Lailah/C9 Chapter
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Lailah/C9 Chapter
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C9 Chapter

"That crazy lady must pay."

He kept on walking as though he was going to make the earth split. That was nothing close to what he did have in his mind. He was raging and boiling. He felt like some Voluptuous volcano which had been made to mar the rocks which by birth had been pompous to it.

He didn't know how long twould take him to get to her place but he would get there. His eyes were hurting, his heart aching. He would fiddle with almost everything but his siblings. That would be more than crazy for him: to be the eldest and have no relevance. How belittling that would be.

The day was bright. Super bright. The apt azure was clean and few clouds were hanging about the business of the hay for the day. The sun was stealing a lusty look from the heights. She seems to be basked in mood that lackluster but had no one to tell her that.

The greener trees knew there fate while the fallen leaves had no courage to say what would become of them. He would had been generous enough to take note of their plights, but the urgent business which had made confetti of his zeal wouldn't him.

There were two raven sitting on the twigs of the two tree on the opposite sides of the path he was treading. They seemed to be communicating to each other. He didn't know what they were saying. He wished that he had an idea but he was so much given to haste.

He had been learning about birds since quite the whiles and had been having his way around it. He wasn't sure if he knew what they were saying. If he really wanted to, then he would need to be really patient else he wouldn't get a thing.

But one thing he did notice in how jumpy the birds were was the fact that they were held in the gossips. Twas more than too obvious to be looked past.

When he had picked up the art of studying the reactions of birds to their societies, he had skipped and flipped to the part where he would be able to make meaning of whenever the birds did gossip. He had thought that there wouldn't be nothing as such he was shocked. There seemed to be everything on the surface of the earth. Only those who are patient enough would find.

But he didn't know what the Ravens were gossiping about. And what would two ugly birds gossip about other then the beauty of other birds like the Jays and Cuckoo? And the stain which fell on one of the nightingales overnight. That should be of course.

He knew that he was being cruel to them in his thoughts, but what difference did it make? Matter-of-factly, even humans would gossip so what was the point in making it seem as though the birds were the worst gossips he had ever seen.

He wanted to correct the odd feeling but he seemed to had been strapped to it. One of the birds flew away. He walked past where they birds were. He looked at the second one. He had no idea what twas still doing there. He wanted to stone it of course but that would seem rather too rude and evil of him. He wouldn't be that way.

He had screeching behind him, then a force on his left ear, then claws being traced on top of the ear sharply and quickly. That same raven he had walked past flew past him and left a mark on his ear.

"Godforsaken black mole!"

He cursed. He put his hand to his ear. Twasnt like real bleeding. There was just a track of blood that he could ignore.

He halted a while and looked around if there would be some leaves around which he could squeeze on the wound, but he looked in vain. Plus he had no much time to stay. He had more than an urgent business to deal with.

He kept on walking, keeping and sticking to the realization of what he was going to do with the lady immediately he did see her.

He knew that in one way or the other he was going to see the Ravens again. He halted again and bent to pick three smooth stones. Of course he was going to use them on the crazy birds. He had learnt that taking revenge on birds is the best battle a man could ever fight.

Before he could stand, he heard screeching again and the Raven traced its claws in a haste across his back again. He felt the sting and shouted in pain. Hell! He was going to chew the Raven alive if he did have his way.

"What the hell is wrong with you."

He quickly stood, turned and hurled the stone towards the direction the bird had taken. He was glad. The stone went stray for a little while but before he could figure out what was up, he saw the stone taking the right route.

It met the bird from the back and unbalanced it, but instead of it to fall, it was lost into the thin air. Like a donation to the goddess of the air. He was startled. Did he just see the bird disappear instead of falling down at death? He ignored.

Twas too much going on for him to ignore. He turned and decided to keep walking. He wasn't sure if he would see the second one again. Like if he would be attacked by it again or not. He wanted to be sure but there was no one to guarantee that to him.

He had a twig in his hand at that moment. Twas a light one with few thorns all over it. He could use on the other crazy raven if it did make a mistake of trailing his track or trying to hurt or haunt him like some gaunt ghost.

A part of him was made to believe that twas because he had been reading about birds lately that was why he had been attacked by them. Probably because he had delve deeply into the spiritual qualities they did have and their hidden languages.

But a hypothetical stance would argue how the bird could be that sensitive to figure out who had read about them and who had not. Probably that was so trick only nature had an answer to. He couldn't be really sure. He wanted to be but he seemed to be really helpless. What to do then?

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