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The sun was high in the sky, and Chen Changqing, who was eating breakfast, saw that his son and his little maid, Youzi, did not come to eat. He also knew that they must have been exhausted from work last night.

After finishing the millet porridge, Chen Changqing put two bowls on the tray, and six eggs on the tray. Then, he carried the porridge outside.

Uncle Chen, who was at the side, did not take the initiative to take over this task. The relationship between the young master and the lord had finally eased up a bit, and he took it to heart happily. Although the young master was a bit of a prankster sometimes, he would never do something that was too out of line. At most, he could be considered to be a bit naughty.

If it had been another young master, with the looks of a grapefruit and a durian, how could he still be a virgin?

Chen Changqing could feel Uncle Chen's gaze, so he was more or less a bit embarrassed. The last time he had personally served his son seemed to have been when he was four years old.

At that time, his son was very attractive, so you could teach him to recite everything quickly. His words rang with a jingling sound. He had thought that he finally had a successor at home. I can't bear to look back. I don't know how this stinking brat changed his appearance.

When he came to the room and saw that his son was sleeping on the table in his usual clothes, Chen Changqing's heart ached.

He put the plate to the side and took off his outer robe to cover his son's face. He accidentally saw Chen Shouxin's account book and stopped his actions.

As Uncle Chen said yesterday, the books were much bigger than normal books and there were even lines crisscrossing on them. What attracted his attention wasn't the small square on the account book, nor was it the scrawling on the account book that made him feel ashamed just by looking at it.

Uncle Chen didn't explain it clearly yesterday. As someone in the industry, it was obvious when he saw it.

This method of keeping accounts was rather cumbersome. Every day, he would have to register and enter them. However, for his boss or for someone like him, it was much more convenient.

The more he read, the more curious he felt. He threw the robe to the side and started to read it carefully. Every time he turned a page, he couldn't help but nod his head.

As the pages of the accounts were being transferred, as well as the records of the total assets of the treasury in Dingbei City, the accounts were being written down clearly, and one could see the daily transactions of money. This method of keeping accounts was not a good way to describe it. If the local treasury were to use this method of keeping accounts in the future, then let's see how many silverfish would dare to embezzle and embezzle.

"Master, Youzi is too sleepy. She didn't see Master come in." Youzi, who was sleeping in the bed, hurriedly ran out of the bed and quietly apologized when she saw Chen Changqing.

"It's fine." Chen Changqing waved his hand, "Youzi, let me ask you, did you arrange these accounts with the young master? Did the Young Master say anything? "

"Master, it's all because of what Young Master said. Youzi is only responsible for recording. Then... Then... Young Master, since I'm too tired, let me rest first. " Youzi said in a soft voice.

"Alright, alright, alright. You've worked hard. Hurry up and wash up, then eat breakfast. Didn't your young master say that breakfast is very important? " Chen Shouxin said with a smile as he looked at Youzi.

He was shocked by Youzi's words. When had the master ever spoken to him in such an amiable manner? Ever since he had violated the rules of the manor by following the rules of the young master, the old master seemed to have disliked both him and Sister Liulian.

Not daring to think any further, Youzi couldn't understand why her master's personality had changed so much. She felt that she should escape first. As for that young master who was still sleeping soundly, she should pray for good fortune.

Chen Shouxin slept on the table while Chen Changqing sat on the side and looked at the account book. Unknowingly, it was already noon.

Chen Shouxin, who opened his eyes in a daze, felt extremely sore all over. He looked to the side. The old man was looking at his account book with rapt attention.

"What kind of clues?" Chen Shouxin asked after he stretched.

"Not for the time being. How did you learn to keep accounts like this?" Chen Changqing put down the account book and asked him in a serious tone.

"Didn't I say it yesterday? Just think about it." Chen Shouxin said with a smile.

After he had finished speaking, he stood up and walked to the brazier. He picked up the brazier and placed it on the table with a bang.

"Cough, cough, cough …" "A misoperation."

He had originally wanted to play around, but after the brazier was placed on the table, a cloud of ashes rose up, causing him to choke to the point of choking himself.

"You mean Mayu wrote on charcoal? I also saw the expenses related to charcoal in the account book. It's normal for me to use more than I already have. Furthermore, the quality of the charcoal here is excellent. It would be hard to find even in the Imperial City. " Chen Changqing pinched his beard and said.

"Bad, old man, bad." Chen Shouxin shook his head and said.

"At first, I didn't expect this cotton candy to be able to write articles on charcoal. A kilo of charcoal is only worth a few dollars, but after careful calculation, I found that not only can this paper be written on, it is also very big." "They don't sell their charcoal for money, but instead convert it into rice for the same amount of money."

