Lailah/C5 Chapter
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Lailah/C5 Chapter
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C5 Chapter

"Keep walking, Lia, will catch up soon."

He wasn't sure if he heard him. Ja Lia seemed to be really in a haste. He didn't know why though but twas kinda a plus to him. He loved to have it that way.

He changed his route and edged towards the lady he had seen earlier. She was standing under a tree after he had called at her. He didn't know why she had chosen to be there.

He walked briskly. He looked at his front occasionally to be sure that Lia was not looking at the back. He saw him look back and halted. He didn't seem to had looked at him but twas better for him to be sure.

Ja Lia kept on walking till he was lost to the height of the hay. He couldn't see him any more and that was the best time for him to have his way with the lady.

He arrived before her and was met by her smile. He was confused. Why was she smiling? He hadn't even spoken to her yet. He was hoping that she wouldn't be some odd lady. Probably she was a Latin or Greek, they could be suckers though. Like suck-ass.

He smiled back. He guessed that that was best thing to do. She frowned again. Like she was a spell of mystery he couldn't decode. Probably he wasn't patient enough to figure out what to do with her.

"Hi! You're new here?"

She looked away as though she had seen something. That was purely some feigning. She didn't want to give herself away so easily to him, though she was on a tour and search to prove her doubt after the sex with the first man.

"Very much true."

She smiled. She couldn't control herself. She was looking towards his erection. She wished that his robes were taken off. She could actually resolve to being spiritual and getting everything done in a haste, but going natural wouldn't be a mill around his neck of course.

"Where are you headed to by the way."

She didn't know truly. She was just walking about. She needed a plot but had no idea how to go about it. It seemed as though a new thought flickered across the boulevard of her consciousness. She could very much snap at it.

"Just few turns away from here."

She pointed towards the opposite direction of where Ja Lia had gone. She had no place in mind. But before they would get there, her magic and instinct would teach her what to do. All she needed was silence and peace, she could erect a building of her own choice in places of her choice even without being there.

But she didn't know if she would be able to get the peace. The man who was on her, not literally though, seemed to be talkative and that was never a plus. It would definitely militate against her art. He continued. He seemed to be very interested in her.

"Though I'm going the opposite direction, but walking you around wouldn't be too much, if you don't mind though."

She walked away from the tree as he followed her. He was walking behind her in the first place. She had no idea why. But she could figure out that he constantly was looking at her bums. Men seemed to have different things that interest them in a woman.

Then he truncated the pace between the two of them and was walking side by side with her. She had all the time to herself. Her ways were defined.

"How often have you been told that you're beautiful?"

She was firstly glad that she had had her way with the thought and preparation before he spoke again. She probably wouldn't had been able to handle him during the course.

She turned to him at the question. She hadn't been told that ever. The man she had slept with the other day didn't say as such but he showed it. He showed it so generously and she was kind enough to repay his kind gestures of course.

"Not once."

He halted but she didn't. Then he continued walking. That was some marred miscalculations.

"Are you kidding?"

She didn't understand that but would pretend that she did. She didn't want to set the fellow off with her innocence and all. She belatedly could scare him away unawares. She couldn't afford to do. She was feeling very hot within herself and needed to discharge.

She looked into his watery eyes and shook her head. He didn't seem convinced but she could use that feeling too.

She was beginning to draw an jnferen on men. Her hypotheses might be defected though but twould be worth it.

Men would discuss prolly the same topic with several ladies. She hadn't had the time to talk to a lady though, she might try that out too.

He kept quite for a while. She was sure that he was sorting his heart for what next to say. He was trying real hard not to be boring and she could notice that. Twas more than very obvious. She shouldn't be cruel to him. She should complement his efforts of course.

They took the turn to another plain, few metres away was a hut standing all by itself. She was glad that the magic did work out. She could never had had sex with him on the bare plain.

"There are not much houses here, I guess."

He face became lit. He was glad that she came to his rescue, he could never had brought up a better topic.

She didn't know if redirecting the route of the topic would affect his interest and urge. She didn't want to risk the two. She of course what he would want from her. Men were always like that. Quite very obvious of course.

He found his words:

"Not true though. This is the end of the village that is why it is thus. Aside the Ninny's tomb where I recently came out from, there are no other buildings here. Even this plain would soon be converted into a Colosseum or cemetery. Not much buildings are erected in the end of every village."

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