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During this period of time, everyone's heart had been in panic, and only after the execution grounds for decapitation stopped, did everyone's thoughts stabilize a little.

Once again, they walked on the street with Chen Shouxin's head held high. Finally, he didn't have to worry about anyone bullying him anymore. This kind of feeling was beautiful.

Chen Changqing had been busy with matters of Dingbei City recently, so he had truly become a bird that had escaped its cage.

This carefree life passed quickly, and he enjoyed it. That day, he was walking around with Youzi when he was found by Uncle Chen.

"Young master, let's go home. The imperial edict has arrived." Uncle Chen said with a smile.

"Sigh, you're finally here. To be honest, I'm a bit reluctant to leave this place. There's so much beef here, but we can't bring it back. " Chen Shouxin said regretfully.

"I actually think that Young Master can make some dried meat and bring it back. That's easy to keep and there's also chewing on it. "Also, Young Master has promised to stew a pot of good wine for us. Don't forget it." Uncle Chen said with a smile.

"Sure, what are you doing here? I'll cook for you when we get home." Chen Shouxin said with a smile.

The imperial edict was here, and this was the reward. He was also curious about what kind of official this would be for his old man.

When he returned home, he saw that the old man was sitting in the hall with a white-faced young man, drinking tea and soup.

"Shouxin, come over and meet him. This is Eunuch Shi." Chen Changqing introduced with a smile.

"Good morning, Eunuch Shi. I believe you've been working all the way here." Chen Shouxin cupped his fist with a smile.

This was the first time he had seen a eunuch, so he did not think much of it. What made him a little disappointed was that the reward this time was so simple and unadorned. It was not in line with the colorful banners he had imagined, nor was it in line with the festivities that he had imagined.

"I don't dare to trouble Young Master to worry about me. I have long heard of Young Master's beautiful name. Today, I have truly seen a talented person." Eunuch Shi hurriedly stood up and said.

Ye Zichen was stunned for a moment. Someone sent by the Emperor must be someone close to him, why is he still so respectful to me? He had a fart's reputation, but he did have a bit of a bad reputation.

"Lord Chen, we need to collect some rewards in a while." Eunuch Shi stood up and opened the box that was placed on the table. He then handed over the imperial edict to Chen Changqing with both hands.

Chen Shouxin stuck his head out to see what was written on the imperial edict. However, he was afraid of breaking the rules, so he could only judge it by the expression on his old man's face. Seeing the old man's smile growing wider and wider, it was as if his heart had grown a blade of grass. It was extremely itchy.

"May I trouble Your Majesty? This official will not disappoint Your Majesty's request." After placing the imperial edict at the side, Chen Changqing faced the Imperial City and cupped his fist as he spoke.

"Otherwise, why would we risk our lives to snatch this task?" Eunuch Shi said with a smile.

Chen Shouxin finally understood. As expected, the old man was highly valued by the emperor, which was why Eunuch Shi was being so courteous to him. He searched in his pockets for a long time before he ran out with a "whoosh".

"Eunuch Shi, my son contracted an illness today. He hasn't recovered yet." Chen Changqing was stunned for a moment before he said somewhat awkwardly.

Eunuch Shi didn't know what else to say. This young master of Chen Family was already 'famous', so there was no way he could greet him.

Not long later, Chen Changqing ran back with a bag in his hand.

"Eunuch Shi, I just found this 10 taels of silver after searching for a long time. I will buy something useful later." Chen Shouxin said as he stuffed the small bag into Eunuch Shi's hands.

"I have arranged for soldiers to boil some water outside. Eunuch Shi will take a good bath later. I'll get some food, and we'll have a good drink. "

Did he have to tell Li Jun that Eunuch Shi had come all the way here? He had to give him a proper welcome.

Where's Eunuch Shi? On the surface, however, it was incomparably awkward. The reward was just a compliment. He knew that Chen Changqing was highly valued by the emperor. Who would have thought that this Chen Young Master would really give them ten taels of silver? What should he do?

"Eunuch Shi, take it. "This son of mine likes to make friends. I wonder how much of my salary he has lost over the years." Chen Changqing could only make a face, and even glared at Chen Shouxin after he finished speaking.

"Then... Then we'll thank Lord Chen and Young Master. " Eunuch Shi put away the small bag embarrassedly.

He would occasionally get some pocket money outside, but he had never had so much money, nor had he ever collected it so blatantly. He was extremely nervous and a little excited.

"Lord Chen, Young Master, let's go outside to wash up first." Eunuch Shi continued.

"Eunuch Shi, I'll get Youzi to take you there. It might have been a big wave just now, but I'm really happy right now, so I hope Eunuch Shi can forgive me. " Chen Shouxin hurriedly said.