"In our Great Zhou Dynasty, how many articles can we do with this rice, I think I don't need to elaborate, right? Furthermore, from the account books, it could be seen that every time the imperial court called for some rice or other, they would purchase a large amount of charcoal. Even in the summer, they are still buying. "

"You can say that this is for reserve, but who wouldn't know that buying more at once and buying more at the same time can be negotiated?"

"Charcoal is indeed not worth much, but if you put up a good show with the rice you got, you will probably be able to control the price, right?" when it comes to people's lives, it's not a small matter. "

"I have also unintentionally obtained some information. It is said that one of Mayu's wives was a Hu, and his son was born of this lady. Even now, their family was in contact with the Hu people. This is also why there are so many merchants in Dingbei City, and why they get along so well with the Chinese. "

"To put it bluntly, it is true that this place is more expensive than rice. Where could he find such a good livelihood? In any case, I feel that the matter involved here is not a small one. If you catch the old horse, you might bring a bunch out. "You must truly think it through. The more I think about it, the more scared I am."

"I'm a bit regretful now. It's best for me to not know anything at all, lest I cause so much trouble for our family."

Ye Zichen was truly scared, he was worried that Mayu would make a move. However, at that time, he still had some confidence. After all, this old man was an official.

But what was the situation now? He might unearth an interest group on his side. And the person who was able to be dispatched was definitely not Mayu. Even if he could come up with this idea, he didn't have the ability to.

"That's what you saw?" Chen Changqing asked in disbelief.

"How could I have that ability? It's all a guess. " Chen Shouxin said helplessly.

"Although I didn't pay much attention to the accounts ahead, I saw that most of his spending was on food instead of food. There must be an article here, because charcoal last year bought 30% more than the year before. And last year, the entire Zhou Dynasty did not pay well, so the price went up a lot. "

"Look at the days when they ordered charcoal, they were all here before the food was determined to be transferred. Can cotton candy predict not have? "What if no one had informed him beforehand that he would be in trouble?"

"Moreover, although there are a lot of trees here, with the burning method of that charcoal factory, this place has long since become barren." But when we came over, those woods were pretty good. "

"Even if it's a tree they got from somewhere else, where would so much charcoal be burned? Can you believe that the soldiers who were assigned to the military camp would give these soldiers a large amount of fuel? I don't believe it anyway. "

"That's why I felt that it was a bit dangerous. I'm afraid that the City Defence Camp here have also been won over by Mayu. "Other than deploying troops to suppress Mayu, I really can't think of any other way to deal with Mayu, and at the same time, to keep us safe."

After saying that, Chen Shouxin's expression became extremely lonely.

The ancient temple was extremely high and he was unaware of the dangers of the martial arts world. Although he had never been in the temple before, he had always lived in the imperial city, and there was still a rule that had to be followed.

Although Dingbei City was not to the point of being disorderly and disorderly, these people could do many crazy things for benefits.

Old man Ma had said before that once there was a profit, the capital would be bold. With a profit of 50%, they would take the risk. With a profit of 100%, they would trample over all the laws of the world. With a profit of 300%, they would run the risk of having their head chopped off.

And this was just capital. The current dynasty was a feudal empire, with power and authority. How much profit would they make from their unprofitable business?

On the other hand, there was no change in Chen Changqing's expression. He just looked at Chen Shouxin with a smile that made him feel scared.

"Old man, why are you looking at me like that?" Chen Shouxin asked timidly.

"Good, very good. My son has just grown up. I am very pleased." Chen Changqing looked at Chen Shouxin and said with a smile.

"Don't, please don't, don't have any bad thoughts, I don't want to be an official." Chen Shouxin quickly said.

"Accompanying a monarch is like accompanying a tiger. The bigger the official, the more dangerous it is. Just like you, this is where you get demoted. "Let's just be rich people in peace, raise a few herds of cattle and sheep, and have a bunch of kids. Living happily ever after is better than anything."

He really didn't want to be an official. He felt that he really didn't have that kind of mind.

Chen Changqing didn't say anything and carefully picked up the two books. He was still a little worried, so he spread the robe on the table, placed the two books on top and wrapped them carefully.

Chen Shouxin was speechless.

This was just a layer of window paper. As long as it was punctured, the financial personnel of this era would be able to grasp the trick. His father was also an assistant minister of the Ministry of Revenue. In the future, he would also be a deputy minister of the Ministry of Finance, but now, he was being so cautious and inexperienced.

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