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C3 Chapter 3

Elena Sergio.

It was almost time for a break. We were done with Biology class in the lab. I couldn't get over the fact that KJ and I just had a short beautiful conversation. His voice was pretty amazing. He seemed friendly. For the first time in years, I was free from the thought of being judged or body-shamed for my skin color.

For a brown skin guy, his hair color was on a flick. They matched perfectly with his body type. I turned over to see if he was beside me as everyone left but he had already taken his leave. Matthew chuckled to get my attention as he packed his books. I rolled my eyes in disgust. He was trying so much to get under my skin and it was working. He could at least have my back this once that I was in love or was I?

I picked up the materials I used during Biology to balance on one hand and strap my hag on another. I planned on putting them in my locker and making my move on KJ, maybe we could have lunch together.

"You know, you could just put books in your bag without looking disoriented," Matthews finally said after I ignored his first short laughter. He exited the class with his bag strapped on his right shoulder. He was being a killjoy.

I was left alone in the class looking disorganized with my books and my bag. Making things fair, I decided to stick with Matts' advice and arrange my materials in my bag. I exited the class, walking through the corridor to get to my locker.

There he was, standing tall, opening his locker and arranging his books in it. He looked undisturbed and focus on what he was arranging or probably he was shy to socialize around. Same as me.

I kept on turning over to look at him as I arranged my books as well. His locker, painted blue, same as mine was adjacently placed beside mine. I could get a sneak peek at him without being noticed.

Finally done with my book arrangements, I opened my locker slightly to keep gazing at him. He looked cute while he try to solve his locker issues, probably he wasn't used to it in his previous school. I arranged my hair getting ready to make my move. I was setting myself to go right there and talk to him, probably ask him to join me for lunch at the cafeteria. Not a bad idea in my case.

My locker was closed by me. I adjusted my shirt and ran my hands into my hair. I needed to look beautiful enough to shoot at him badly. His company was needed.

Walking towards him slowly, I took baby steps. It felt like I was paused and played repeatedly as I wasn't sure whether to move or not. When I moved slowly towards his locker, I was pushed hard to the other side of the corridor. My hair was all messy. I regained myself and dressed my hair to see who it was.

It was the She-devil herself, Anabel. She was going after him as well. This would add to her ego on the school's campus and give her bragging rights. She got her bragging rights through different means, including bullying, dating the newest and hottest guys on campus, and also by participating in different school activities such as talent shows and others in her likeness.

She paused her steps and turned to face me a bit. She smirked at me and winked, so evil. She figured I liked him and planned her moves ahead of mine. She finally got to him, therefore starting a conversation with him.

With my countenance changed, I walked back to my locker and glared at them with disgust. I was disappointed but fortunately, no one saw what she did because if they did, I'd have been the talk of the whole school.

I leaned my back on the locker and folded my arms a bit when I saw Matthews coming towards his locker which was near mine. We always had our lockers together by each other since we started high school. What are best friends for?

He clapped his hands as he laughed at me softly. He saw what Anabel did which was humiliating but he chose to mock me with it.

"It seems like you don't understand what I said earlier," He finally said. There was nothing to understand there if he was going to favor himself.

"There was nothing to understand if you're gonna stand there and laugh at me," I replied rolling my eyes at him.

"Elena, Elena, Elena." He had to say my name repeatedly. "I know you wanna date a hot guy who looks pretty physique and attractive but there might be some consequences." What was he talking about? I became confused.

"Which is?" I asked. I needed to hear the consequences he had in mind.

"First of all, if you both started dating, you're gonna be in a battle with other girls since they'll want him as well. Lots of insecurities between you two, you guys won't even last a week in a relationship."

"Haha really funny," My sarcastic reply to him. He wasn't making any sense to me with his so-called truth.

"You can choose to believe me or not. But that's the truth. No hate."

"I guess I've to find out then." The bell for lunch finally rang. A perfect time to leave him hanging by his locker. I walked through the corridor to get to the cafeteria. I needed to get something to eat.

"You can't keep avoiding the conversation!" I heard Matthews' voice behind me but I chose to ignore it. I was craving rice and beef and I needed to get them.

The school cafeteria was very busy. Students from different grades all rushed to get served at any of the waiting tables by any of the chefs they see. The chefs dressed in hairnets covering their hair and also an apron tied around their waists. They made available varieties of food according to the classes of food.

I ordered mango, my favorite fruit with rice and beef. I went to my favorite table to eat myself, my favorite table with my best friend. We always had our meals together except today, I left him at his locker where he mocked my feelings for my founded love.

Something got my attention. KJ walked into the cafeteria with eyes all over him but he didn't walk alone. He had Anabel by his side showing him his way around. Ugh! She outdid herself again. Splendid move, I thought. I sat down aggressively, watching her act lovey-dovey over my dream boy. I needed to seek advice on my move to make and I knew the perfect person.

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