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While the hotpot was boiling hot, he had a rather comfortable night of sleep. However, he didn't sleep on the hot brick bed that he had been waiting for for for a long time, so he was somewhat disappointed.

When he got up in the morning, the snow outside had stopped falling and the sun was high in the sky. With the paper covering the window, the sunlight couldn't shine on the bed. It was even more regretful.

"Oh, Youzi, did I oversleep again?" Chen Shouxin asked Youzi, who was helping him wash up.

"I didn't wake you up when you were sleeping soundly. Master and Uncle Chen went outside to look for the house. Youzi whispered.

"Well, I'll have a bite to eat, and then we'll go for a walk in the street. Originally, I wanted to show off a little of my skills to them, but since they do not appreciate my help, I'll let them investigate for themselves. " Chen Shouxin said with a smile.

Right now, it was better if he didn't worry about it. He didn't want to cause any more trouble while he was busy. With the old man's temper, if he insisted on going over, he might get hit out of there with the stick.

The millet porridge was still warm and the eggs were still delicious. Chen Shouxin finished his breakfast after serving a bowl of millet porridge and two eggs.

That little brat who he saw yesterday peeped out from outside the door. He was the youngest son of the old horse, and belonged to the old horse. There were still two eggs left, and he stuffed them into the little guy's hands the moment he left the room.

Coming to the street outside, Chen Shouxin had a new understanding of Dingbei City. It had snowed heavily yesterday, and he had no interest in watching the street from his car.

It was not as bad as he thought. The air of a merchant here was very thick, and the snow had long since piled up at a place where the roadside would be safe. Along the way, there were many people coming and going among the surrounding merchants. The Chinese people and the Hu people got along very well with each other.

Chen Shouxin felt that if he had teleported here, he wouldn't have thought that this was the Frontier City. Putting everything else aside, Mayu was quite accomplished in this aspect.

"Young Master, Young Master, look, is the butcher selling beef over there?" Aren't they afraid of getting beheaded? " Just as he was lost in thought, Youzi pulled his arm and asked very carefully.

"This place is different from the Imperial City. I think this beef was brought here by Hu Shang. It's pretty good, that's why we had to sacrifice it." Chen Shouxin said with a smile. His saliva was a little bit more than usual.

Beef, ah, it's not something that can be eaten easily in Great Zhou Dynasty. Killing an ox was a serious crime, and he really had to behead them. When he was in the Imperial City, he'd only secretly touched and eaten with her once. He was in a very depressed mood, so he decided to get some beef for a toothpick.

Just as he was about to walk forward, he heard a faint sound behind him. Before he could turn around, he felt his body being struck heavily by someone. He lost his balance and fell to the ground.

"Who walks with no eyes? "If you hold me up in military affairs, how many brains do you have?" Before he could stand up from the ground, a strong man stood up beside him and said viciously. However, the strong man kept staring at Youzi.

"Military affairs?" What kind of military affairs? In the Great Zhou, military service should be carried out in uniform. Are you trying to rebel with your usual attire? Looks like I have to chat with Lord Ma. Why is a good Dingbei City so pungent? " Chen Shouxin stood up, stood in front of Youzi, squinted his eyes and said to the man.

Hearing his words, the soldiers behind the big man quickly stopped laughing and became nervous.

"I was wondering who it was. It must be Young Noble Chen from the Imperial City." "You still have to be careful when you speak. Don't say the word 'rebellion' out loud, or you might really lose your head. This is the Fringe City after all." The big guy said in a cold voice as he scanned Chen Shouxin's neck.

Chen Shouxin couldn't help but feel cold from the bottom of his heart when he saw Chen Shouxin's snake-like gaze. But he couldn't weaken his aura right now. Otherwise, he might suffer some sort of humiliation.

"Old Ma's pony? Did you ask your father about the barks? It seemed like it was time to write a letter to Censor Liu. He was probably bored out of his mind these days. "Youzi, let's go buy meat. We're too lazy to argue with this bastard." Chen Shouxin left these words and quickly led Youzi to the butcher's shop.

It wasn't that they hadn't bullied anyone back in the Imperial City, it was just that at that time, they had the advantage of numbers. Now, they were alone. With his current small physique, he really couldn't do it.

The burly man was stunned for a moment before bursting out with laughter. He then led his lackeys to walk towards the front in a complacent manner. When he passed by the butcher's shop, he even followed his henchmen to give Chen Shouxin a few pointers.

Chen Shouxin was very depressed. Although he had been scolded countless times in his heart, he could not defeat the cowardice in his heart with his AQ spirit.

He bought a leg of beef and cut a few pounds of pork. He wanted to turn grief into appetite. He had never suffered so much in his life, but there was nothing he could do to those people.

