Lailah/C3 Chapter 3
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Lailah/C3 Chapter 3
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C3 Chapter 3

"Where is the helmet of Jin?"

No sooner than the knock came the voice. Ja Lia was sure who that was. Of course, twas one of his brothers. The eldest. He was always upfront because he always wanted to have the greatest part of the share. What a greedy asshole he was.

"Don't stop."

The lady was still sucking his cock. The pleasure was taunting. She didn't need him to tell her in the first place. She wouldn't stop of course. Even if he did want her to stop, she wouldn't. She was bent on making him feel what she had felt while he was riding her.

"Won't you open up now, Ja?"

The voice came again. He didn't care. The brother should stand there for all he did care. He was doing what was more important to him. He had never felt that kinda pleasure. Not in a very long time.

The daughter of the fisherman, Lyla who he had wanted to marry wouldn't be able to that. She seemed to have quite the principles and wouldn't learn. She would know only the little she knew. He loathed ladies like her. He needed someone like the new lady. He wished that she would not leave him.

"Don't leave me."

She held his erection and fiddled with it. She was tired of sucking. She only wanted to play. She wanted to pass time. But everything she did to him seemed to tickle him. She looked up at him. He was looking at her at the moment. She didn't want to see his face. She wanted him to resume the position he had held when she was sucking.

She swiped her fisted hand faster and ruthlessly over his erection till some juice began to drip. She didn't know what those were. She had never seen such. She wanted to taste them.

She brought her mouth closer to it and opened. The juice began to drop there. It was smelly. But the pleasure didn't say that. All the pleasure could say was, twas heavenly and tasty. She licked a little of it and stood from him.

He held unto her and hugged her tightly while his erection fought its way into her well. She moaned. He always seemed to have her way. She hated it. She wanted him to moan like she always. Maybe because it was her first time in the business. She probably would figure how to taunt him soonest and make him feel what she did always feel. Hell of a man.

Even if she wouldn't be able to do it with him or to him. She would try out so many other men like him and see if she could make someone go really crazy because of her. That erection and well they had been doing. That sex they had been pruning seemed to be the best sport she had ever played. Twas the best. Even better than fiddling with and ducking the sharp, flamy and wavy tail of Poseidon's Leviathan.

"Meet me at Ninus' tomb with the helmet. Hell knows what you're busy with."

He heard his brother speak again. He should attend to him, but the business with the lady seemed to be more important. Twould be over soon.

"Maybe he isn't around."

He could discern. Twasnt only the eldest brother that was there. His immediate younger brother was there too. He was the middle child. Like a middle born. Probably that was why he was odd. He didn't care what they call life. His perception was different. And he hated trying to explain to people about it. It sucked eigty four bags of annoyance to him.

He had retreat steps. He was glad that at last they were living. He couldn't possibly cope with them being outside. He needed more than privacy.

The lady was coiled around him as he moved her towards the wall and had her back to the wall. He didn't know that he would enjoy her that much. A trial had just birthed the best experience he had ever had in his life. Not even with any kinda lady. But with a super beautiful lady of course. He should die in the act.

He tried to juggle sucking her tits and riding her. That didn't go well. His back was aching because he was bent. To hell with back ache. What was back ache compared to the pleasure he was sucking. Sucking two things at a time was a rare gem he wouldn't toss to the gloom.

He raised his head and stood erect as his erection. He flipped it out from the well and turned her to face the wall. He made her bend and drove his erection through her back. He wanted all the style with her at that moment. He might not be able to have her ever again.

She was beginning to shout. He wanted her to stop. He didn't know how to do that. But she quit shouting. It seemed like she could read his mind. He was glad.

"Do you like it?"

He asked as he worked her prettily hard. She murmured firstly then spoke.


If he hadn't had sex before, he would had thought that he was marring her. He would had thought that he was hurting her. But he had several times and knew what that syllabic cut means. Of course she was enjoying the dough!

"Maybe I should stop then."

He chuckled. She murmured again. Then she spoke:

"No! Don't stop. I love it."

He laughed that time and continued. He tried to grab one of her tits at that moment but it did seem like a mill around his neck. He held her head instead and kept hitting her had. Banging her as though she was some metal doors which were wrought from corrugated irons. He wasn't getting the pleasure he wanted. He wanted more than that.

He decided to improvise. He bent on her and wrapped his arms around her and grabbed her boobs. Twasnt easy to move that way over her. He could squeeze her boobs then. He was kinda sharing the pleasure. That seemed good but not enough. He was tired.

