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Chen Shouxin's scheming went smoothly according to the plan, and his life was also very beautiful. After all, there were already people following him. Even Ma Yuanliang and the other servants would feel dejected when they saw him. This allowed him to have some of the feeling of roaming the Imperial City.

On this day, he brought Zhuang Ming back from the outside and saw his old man neatly dressed in the yard.

"Old man, what are you doing?" Did Mayu give in? You want me to buy you a drink? " Chen Shouxin asked curiously.

"More or less. Do you want to come with me to take a look?" Chen Changqing said with a smile.

Instinctively, Chen Shouxin felt that something was wrong, but he couldn't figure out what was wrong.

"Alright, I'll accompany you for a walk. Which restaurant? I'm almost done eating here, it's just so-so. " Chen Shouxin thought for a while and said.

"I'm not going to any restaurant, I'm going to the garrison. Mayu set up a family banquet. Didn't you notice that Ma Yuanliang didn't look for trouble with you today? This is a form of apology. " Chen Changqing continued to say with a smile.

"Are you sure this isn't a Hongmen feast?" Chen Shouxin frowned and asked.

"What is the Hongmen Feast?" Chen Changqing asked.

"Oh, these are the words that I was thinking about. They were the words to get us over and then crack the both of us." Chen Shouxin quickly explained.

How irritable. There wasn't even a period of time between the Three Kingdoms, yet I accidentally leaked it.

"It's fine, he doesn't have the guts. If you're scared, I'll go myself. " Chen Changqing waved his hand.

"Who's afraid? Didn't I worry about you? "Just go." Chen Shouxin said gloomily. He even hinted at Ma Zhuang to inform Wang Zhong.

Chen Changqing didn't care about the Ma Zhuang who left, he just walked out in his official uniform.

On the long street, those who saw Chen Changqing's official uniform could not help but stop their steps to watch. This was the first time they had seen such a official uniform. When Chen Shouxin saw some familiar figures in the crowd, he finally felt a bit relieved.

Arriving at the entrance of the garrison made Chen Shouxin somewhat depressed. Looks like Mayu was about to admit his mistake today? The soldiers at the entrance were all taken away and replaced with servants of the mansion.

"Lord Chen, after you." When the servants at the door saw Wu Tie, they bowed and greeted him.

Chen Changqing's authority was so great that he did not even nod his head as he directly ran towards the middle gate that was wide open.

After a while, Chen Shouxin frowned again. The situation wasn't right, weren't there a little too few people in the garrison? Moreover, he could faintly smell the scent of blood.

"Old man, something's wrong. Why don't we go back?" Chen Shouxin said while lightly pulling Chen Changqing's official uniform.

"Since they've come, there's no reason for them to leave." "Since Ma Shougao is such a hospitable guest, we must make this scene round." Chen Changqing said with a smile.

"Young Master, it's fine." Uncle Chen also said with a smile.

"Oh." Chen Shouxin nodded gloomily.

The further he walked, the more confused he became. His old man had actually rushed straight into the inner chamber. This was disrespectful behavior. He wasn't that close to Mayu, so he was able to entertain guests in the inner chamber.

Chen Shouxin was stunned the moment he turned around a doorway.

Mayu, Ma Yuanliang, and some others that he did not know all knelt in the yard. Behind them were a few people with black scarves covering their faces.

"Lord Chen, we've done it." While Chen Shouxin was in a daze, a woman with a black veil on her face walked up to Chen Changqing to report to him. She even took a glance at Chen Shouxin.

"Thank you, fifth miss." Chen Changqing cupped his fist seriously.


Even though the atmosphere was so abnormal and strange, Chen Shouxin still couldn't help but laugh out loud. It wasn't that his laughing points were low, but that the word "fifth miss" had a very magical meaning in the future generations.

fifth miss turned her head and looked at him. Just that one glance made Chen Shouxin feel as if he had fallen into an icy cave.

"Dingbei City City Guard, Mayu, do you know your crime?" Chen Changqing sat on a chair that was prepared beforehand and said.

"This official does not know what crime it is. On the other hand, it was unknown whether it was Lord Chen who ordered these strong people to suddenly rush into the lower official's residence. " Mayu said as he looked at Chen Changqing with his cold eyes.

"He refused to repent even at this point in time. "fifth miss, slap him." Chen Changqing said lightly.

Receiving Chen Changqing's order, fifth miss walked up to Mayu and started slapping his face. However, what made Chen Shouxin depressed was that fifth miss even tilted her head and looked at him when she hit Mayu. He could feel his face burning.

Furthermore, he was even more confused. He never thought that the old man would actually get someone to directly enter Mayu's mansion. These people with black scarves covering their faces were definitely not from the military. It was unknown which of the old man's classmates had sent out such a group of ruthless characters.

However, he was also a bit worried. It seemed like the old man was violating the rules. Even if he did manage to deal with Mayu, it would be hard to explain it to the Emperor.