He also realized that his actions just now seemed to have been done on some errands, but he didn't know if it would have any effect on his old man.

"Young Master, don't be like this. Our family's heart is filled with joy." Eunuch Shi patted Chen Shouxin's hands as he said that and walked out.

When Eunuch Shi walked out of the room, Chen Shouxin rubbed his hands on his body and asked his old man, "Did I do something just now?"

"What do you think?" Chen Changqing glared at him, "Internal officials are not allowed to associate with foreign officials. Even if it's a reward, 30 to 50 letters will do. "You're quite generous, you got ten liang in one go."

"Isn't that something I don't know? Hehe, let's not talk about this anymore. Old man, what kind of official did the emperor give you? " Chen Shouxin asked with a smile.

"It didn't rise, it dropped. He had killed far too many people in this area, even though he was only at the fourth rank. We are temporarily unable to return to the Imperial City. The Emperor means for us to organize things here for father, and to return to report back to the Imperial City when we choose the people we can use in the future. " Chen Changqing said with a smile.

"Holy sh * t, even if there's no merit, there's still hard work to be done?" Why did it drop? You really can't go back? " Chen Shouxin said dejectedly.

"I really can't go back. I have to think about why." Chen Changqing continued to say with a smile.

"Oh right, your official position has also come down. A roaming general of the fifth rank, three taels of moon, one hundred and twenty stones of rice. In the future, your life will be very good. "

"Why are you giving me such a high rank?" I won't cause you any trouble? " Chen Shouxin frowned and asked.

Martial Awards weren't worth much, it was just a reputation with no real rights. But even so, when combined with his age and past, this was still a bit too much for him.

"Think for yourself." Chen Changqing said with a smile.

Hearing his old man say that, Chen Shouxin started to think, this was not normal at all.

"Sigh, I've already said that I don't like being an official. Seems like it makes a lot of sense." Chen Shouxin sighed and said after pondering for a while.

"You've figured it out?" Chen Changqing asked in surprise.

"What is there to not understand? It would just be consuming more brain cells." Chen Shouxin sat on the chair and said in a low voice.

"This is the emperor's protection for you. Even with his majesty's blessing, you've cut your head off a bit too many times here. It's not like the emperor can protect you too much."

"So, I gave you a grade, so that you can hide here. If that were the case, even if someone wanted to talk more, it would be of no use. "A little higher on my side. It can be considered compensation to our family."

"Sigh, I wonder which lord within the imperial court is involved in this matter. Even the emperor is afraid of throwing a rat, so he came up with such a method to torment us." My Imperial City, oh, when can I return? "

Chen Changqing's eyes flashed again. Recently, his son had given him a lot of surprises. Putting aside the new method of keeping accounts created by his son, his intelligence was enough to keep him happy for a few days.

"No wonder you chopped off so many heads here, you must be afraid of the chaos in the center, right? "With so many people being chopped here, those in the imperial court will be relieved." Chen Shouxin continued.

"Good, good, hahahaha …" "It really is my son." Chen Changqing said while stroking his beard with one hand and laughing heartily.

"What's good? These were the most annoying things to do. "I'll go cook. Since I promised Eunuch Shi, I will do it." Chen Shouxin said gloomily.

He was truly depressed. His dream was for the old man to become a high-ranking official, receive a high salary, and be in charge of eating, drinking, and entertainment while also being a spendthrift. But now that the situation had developed to this point, even if the emperor intended to transfer his father back to the Imperial City in the future and entrust a heavy task to him, this old man would still have to perform meritorious deeds here.

But this was Fringe City. What could you do? It was fortunate that Hu Ren did not come to cause trouble. In the past, Mayu of the cotton candy was here, so there might be some sort of agreement with the Hu people. Now that Mayu was dead, this agreement was naturally cancelled. Who would care about that anymore.

Irritating, too annoying.

Chen Shouxin came into the kitchen and started chopping the pork with a kitchen knife. Since he was lacking food here, he had to put in a lot of effort.

"Gongzi, gongzi, you've been awarded a reward?" Comrade Wang Yingjun touched the kitchen.

"Come down, he gave me a roaming cavalry officer. You are General Ning Yuan, but you will have to stay here for the time being, commanding both the border guards and the city guards. "In the future, when the military has appropriate personnel, we will go back together with them." Chen Shouxin said with a lack of interest.

Wang Yingjun couldn't contain his joy after hearing Chen Shouxin's words. This was a real job. Even if it was a foreign official, it was still a real job. After they returned to the Imperial City, they would raise their rank as usual.

However, he was also envious of Chen Shouxin. Since he didn't do anything, he just got a fifth grade Wandering General. How old was he? How many years had he been enduring?

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