Legally His/C2 An Arranged Marriage
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Legally His/C2 An Arranged Marriage
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C2 An Arranged Marriage

“So your marriage was arranged?” He asked leaning back in the chair in front of my desk.

“Yup!” I said not looking back at him.

“But why would accept something like that?”

“Can we talk about this later I don’t want to think about that right now!”

“Yeah sure. So lunch?”

“Yeah, you still like sushi right?”

“Of course, is that even a question?”

“Okay well, I got a surprise for you then let’s go”

“Alright, my car or yours?”

“You can drive.”

He nodded and with that, we made our way out of the office. Stopping at my assistant desk I started to speak.

“Tony, please tell them I’ll be out of the office until further notice.”

“Right, away boss lady.”

“Thank you.”

“You ready blue eyes?

Yeah of course.

I started to walk ahead he shortly caught up and put his hand on the small of my back.

Jaxon’s Point Of View

I've been back in Miami for a month and I'm bored out of my fucking mind. The sex and parties use to be fun but with my birthday coming up, I've started to think about what I've done with my life.

I'm turning 30 in a little over two months and what do I have to show for it? Yes, I have more money than I know what the fuck to do with but what use is it if I'm miserable.

I have plenty of "friends". But I'm positive most stick around just because I pay for everything.

Honestly, I know Taz & Cata are my only real friends. They're the only two people in the world who don't "Yes sir" me.

I swear I could say the most ridiculous thing and these "friends" would tell me it's the greatest thing in the world while Cata and Taz will tell me to shut the fck up.

Taz is like my brother and Cata well I’ve had a crush on her forever. I've known both of them since we were all 7.

“Aye up man?” I hear Taz yell as he comes closer to my room.

“Yeah bro. Why are you here so early?” I said more aggressively than intended

“Just wanted to see if you were up and ready for that meeting with Catarina. Shits in like an hour.” He said Mrs aggravating then usual.

“Yeah, I’m almost ready.”

“You know she married Ian Myers right?”

I groan my eyes at the sound of that bitch boys name.

Ian fucking Myers.

If people had mortal enemies he would be mine. I loathe that asshole with a passion.

He's always been jealous that I've always been able to outdo him. Not really my fault though. He tries to cut corners and I do the hard work. I'm a self made billionaire and he's a trust fund prick.

Anything I do he tries to do it and anything I have he wants it. He just fails so hard which is why I assume he hates me so much. It's crazy to think at one point we were actually kind of close.

Unfortunately, I did know. Remind me why she married him again?”

Annoyance dripping off my words.

I don’t know but from the blogs, they look happy and in love.

Taz says also obviously annoyed as well.

Fine. I'll go but if that annoying asshole is there I'm leaving. You know how he is and I won't let him drag me into some shit that I'll somehow end up taking the fall for...again.

I got up from my bed and heading into my bathroom.

I'm with you on that. You know I never trusted that asshole even when you two were friends. The dude is just fuckin shady.

He says as he leaves my room. I think about his words. Back in the day when Ivan did roll with us Taz always tried to warn me about him.

He always said something about him was off. I just took it as Taz being the protective best friend/brother he's always been. Now I take his words to heart more than ever.

Once I'm dressed I head downstairs and see Taz eating cereal in the kitchen. I chuckle and grab some coffee.

What's the point of me having people who'll cook you anything you want and you eat cereal?

I laugh taking a sip from my mug.

You pay them to cook for you. You're not wasting your money on me for something I can do my damn self.

How many times do I have to tell you to swallow first then speak?

He knows that annoys the fuck out of me.

Bitch, if you'd stop talking to me while I eat, we wouldn't have this problem now, would we?

After rolling my eyes I grab my phone and check some emails.

Once he's finally finished he says he's going to take a piss before we leave.

After about 20 minutes of driving and Taz telling me what's on my schedule for the week, we hit a bit of traffic.

“ That's the number to that chick that was all over you the other night.”

“Which one?”

My tone is flat and he knows it's because I genuinely don't care or know who he's talking about.

Redhead, long legs, huge....personality.

We both laugh as he makes gestures over his chest.

That still doesn’t explain why you're giving that to me.

I don't call women who try so hard to get me. I'm not a cocky prick but I know I'm attractive. But most just want me for my money. I had to learn that the hard way after my last relationship.

Her pops is Matthew St Patrick

He says in a matter of fact tone. Matt St Patrick is one of those types of men who had ridiculous amounts of money and was always looking for new things to invest his money in.

Not that I need it but if I had him in my pocket my future projects would do great with that type of name backing me. I look at the number and want to punch Taz in the chest.

So how am I supposed to call her when the number is fucked?

I show him the napkin it's written on. The last number is smudged.

Well, that was either an 8 or a 6. Not sure which. It was already folded when she gave it to me.

He shrugs and hands it back to me. We pull up to Sunshine Industries where the meeting with Cata is supposed to happen.

Looking at this place. It's definitely amazing what she did for herself I shake my head and laugh park. We walk inside and there's a group of people inside.

Hi how may I help you today?

I have a meeting with Catarina at 10 o’clock.

I said impatiently.

Your name?

Jaxon James Hendry

Ah yes here’s your pass you take that elevator right there and press level ten the entire floor is her office. Her assistant should direct you from there.

