Lailah/C8 Chapter
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Lailah/C8 Chapter
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C8 Chapter

"Okay! What now?"

Ja Lia asked. He seemed to be tired of his constant intrusion. He seemed like he wanted all the time to himself till he would be able to get the fucking meaning he was trying to deduce.

"You've not have my questions answered."

"What did you expect me to say?"

He didn't know what was happening. Ja Lia seemed to be taking offense or something. Probably that was the meaning he was reading to it. The fellow probably was not seeing it from that frame of reference. He didn't want to mar their meeting with there differences.

"Do you want to be rude now?"

Ja Lia smiled. He looked at Jimin as though he was going to chew his oesophagus. He spoke instead:

"I have the right to any feeling I want."

Jimin reached for the scroll under his armpit and threatened:

"I'm going to tear this if you keep those rudeness coming. I'm very serious about that."

He wished to scare him but he didn't know if that was the best way. Was that actually a scare. He would do it of course. He would tear the scroll if he kept being rude. He wouldn't care what would be birthed at that. He was his elder brother and should be able to do whatever he did think right of course.

"You can go ahead with that. You can't possibly tear the wisdom I've made of it. That was why I read it and was so engrossed because I knew that when you walk by you would want to boss around."

Ja Lia had learnt that acting not to care to the face whoever had threatened was a pull to having a reverse action. Like if the person had said he would do, tell him to go ahead, he would be skeptical. Plus he even did mean it, if Jimin did tear it, he wouldn't feel too bad about it. He had felt a lot worse than that.

He looked at the betraying gaze of Jimin. He seemed shocked and that amused him. He wanted to laugh but he did that twould seem as though he was making fun and Jimin might not take it seriously. He didn't want to risk that. He couldn't.

He feigned the frown the best way he could. He was artistic, like an actor. He should appreciate that quality in himself. None would if he didn't.

"You're sick."

Jimin hit him twice in the chest with his fist and tore the scroll into confetti. He was laughing heartily as he did that. The heck was wrong with him.

"Are you...?"

He had wanted to say, Insane but he wouldn't say that. That would be way too rude and daring. But he deserved it of course. Why would he had done that. What was he thinking. What was he trying to prove? And at that moment, he felt like the crazy Jimin was bossing around. He didn't want to make it a big but his rage kept urging him to.

"Serious now?"

That seemed polite but his ogle was fiery. He stood up from him and was going to step on his sandals before he saw the youngest of them all walking towards them. Twould be so ridiculous to fight each other while their younger would be watching. Then he would have to separate them. That was way belittling.

He held himself back from doing that. He was better off mute. He wouldn't take chances of course. He dared not.

The last of them all walked by and towered over he two: he was the tallest.

"What's up here?"

He was always informal. He wasn't like the two of them. He wasn't better too though but he seemed to be light-headed and hearted of them all. He wouldn't take offense easily when he did find interest in taking offense, nothing could possibly appease. He could even burn down a whole house.

"How'd you know that I'm here."

Jimin stood too after letting the question out.

"I ain't here for you big bro."

He smiled and turned to Ja Lia. Jimin felt less and violated. Like out of the deal. He couldn't possibly deal with it at that moment. He just watched the two of them.

"You know anything about Nymphs? I might have had sex with one. You know, you love sex a lot and I do too. Hehe."

To Jimin, that wasn't funny. Ja Lia also wasn't going to laugh but he seemed to be feigning it. That was the best he could do. But he shocked at the realization of his question.

"What about all these Nymph things?"

Jimin popped in. He was flaring up already. He didn't know why he was feeling that way. He didn't know if he was trying to take responsibility for his brothers or was just too innocent and felt left out to ignore.

"Describe her."

That was Ja Lia to the youngest of them all.


He smiled and tried to make himself feel important. That was how dimwitted and crazy he was. Like a plume and puffs of cigars.

"Just say, Tzu."

Tzu was he only one amongst them all who had several names. He had some that he gave himself and these several names were what he had given to all different ladies he had met. That always painted him wise.

"She's got nice curves, a blonde with large titties. Damn! I buried my whole face in her booby! Oh! Boy."

Jimin pushed his way through Ja Lia and Tzu. He walked towards the plain stretched out as unto a lawn. He needed to see the lady.

Why would she have sex with a family. To turn them against one another?

The fuck was she thinking?

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