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Since things here were settled quickly, Chen Shouxin started to rush home. On the way home, he even went to the butcher's shop to buy a lot of lard.

Now that the soap had shown its face in this era, he had to report this to the old man.

In the past, it was always boiled in a small pot. He used it with durian and grapefruit. Was he worried at the time? Moreover, if this thing had been given to this old man to use, he would have thought that he was a monster. Now, he really couldn't hold it in anymore. Everything was for the sake of living.

Wang Yingjun was also dragged here by him, there was no need to hide this matter from him. Comrade Wang also passed the test. After all, he dared to stand together with him against Mayu at that time.

"What will father do in the kitchen?" Chen Changqing looked at the thick oil and frowned.

Wang Yingjun wanted to give him a reminder, but just as he thought about it, he pressed it down.

Chen Shouxin's understanding of him during this period of time was definitely not the same as the three Imperial City evildoers from before. If he knew that his family's old man was working with him to scheme against him, even if he wouldn't fall out with him, he might have to prepare a few pairs of small shoes for him.

"Old man, what I want to do today is a big secret related to the world of the nine continents." Chen Shouxin said with a serious face.

"Eating food can save the country?" Chen Changqing looked at him and shook his head with a smile.

"Milord, gongzi, do you want me to go back to the barracks to take a look first?" Wang Yingjun's heart thumped when he heard Chen Shouxin's words.

Chen Changqing didn't take it seriously, but he was shocked. The main reason was that the soap in his hand today had exceeded his knowledge of the world.

"With such a small amount of courage, how are we going to accomplish anything big in the future?" I give you the title of general, are you a true general? To command an army of thousands upon thousands of men and horses, to attack and to be invincible, to have invincible generals, that is the true general. " Chen Shouxin rolled his eyes.

"Go, go to the stove to start a fire." In the future, be more shrewd and give yourself some confidence. They were messing around in the Imperial City. Why don't you show off your skills when they're outside? You'll have a chance to shine in the future, won't you? By then, even I won't be able to find an excuse for myself. "

Chen Shouxin said this without any trace of politeness because he felt that Wang Yingjun was lacking a bit of 'courage'. He had to force him, otherwise, his ambition would not be strong.

Wang Yingjun didn't feel good listening to it. He didn't know that everything had been going well today, so why did they start to criticize him now? However, in his heart, he felt a little "afraid" of these two father and son Chen Family. Therefore, he obediently went over to the stove to wash the wok and light the fire.

"Old man, this time I'm going to tell you a big secret I've been hiding for six years." Chen Shouxin looked at Chen Changqing and said.

Chen Changqing's heart was slightly moved, but his expression remained unchanged. He stroked his beard and nodded.

Uncle Chen, on the other hand, quietly went outside the room and began to watch for them.

"A few years ago, I stumbled upon a very strange phenomenon." Chen Shouxin said seriously.

"When I was eating the barbecue, I noticed that the fat balls that fell into the ashes were very magical. Wash your hands with them or wash your clothes with them. It's not like oil at all. Then I thought a little more. Why? Why is it like this? "

At this point, Chen Shouxin paused for a second and put on a "Hurry up and praise me" expression.

"If you have anything to say, just say it directly. Don't waste your time." Chen Changqing said gloomily.

He had thought that he would be able to hear some secrets about his son, and his heart was filled with joy. But what they were saying now was completely irrelevant.

"Didn't you say it's related to the Land of the Nine Prefectures? You don't like it?" You can find a stool and watch the show. " Chen Shouxin said without much interest.

In his heart, however, he was elated. It seemed that this old man had managed to hoodwink him. Acting cute and acting cute was something he hated the most. After all, he was someone with decades of experience.

He cut the oil and water into pieces and threw them into the pot. The matter of cooking the oil was left to Youzi and Wang Yingjun. He had to make his own alkaline water.

In fact, making soap, pig pancreas is the most time-saving, labor-saving. Why else would soap be called a "pancreas" in later generations? However, in this era, it was not easy to find the pancreas. Those that didn't sell it would just throw it away.

He took out a small pot from the side and added some ash and water into it. Then, he started to boil the pot. Normally, he would have to keep the plant ash water for a while. He couldn't use the metal container when heating it, but today was just to let the old man know, so he didn't have the energy to do so.

This method wasn't invented by Chen Shouxin himself. In the future, he would practice in a chicken farm and chat with the big brothers who collected the sewer oil. This was the method of making soap using earth laws. They were all just chatting about it.

It was a waste of time to boil the oil, and the smell wasn't that good either. However, Chen Changqing patiently watched his son fiddle around.

Chen Shouxin placed the lard into a big bowl and took it out to the refrigerator. It was made naturally so that Chen Shouxin could solidify it quickly.

Everything was ready. He placed the small pot of wood ash on the fire, dug up a large piece of pork fat that had cooled down a lot, and put it inside. When the oil had melted, he began to add ash and water to it, stirring it with a stick.

After stirring for a while and seeing Wang Yingjun, the idle person, watching the scene, the honorable task was handed to him. Although it looked like he was working hard, Wang Yingjun stirred it very hard.

The stirring time was a bit long, so Chen Shouxin could only blame it on his lack of meticulous research on the mixing ratio. The alkaline water made from plant ash was also extremely low in concentration. With all the lights in the kitchen, the oil in the wok finally started to change.

Chen Shouxin then changed Wang Yingjun, who was already sweating profusely from exhaustion, and continued to stir on his own. He could only do it. During the first production of that year, he, Youzi and durian had been exhausted half to death.

Seeing that it was about time, he used a spoon to scoop out the "paste" and put it into a nearby bowl. He also put it outside to cool it down. After this hustle and bustle, his back ached and his legs cramped up.

"I'll call this Soapy Soap, Youzi. Give me a small piece and let this old man try it out." Chen Shouxin said after wiping the sweat on his forehead.

Under Chen Shouxin's guidance, Wu tried washing his hands with soap for the first time. Although he didn't know the economic value of this place, he could feel the magic of soap.

"I will sell this to the Hu now, it can be used to exchange for horses, and it can be used to exchange for cattle and sheep." Chen Shouxin said seriously.

"And cow dung." Wang Yingjun added.

If he doesn't report now, then there won't be a chance. He was afraid that Lord Chen would be unhappy.

Chen Changqing looked at Chen Shouxin and slowly nodded, "It's up to you." "Go cook, I'm hungry."

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