Only after he finished buying did he realize that he had been too impulsive. With such a big leg, even if he and Youzi were to carry it together, it would be enough to resist. I regret that I did not want to train in martial arts. Even if one was unable to create a reputation in the martial arts world, one's body would still be slightly stronger.

"Young Master, why don't I bring you back to the relay station?" Just as he was worrying, a dark burly man came up to him and said.

"You are?" Chen Shouxin looked up and asked.

He still had some impression that this black burly man was also here to watch the show. There was nothing he could do about it. Right now, he had not even matured to 1.7 meters yet. The people here were all quite strong, and he could tell that they were all big men. Most of them had their heads raised when they spoke.

"Young Master, my name is Ma Zhuang. My brothers all call me Dahei. It was the inn of the post station, and it was my father. When I just got home, I heard from San Zhuang that Young Master gave me two eggs, and then I found them. " Ma Zhuang said with a smile.

"Alright, then I'll be troubling you. I let you see the joke just now." Chen Shouxin nodded.

"Young Master, you have to be careful. Ma Yuanliang is used to being evil." After lifting the pork with the leg of beef, Magnificent Horse said.

What a good man, the beef leg and pork did not become a burden to the strong, to the point that Youzi stared with wide eyes.

Chen Shouxin nodded and didn't say anything, confirming his previous guess.

The moment he walked back to the entrance of the relay station, he saw Uncle Chen calling someone to put the boxes into the car. A few of the postmen also carried the boxes out.

"Uncle Chen, you found the old mansion so quickly?" Chen Shouxin asked curiously.

"Young master, we were lucky that a merchant was in a hurry to buy it. We only spent 10 taels of silver on him." Master is over there, what's wrong with your body? " Uncle Chen asked with concern.

There was a large stain on Chen Shouxin's white robe. He still hadn't seen it from far away.

"I accidentally fell, so it's not a problem. Ten taels of silver was indeed quite cheap. Dahei, what do you have to say for yourself? " Chen Shouxin noticed that there was something wrong with Zhuang Ma's expression after he said that, so he asked casually.

"Young Master, is the house you bought the third one on North Street?" Ma Zhuang asked after hesitating for a moment.

"It's that family. Could it be that something is saying?" Uncle Chen nodded and asked with a frown.

"Sigh, that mansion was chosen by Ma Yuanliang. It has been sold for more than three months, but no one dares to buy it." Ma Zhuang said after hesitating for a moment.

"Oh, Uncle Chen, your days are not going well. This is going to be a big deal." The way I'm acting is exactly what Ma Yuanliang did when he bumped into me. He is the son of Mayu. Chen Shouxin said with a wry smile.

"Young Master, why don't we return to the residence?" Uncle Chen asked with a bitter face.

"Retreat what?" Should he bully us or bully us? Let's go and take a look. " Chen Shouxin waved his hand and said indifferently.

"Dahei, how did this Hu Shang offend Ma Yuanliang?" On the way to the new house, Chen Shouxin casually asked.

"How could this little one know about these things? Ma Yuanliang originally had the blood of the Hu. It's just that Ma Shougao only has a son like him, and although he isn't born in the main wife, he's still very favored. " Ma Zhuang softly explained.

"No wonder I keep having the feeling that his appearance is a little strange. There are so many Hu merchants in our Dingbei City, I think there's a reason for it. " Chen Shouxin nodded.

"Recently, I have lost a servant. If you are interested, you can quit the business of the inn. "Let's set the monthly rate at eight hundred silver coins. I'll give you one or two silver coins after the probation period. It's not copper coins."

"Thank you for your good intentions, Young Master. I shall discuss this with my father." Ma Zhuang couldn't hide the joy on his face, but he didn't directly agree.

Chen Shouxin sighed bitterly in his heart once again. A monthly fee of a silver tael, he wouldn't even be able to hire a guest house as a follower here. How much is the postman's salary? It was only a stone's worth of rice. Even a horse's official's salary would only be three stone's worth here. Whether it was a postman or an official, neither of them could be considered official. They couldn't even compare to the yamen runners.

What was the purchasing power of a silver tael in this era? Not too much.

When the year was good, a bowl of rice was worth about ten gold coins. One tael of silver could buy one hundred taels of rice, which was equivalent to ten stones worth of grain. Even if the rice here was a bit more expensive, it should be around three stones.

Besides, silver was not really an official currency, and it was a large sum of money that was normally circulated among the commoners. The official exchange rate was one tael of silver and one thousand pieces of paper. When you actually exchanged, you would be able to get around 1200 pieces of paper.

However, Ma Zhuang was able to directly resist his temptation. Could it be that his lofty goal is to become an unranked guild? Of course not, he was afraid of Ma Yuanliang.

His mood became heavier and heavier. The weather was sunny, but he felt very depressed.

Even though he had seen a pretty good new house, the haze in his heart could not be swept away. Instead, he would often recall the murderous look in Ma Yuanliang's eyes.

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