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Modern people often say: To get rich, first build the road. Give birth to fewer children and raise more pigs.

This cannot be said to be wrong, but it has the limitations of the times. In Dingbei City, if you want to get rich, this road won't work.

Because in this era, mutton was considered high grade meat, and pork was only used by the poor to improve their lives. But even if you were to feed a pig, you need food. You can't even open your mouth to eat.

Chen Shouxin thought for an entire night and thought of his plan to clear the wasteland, but after many twists and turns, he still ended up with the money. If you want to clear the wasteland, you will need to do manual labor. Now, there is no plow machine, so you can only do manual labor to clear the wasteland. The lack of means of production is the limitation of history.

After thinking about it for a while, he decided to set his sights on Hu Shang. Perhaps the Hu people on the prairie were living in hardship, but these Hu merchants were fat to the point that they were dripping with oil. Especially in the past few years when he colluded with Mayu, he earned even more.

Because of Mayu's ambush, the Mayor's Mansion remained empty the entire time. Today, Chen Shouxin had requisitioned this place for himself. Since he had nothing better to do, this place would be his base camp from now on.

Two minutes later, at 1: 30 PM, Monkey came over after Chen Shouxin had asked for him. "Gongzi, there are a total of eight merchants that you can bring, which is a little less than what we have on the list."

"Sigh, it's all because this old man hacked too many people. Are they all in the meeting hall? " Chen Shouxin sighed and asked.

"I'm already waiting in the conference hall." Monkey said respectfully.

"Let's go. Is Wang here yet? " Chen Shouxin asked casually.

"General Wang has also arrived. Even I don't know what he is going to do with this young noble." Monkey pretended to be distressed as he said.

"If I ask you to come here, I will trust you. From now on, don't use your thoughts rashly. You and Youzi can stay here. In the future, there are still things that you have to do, so it's not good for you to show your face. Dahei followed me. " Chen Shouxin glanced at him and said.

Monkey scratched his temples embarrassedly. This young master of his was not easy to serve.

"Young master …" Youzi said in a very wronged tone.

"There will be scenes where the young girls aren't suitable for you later, why are you following them from home?" "Next time, I'll bring you over to watch the show." As Chen Shouxin said this, he took the small package from her, making the young maid feel much better.

Dahei tried his best to straighten his chest. He also felt a sense of crisis and felt that the Young Master had recently ordered him to work less frequently, so he didn't seem to be taken seriously. He wasn't worried about him now. The young master was definitely going to do something big, but he only wanted him to stay with him.

"Sit well, and be more casual with me." Arriving at the meeting room, Chen Shouxin waved to the Hu Shang who were standing uneasily.

How could the Hu merchants dare to believe his words? Recently, they had been in a state of panic and had not left this place because they had so many businesses here. They really couldn't bear to part with it. Now that Young Master called everyone over, it was unknown if they were going to settle some old scores.

"Let me first give you guys a peace of mind. This is how Mayu's matter will end. Our old man will no longer randomly chop off the heads of others." The things you used to do with him. Otherwise, do you really think you can stay here? " Chen Shouxin said as he sat down.

"Today, General Wang from both the defensive and border camp was summoned as a witness. "You are all very lucky, this young master has decided to give you a fortune." Chen Shouxin looked at the eight merchants below and said with a smile.

His original intention was to reassure these merchants so that he could start a business deal with them. However, they didn't expect that after these words were said, the faces of the Hu merchants all changed, as if they wanted to cut their own flesh.

"In reply to Young Master's words." Just when Chen Shouxin was getting confused, a Hu Shang, who was standing on the left side, stepped forward.

"This little one, Luan Digeqing, is willing to donate thirty taels of silver, three cows, and ten sheep to Dingbei City and deliver them to Young Master's residence within half an hour."

"Damn, what are you trying to do?" Chen Shouxin couldn't sit still anymore.

Even though Luan Digeqing's tone was stiff, the basic meaning was clear. He was sending money to himself, sending cattle and sheep. What the hell was going on? He wanted to give them wealth, not extortion money.

"Mayu always did this in the past?" Chen Shouxin asked curiously after pondering for a while.

Luan Digeqing nodded after hesitating for a moment. He had sent quite a lot of silver coins to Mayu all these years. The reason was different every time. In any case, it meant that they had to give you benefits. However, this benefit had to be exchanged with true gold and white gold.

"I thought he had a good eye for this prodigal thing." Chen Shouxin muttered and said to Luan Digeqing, "Go back and take a seat. This young master's business is different from Mayu's cotton candy."

"In the past, there were a total of twenty-three Hu Merchants in Dingbei City, but they were guilty, thinking that our family's old man wanted to take care of them, so they directly ran away. Just like I said, if our old man wants to kill you, do you have a chance to run away? Look, even grain dealer and the old man didn't touch them, they just left a path for you to live. "

"Business is a good thing. It is able to communicate with others. "Although you all relied on contraband to make money in the past, we can still make money in the proper way."

"Those who have run away have no good fortune. These people you left behind are the lucky ones. "Don't listen to my words the wrong way. I said before that I would give you wealth, and that is to give you true wealth."

"In the future, not only will Dingbei City not strictly investigate the trading road, they will also expand the trading road and find things that both of us can cooperate with."

"I like money, but there is a saying from the Saints: 'Men love money, and there is a way to take it'. Although I am not a true scholar, I still have to listen to the teachings of a saint. Now can you guys calm down and sit down to listen to me talk about business with you? "

The eight Hu merchants looked at each other. Even though they still couldn't figure out what Chen Shouxin was trying to do, they could only listen to him and obediently sit on a nearby stool.

Wang Yingjun, who was at the side, was even more confused. He thought Chen Shouxin called him over to intimidate these merchants, but from the sound of it, it seemed that he really wanted to do business with them.

His mind was in a dilemma, and he didn't know how to handle this matter. Thinking about it, since Lord Chen wanted him to cooperate, then he might as well.

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