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"Young Master, that businessman named Luan Digeqing is back." At this time, a soldier came in to report.

"Well, let him in and see what he has to say." Chen Shouxin was stunned for a moment before he nodded his head.

This Luan Digeqing was quite interesting. He definitely didn't come back to question the trade just now.

"Hello, Young Master. Within ten days, I will bring back six fine horses, five cows, and ten sheep." Luan Digeqing said to Chen Shouxin after bowing to him.

"What do you want from me?" Chen Shouxin asked without batting an eyelid.

"Young Master, I only hope that when the time comes for me to do business again, I will be able to obtain more shares. For the same reason, I can pay extra money for cattle and sheep. " Luan Digeqing said.

"I see. You just want to get the first right and a greater share from me, right?" Chen Shouxin nodded and asked.

"Priority? "Yes, it's exactly what Young Master meant." Luan Digeqing nodded after muttering for a while with a joyous expression.

"Actually, it doesn't matter, but what about others? Is it unfair to them? " Chen Shouxin asked with a smile.

"Young Master, I can not only increase the salary that can be paid, but I can also pay these rewards in advance." Luan Digeqing said with a smile.

"Young Master is going to give us wealth. I don't want this wealth to slip away from my hands. No matter when Young Master will supply the goods, as long as you tell me, I will prepare these in advance. "

"Ah, a headache, a headache. Originally, I had planned to hold an auction after the conclusion of this transaction with you. As for each of your clans, you can find an agent for them. " Chen Shouxin pretended to be troubled as he said.

Hearing Chen Shouxin's words, Luan Digeqing immediately became nervous.

"However, since you've brought this up, I'll give you face. "In the future, I will give you the authority to represent the Huns. Even if there are other Huns who want to trade with me, even if he gives a better price, I will only give it to you." Chen Shouxin said with a smile.

"Thank you, Young Master." Luan Digeqing said happily.

He could foresee what kind of reward he would get if he brought this Soapy Soap back to the clan. He might even become a noble.

Even though he appeared to be very popular here, he was actually just earning a lot of money. If he could really become a noble of a clan, he could raise a warrior and have his own territory.

"Today is a happy day, so don't be in such a hurry to leave. Let me treat you to a meal here." Chen Shouxin nodded.

To be honest, he had to thank Luan Digeqing. If he didn't come back, he probably wouldn't even have thought about representing Luan Digeqing.

Soap was an epoch-making product here. Previously, he had hidden it all by himself just in case he had more troubles. But now, in order to live a good life in the future, he couldn't hide this.

The Hu were just a general term for the tribes outside the Forbidden Area. The relationships between the various tribes were also very subtle. They would often fight over territory. As long as he was in Dingbei City, no matter what happened, the Hu people would always be his greatest danger.

Mayu used his wife to protect the interest between him and Hu Man, but now he had to find a different method. Luan Digeqing was the best pathfinder's stone. Even if something were to happen in the future, he would be able to find some clues.

In order to show his sincerity, Chen Shouxin invited Luan Digeqing to the kitchen and started cooking noodles.

Ye Zichen didn't have the heart to make other food for him, so treating him with noodles was not too bad. In this era, there were all kinds of cakes, but there were no noodles.

Although the Hu people loved to eat meat, that was because they couldn't do anything about it. There was only this kind of food on the prairie, and it was extremely difficult for them to eat even a little. Now, a bowl of soy noodles was sent to Luan Digeqing's side. Smelling the fragrance, he also felt his appetite stir.

"With some garlic, it tastes even better." Chen Shouxin also served Wang Yingjun a night before tossing a few garlic onto the table.

Wang Yingjun had been rubbing his noodles quite often during this period of time, so he was very experienced in eating this. Mix the noodles and sauce together, then take a big bite first. After eating, you can take another bite of garlic.

It was Luan Digeqing's first time eating noodles, but it didn't mean he couldn't taste it to his heart's content. After a short while, a large bowl of noodles entered his stomach. At the side of the bowl, he also dug out a lot of garlic skin.

Youzi stared with her eyes wide open. She had only eaten a few bites? Even if he remembered the young master's words and ate slowly, but wasn't this merchant eating too fast?

"You really like eating these?" Chen Shouxin looked at him and asked.

Luan Digeqing nodded, "I've never eaten such delicious food."

"Are your family members in Dingbei City or your clan?" Chen Shouxin asked again.

"They are all on the prairie. When we go back, we'll finally be able to see them." Luan Digeqing said with a smile.

"Sigh, if it weren't for the fact that you guys frequently come here to cause trouble, how good would it be for everyone to live a bit of life as they please?" Chen Shouxin casually said.

"Those are the thoughts of a man. We don't have any rights." Luan Digeqing nodded with a wry smile.

Life here was good. He wanted to bring his family over here to live as well. But he didn't dare to. He was living with his head held high. If there really was a war in the future, wouldn't he be the first one to be dealt with?

Chen Shouxin didn't say anything else. He went back to the chopping board and rolled the dough that he planned to take back to the old man, then cut some of the dough and rolled some of the dough with his hands again.

After wrapping the dough with a piece of cloth, he handed it over to Luan Digeqing and said, "It can be considered a small gift for your family. If there's a chance, let them come here and play. No matter how good the life on the prairie is, it cannot be compared with the life in the city. "

"You can put these outside the house to freeze tonight. Once you return to the grassland, you can boil them in plain water. You can just find some sauces and mix them." To others, salt may be more expensive, but to you, this is nothing. "

"Thank you, Young Master." Luan Digeqing was stunned for a while before he said gratefully.

He really didn't expect that Young Master would not only cook for him personally, but also bring him a present. What if it was Mayu from back then? You have to be careful when you come into contact with him. Wu Tie would take care of the inferior people, but he would not take care of his own side.

"Young Master, why do I feel that this Hu Shang is very pitiful?" Youzi frowned as she watched Luan Digeqing leave.

"We are only different races. In the end, we are all humans. "Hopefully, I'm not wrong about Luan Digeqing. Monkey, collect more information about him and the other seven people today." Chen Shouxin shouted towards the outside.

"As you command, young master." The monkey's voice came from afar, giving Wang Yingjun a fright.

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