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"Old man, let me inquire, this Eunuch Shi, isn't he an ordinary father-in-law?" Chen Shouxin had just walked out of the room when he retreated back.

"Eunuch Shi is the Chief Eunuch's eunuch. He is well respected by the emperor." Chen Changqing looked at him and said.

"Originally, according to the rules, this is an official decree, and it should be read out by the Minister. "However, given the current situation, I'm afraid no one is willing to take this job, which is why they sent Eunuch Shi over."

"Actually, it's better if you don't return to the Imperial City now. After you do, you won't be able to avoid some eyesore. "In your words, it's called a toad falling on the ground. It doesn't cause anyone to feel disgusted."

"I believe that the relationship between father and His Majesty is now clear to all the ministers and officials of the court. You must be mentally prepared that even if we return to the Imperial City once more, your life might not be as comfortable as it was before. "

"Life is one life, grass and trees are one autumn. He could either do things himself or be done by someone else. If you want to live with your head held high and your chest puffed up, you only need to remember the words' loyalty to the monarch '. "

"Old man, why do I feel like your words are so roundabout? Are you going to do something behind my back in the future? " Chen Shouxin looked at his old man in confusion and said.

Chen Changqing smiled, "We are father and son, what do I have to scheme against you? Even if you were naughty in the past, when have you not been helped by me? "

"I don't want to be a loner either, and I want to drink and have fun every day like my other classmates. However, since late emperor wanted his father to do it, then his father must do it. For the sake of the people of the Great Zhou, for the sake of the mountain and for the sake of the Great Zhou, I, your father, will have to do it. "

"The Great Zhou Dynasty may seem like they are singing and dancing, but deep down in their bones, there are already many silverfish crawling about. Just the corrupt amount of silver in the Dingbei City alone was already more than fifty thousand silver. One could imagine that even if the amount of silver was not that high, there was still twenty to thirty thousand silver. If we add up all of the various warehouses, I think it will be no less than a few million. "

"People only know when to be happy, but they forgot that even though Great Zhou Dynasty was founded on martial arts, they are still a group of experts looking around. These years, whether it was on land or at sea, it had not been peaceful, but the ministers of the court had not noticed it. Did they really not know? "It's nothing more than the thought of 'I am the ruler of the heavens, and all the people submit to me'."

"Old man, why are you telling me all this?" Chen Shouxin became more and more alert.

"Speak a few words of complaint. What are the obstacles in the way of conversation between father and son?" Chen Changqing said with a smile as he sat down on a chair and drank a mouthful of tea.

Chen Shouxin instinctively felt that his old man had 'bad intentions'. In the past, the rules at home weren't political matters. Today, this old man Luo Li said so much in a loud voice. It was too abnormal.

"Shouxin, do you know how much silver is in our Great Zhou Dynasty's national treasury?" Chen Changqing suddenly asked.

Chen Shouxin rolled his eyes, "How would I know? Even if it's more, I won't be able to spend a single cent."

"There's only less than 5,000,000 silver now, even in the Emperor's treasury, it's only less than 2,000,000 silver." Chen Changqing put down his tea cup and said with a serious expression.

"If there is no water hazard this year, the Great Zhou Dynasty will still be able to pass a year in peace. Once a water hazard occurred, the Great Zhou Dynasty's national treasury would be empty. At that time, who knows what will happen to the world. "

"Old man, can you not scare me? I'm still young, why are you telling me all this? I didn't listen. I didn't hear anything. " Chen Shouxin covered his ears and said.

His old man was definitely a scheming person. He wouldn't start nagging him just because he was in a good mood today. He definitely had some hidden agenda. His mouth was also dirty. Why did he have to ask about Eunuch Shi when he came back?

"You have been smart since you were young. Now, it seems like your previous messing around wasn't really messing around either." Chen Changqing continued to look at him and smiled.

"You said you wanted to live in peace, but if there were more wars in the future, would you have a chance to live in peace?" The group of experts looked around. Even if there was no death struggle, there would still be conflict as they probed. "Right now, there is always a war going on.

"If you want to live a peaceful life, you have to have the ability to protect yourself. If you give a real job, you don't have to worry about the land. The salary and eternal farm, no matter what, are at least 800 mu. In the future, if you really are able to ascend to the imperial court, learn to be a lonely official like me. "

At the end, Chen Changqing suddenly said something.

"I knew you wouldn't let me live a peaceful life. However, with my character, do you think that even if I were to really ascend to the imperial court in the future, I will have a good ending? " Chen Shouxin said with a sad face.

"Gu Chen, it sounds nice, but it's also a point of glory. But was this life okay? "Dirty things, hard things, they are all yours. Merit and fame are all other people's."

"You, for example, can be said to be one of the most trusted people in the Emperor. Take a look at what kind of life we are living. Greed does not dare to covet, occupation does not dare to occupy, the days passed more clear and bitter. You even have to find someone else to take care of the fields you're sharing. I can't even do that if I want to. "

"Since you've already given up on your mission, I don't care if you can just disperse. Once you have a real job, I will …" I'll... I must have screwed you up. "

He wanted to say something threatening, but he really didn't know how to threaten the old man. He didn't know why the old man's personality had suddenly changed, but he began to pay attention to him again. I really miss the days when we didn't like each other, when I did what I wanted to do, and how good it was to be carefree.

Chen Changqing didn't say anything as he continued to drink the tea with a smile on his face. Chen Shouxin looked at him twice and felt helpless.

"Young Master, what's wrong with you?" "Actually, I think this place is pretty good too. Is Sister Liulian coming too?" Youzi asked when she saw Chen Shouxin return to the room gloomily.

"Sigh, our bitter days have only just begun. In about a month or two, Durian will be almost there. " Chen Shouxin said without much interest.

He reckoned that he must have been too active in this incident and 'exposed' himself all of a sudden. But did he have a choice? Who knew that the old man would be hooked up with the emperor, and they were the ones who came here.

[Why is my life so tough? I finally got through it. Why is it so hard to enjoy it?] He didn't know if he had just left the tiger's den and entered the wolf's den.

The old man's words couldn't be counted as bad. He was even aware of the danger. But what's the point of telling yourself these things?

He thought back carefully. It was as if he hadn't said anything 'out of line' or talked about any important matters of the country ever since he had come here.

He felt a bit more at ease. After all, he had set his goal of eating and waiting to die and getting married. Even if the sky collapsed in the future, he still had a tall man to support him.

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