He didn't even know what he wanted. It seemed to him as though he wanted all at a go. That was of course too much. He should get one at a time. That seemed like the way life itself works. He banged her again. She murmured. He banged again. She murmured. And again and again, she murmured. He was loving it but he was tired too.

He rose from her and turned her to himself. He kissed her deeply. She paved her mouth for his. She was already acquainted with that. She slid her left hand down his body with her right at the back of his head.

She held the left hand to his erection and fixed it in her well. She lifted herself but to no avail. He helped her up as she wrapped her legs around his waist and moved rhythmically on him. Her mouth was plugged into his. He wasn't himself anymore. She wasn't herself anymore too. That made a pair.

After several minutes, he dropped her down but still had his mouth in hers. She wanted to know how long he could be given to the pleasure. She flickered her tongue in his mouth and clicked it. She gobbled it. He loved the way she tasted. Though twas becoming all smelly, but twas yet all hot in there. Two warm bodies going warmly over each other.

He slid his hands down her body with his mouth still in hers. That right hand of his slid down her boobs and halted at the top of her well. He drove two of his fingers into the hole and worked his miracle.

She firstly moaned into his mouth. He moved his fingers rhythmically in there but she couldn't take it anymore. She fought her mouth free and raised her head up. She couldn't do two at a time.

He could do that. He wanted to stimulate the pleasure but needed some enhancers. He moved his head down and buried it in her boobs as he fought his face along the route between the two. He sucked and sucked as his fingers did the taunting. She couldn't take it anymore. She was charging and charging and charging. Then she growled.


He fingers flipped out of the well. He had no choice. He needed to figure out what just happened. The voice he had heard was unusual. Twasnt that of the lady he had known or he had asked a question few minutes ago.

The voice he had heard was deep and strong and bold and powerful. His face was yet buried in her boobs. He was skeptical. He didn't know if he was supposed to take it off them of persist. He needed to be sure. He took another slow and rhythmic suck of the two.

"I said stop."

The same deep and rude voice came again. He was forced to look up at her. Her eyes was fiery and tensed like an eerie ember. He hadn't seen such in his life. He tried to remember if she had told him anything about herself which should had been the reason for that sudden change.

He moved away from her quickly. He guessed annoying her at that moment would do nothing but hurt him. He couldn't be really sure but of course he wouldn't take chances. Who would see a lion and go to test if his teeth are really working.

She moved past him and walked towards the door. She opened the door and went out.

"Are you crazy? You'll be seen naked outside!"

He quickly girded himself in a wrapper and took one for her as he hastened out of the room to cover her.

As he got out, he was shocked. He was forced to consider himself as the one who was naked and not the lady. She was radiantly girded in a red gown made from a fine linen. He couldn't believe what he was seeing of course. You wouldn't too. He was confused.

He was made to feel like he was the one who was naked. But he had seen her walk out nakedly. What was wrong. He wrapped the wrapper around his chest. He looked like some concorted sharwama wrapped in a haste.

He walked closer to her and tried to ease his heart of one million and one questions eating him up:

"Who are you?"

She turned to him. Her eyes were normal. Her face was shining like some gold burnished in gutsy flames. Her lips were pursed and her nose delicately etched in their region. He did want to say something else but he seemed to lost it. He wasn't even sure if he still have a brain.

"Haven't I told you that I am a Nymph?"

"A Nymph."

He was stupefied. He didn't know what he intended doing with what he had said. Probably he wanted it to be a question or a statement or an exclamation or a break or interlude. Interlude? Who thinks that way. He wasn't even singing, then what was with the 'interlude thought'. Super crazy instinct.

"And I've got to go now. We might and may not meet ever again. But might come back for sex."

She edged towards him and met his lips with hers. She seemed to had perfected the act. She probably knew how to do it better than him.

Her mouth was cold. She tasted honey. She seemed to had changed in just a jiffy. He hadn't seen such alakazam ever.

He didn't want her to stop, though his thoughts had made confetti of his instinct. He did wish that he would be sane again.

He let go of her lips. She looked into his eyes and kissed his again. Then she slowly dropped her lips from his. She walked away then.

He watched her go. He felt a lot of things going on within him. He didn't know which he was supposed to pay attention to.

He remembered what his brother said. Running after her would be crazy.

She looked back at him and smiled. He felt a surge within him.

The fuck! He had sex with a Nymph.

He ran inside quickly. He needed to learn about Nymphs.

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