"Mayu, do you have anything to say?" Chen Changqing waved his hand and fifth miss also stopped.

"Dogman, is there no excuse for a crime that you wish to commit?" Mayu spat out a mouthful of blood and mumbled.

"His bones are quite tough, but he doesn't know when he's about to die." Chen Changqing said with a smile.

"Do you think that the silver taels you smuggled out of the city can help you bring reinforcements here to save you? "Sorry, I took it for you."

"A fifteen year worth of Dingbei City defense actually made you covet fifty thousand silver taels. Do you think I can't find evidence just because you've run out of grain and stored it in a merchant's warehouse? It's a pity that you didn't kill all the people who were involved in the transportation of the rations that day. "

"I still need to thank your good teacher. He didn't only make two books, he also made three. You hid it pretty well. You actually hid it in the brothel. Did you think we couldn't find it? "

Chen Shouxin noticed that after the old man finished speaking, the person kneeling on the side of Wu Tie immediately collapsed to the ground. A puddle of wet marks gushed out from under his body; he was actually scared to the point of peeing.

"Ma Yuanliang, it's possible to find out who robbed the women! Sixteen of them! Thirty-seven of them were killed!" Chen Changqing continued.

"Hahahaha …" Ma Yuanliang heard this and laughed, "So what? It's my fault for being slow, otherwise, if I, your father, had done it, wouldn't I feel even more satisfied? "

Chen Changqing was not annoyed, and turned to look at Chen Shouxin. "Shouxin, you have to put up with all this for the sake of your father. Today, I shall hand this Ma Yuanliang to you.

"Ugh …" "Old man, you should get down to business first. Let's not joke around." Chen Shouxin said guiltily.

It was not that he had never imagined such a scene to appear before his eyes, but he had imagined it many times. However, now that he had appeared in such a muddled and confused manner, not only did he have a dreamlike feeling, he also did not feel the pleasure of getting his revenge.

On the contrary, he was afraid.

After staying here for so long, the smell of blood was even more pungent. He used to be proud of his sense of smell, but now he wished he had a cold and a stuffy nose.

The smell of blood kept seeping into his brain, and then he naturally imagined the scene where someone was about to kill someone. He felt very uncomfortable in his heart.

"Hahahaha …" See, egg-less stuff. Your Grandpa Ma is here, what can you do to me? Even if you kill your grandfather, your grandfather won't let you go even if he becomes a ghost. And that pretty little maid of yours, we'll definitely kill her after we've had enough fun. " Ma Yuanliang's crazed voice sounded again.

Chen Shouxin was stunned and then smiled. He slowly took a steel knife from the hands of the man in black beside him.

Before he was born into this world, he felt that he was alone. Even if Chen Changqing had done him a favor, he didn't think much of it when he was young.

But after living in this world for so long, there were four people whose positions were irreplaceable in his heart. One of them was Chen Changqing, the old man who often beat him up, but still went to help him carry the thunder when he was pissed off. The other was Uncle Chen. His mother died early, so he didn't have much of an impression of her. When he did, Uncle Chen would look after him.

There were two other people. One was durian. She had entered the manor earlier and was his playmate since he was young. He had also recognized her as his little daughter-in-law. The names of durian were all chosen by him. The other one was grapefruit, which could be considered to have been raised by him.

Ma Yuanliang's words had provoked him and made him recall that nightmare that he often had. This made him no longer afraid.

He walked up to Ma Yuanliang step by step and swung the steel sword in his hand towards Ma Yuanliang's right arm. The steel knife went into the flesh and was blocked by the arm bone. It did not cut too deep.

Chen Shouxin tilted his head and took a look. He pulled the steel knife out of Ma Yuanliang's arm bit by bit, then spat out a stream of blood onto Ma Yuanliang's shoes.

Looking at the blood on his shoes, Chen Shouxin held the knife and was stunned.

"Master, is the young master alright?" Why must you let the young master go through this? " Uncle Chen said worriedly. His tone was also full of complaints.

"There are some things that need to be experienced by him." Chen Changqing said indifferently.

"He always said that he didn't want to be a flower in a greenhouse, and I also felt that his character was a bit lacking. Even if he doesn't become an official in the future, what will happen if we can't protect him anymore when we grow old? We can take care of him for a while, but we can't take care of him for a lifetime. "

The field was very quiet. The people on Mayu's side were also shocked by Chen Shouxin, who was tilting his head and looking at Ma Yuanliang. Ma Yuanliang was sober, but he was also tough. He clenched his teeth and didn't utter a sound.

"What a big head, I wonder if I can chop it off." Chen Shouxin, who was silent for a while, said in a soft voice. Then, he raised the steel knife in his hand and swung it down at an oblique angle.

Looking at the head that rolled on the ground, Ma Yuanliang's eyes that were still full of grievance, he nodded in satisfaction and then fell to the ground with his face towards the sky.

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