I nod walking into the elevator, the elevator doors open. Soon enough I’m met with a blonde-haired man. I’m guessing it’s her assistant.

Hi, Mrs. Myers is expecting you. One moment.

I involuntarily cringe at the name Mrs. Myers.

He walks away after a few minutes he comes back .

Okay she will see you now. Her office is all the way at the end the two big doors you can’t miss them.

I nod making my way. I walk into her office, she’s so busy in her work she doesn’t even notice she’s not alone anymore .

I take this time to admire her features. She’s even more beautiful then I remember. Suddenly she looks up and surprise then happiness takes over her face. She jumps out of her chair and jumps into my arms. It felt good .

So now you notice that there’s someone other then you in the room eh?

I pinched her cheek.

Jaxon Oh My God! I’ve missed you . What are you doing here? I haven’t seen you in forever.

She asked while I put her down. When I suddenly saw the wedding ring, my chest tightened.

Of course it’s me who else who it be? We have a meeting to attend to so shall we get started MRS?

She looked at me with sad guilty eyes.

Jaxon it’s no-.

It’s cool Cata, I left I didn’t really expect you to wait for me even though you promised.

My eyes are dark. She looked like she wanted to say something but she gave up .

Okay fine whatever then.

She left my arms and sat behind her desk tapping her hand impatiently on the desk.

What brings you to my company Mr. Hendry?

Hearing her call me Mr. Hendry hurt more then I like to admit.

I need you to come up with a idea for a commercial for the new car my company is promoting. I need it to be done for the reveal party for the new car of the series. We will release the car for the world to see like a movie premiere.

Ah, okay I like it . We could set up a time for a separate meeting to discuss some of the ideas I got floating around up here. When are you free to do so?

I’m free today.

Okay that’s great! Let’s do lunc-.

Before she could finish her door busted open. Ian and some blonde came walking in hand in hand.

I took a glance at Cata to see her facial expressions and she looked unbothered that was at least until the blonde spoke.

We aren’t interrupting anything? Are we?

I looked at the blonde I could tell she was faking concern.

Yeah you actually are.

Cata said her face filled with disgust.

Well then I’ll make this quick.

The asshole Ian started to speak . I don’t think he noticed me that or he didn’t care to comment on me being in her office.

He then smacks documents on the table from what I could see I think they was divorce papers. She looks down then glances up at the blonde.

Sign it so we can be done with this ridiculous marriage. But you should know the moment your father married you off to me he signed over you’d shares to me. As a pre wedding gift I’ll be handing them over to my future wife.

She picked up her pen and signed and handed them back to him without a second glance. The unbothered look on her face has now resurfaced.

If you think I care then you are surely mistaken, that man has done nothing to cause me pain. But on top of that he put me in an arranged marriage with you of all people you. I stopped caring a long time ago about what he do . But may you guys live happy and healthy.

She gave them a beautiful smile. I could tell it was real she truly didn’t care that her marriage was ending.

Now if you excuse me I have work to do.

The look on Ian’s face was pure comedy it took everything in me not to laugh. The blonde was seething. She was UPSET. She made the whole situation funnier.

She then picked up her phone and dialed a number after a few moments she spoke again.

Just Ms. Jovie is fine, can you tell me how I ended up with two unwanted guests in my office?

She went silent and spoke again.

It’s alright I need security in my office. I have unwelcome guests in.

Soon enough two guards came into the office.

Marcus, Thomas please escort them out and see to it that everyone in this building knows they are not allowed to step foot in it again.

Yes Boss.

Yes Boss.


Damn, don’t you think I’ve been tortured enough for the past three years pretending to love you?

With that she slammed the door shut.

She walked into a room next door and didn’t come out for a few minutes. After a few minutes she came out with a blunt lit as she inhaled the smoke I spoke.

So your marriage was arranged?


But why would you agree to something like that?

Can we talk about this later I don’t want to think about it. I’m really not in the mood.

She hit the blunt once more.

Yeah, sure so lunch?

Yeah, you still like sushi right?

Of course, is that even a question?

Okay well, I got a surprise for you then let’s go.

Alright my car? Or yours?

She shrugs.

You can drive.

I nod she puts the blunt down as we make our way out of her office she locked up and stopped at the desk in front of her door.

Tony, please tell them I’ll be out of the office until further notice.

Right away boss lady.

Thank you.

You ready blue eyes?

Her face was crimson the moment those words left my lips. Her blushing is adorable.

Yeah of course.

Her face was crimson the moment those words left my lips. Her blushing is adorable.

She started to walk ahead I caught up and put my hand on the small of her back as we left her building.

We reach my car I open the door for her she gets in my making my way to the driver's side and we take off. She refuses to me where we are going and only tells me directions.

After fifteen minutes we pulled up to a beautiful Japanese restaurant with the name “Hendry’s Sunshine.“

What? What is this?

Well after you left I missed you a lot and I eating sushi without you wasn’t the same so I bought the restaurant remodeled it and named it after us since your last name is Hendry. And the sunshine part is just cause that’s what you used to call m-.

I couldn’t hold it anymore.

I grabbed her face and kissed her passionately. Until we both pulled back for air.

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