Hell! Twas his erection. He smiled. He didn't know what she did have in mind, he hoped that twould be exactly what he was thinking.

She climbed off the berth and took just few steps towards him. She was very close to him then. She looked firstly into his retinas. She wanted to figure out what he was thinking. She didn't want to go all spiritual. She didn't want to invite her sixth. She wanted it natural since she was dealing with a human.

She then bent. She couldn't make meaning of what he was thinking. But obviously, he was skeptical and was wishing. She could real quite the numbers of meanings to the way his nose was shifting to the rhythm of the flipping eyes.

She was doing more of a squat. She reached for his erection and flapped it up and down. She shook it. Then she held it and moved it to the right and the front. In a while, the poor thing had been resurrected. Hell! She loved it then. She loved it whenever the fellow did rise. She laughed. She was more than happy.

Then she thought. She wanted to feel what it did taste like. No! Not inside of her. She wanted the taste on her tongue. Firstly, she put her mouth to the two balls behind the erection. She removed her mouth immediately. It tasted dirty. She didn't think she could do it.

She put her mouth to it again as snapped of it. Then she remembered what he had said earlier about love. Well, she wasn't so sure if she was in love with him yet or not.

She buried her face in his erection and started putting in and taking her mouth out of it. He held her held. She looked up to him. He was looking up to. His eyes were distorted and his mouth wide opened.

Oh! She loved that. She had wanted to see that way. She had wanted to hurt him with pleasure and make him moan like he had made her. She was achieving it.

She devoted her efforts and strength to it. And he started moaning.

Then came a knock on the door. Hell!

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