[Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] After this, Minlan seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. Despite the vivid reports of Zhang's defeat and death, she slept and ate every day, and continued her walk. About three or four days later, the Tu brothers returned from the outside with a pair of mother and son in their carriage.
Slaughtering Dragon stood under the porch and cupped his hands, "Reporting to Madam, we've returned from Lord Liu's. According to Madam's instructions, the brothers that obtained them all gave twenty taels of silver each. We have brought the servants here, and just now, they were handed over to Cui mama. "
Ming Lan stood upright on the door with one hand behind her back. "Thank you, Master Tu."
The Tu brothers did not even glance at each other as their cage-bearers bowed and left in unison.
After Greenbranch and the others, they walked through the long corridor and through the drooping flower gate. The surroundings became quiet in an instant. No laughter could be heard, only the chirping of birds and the rustling of insects could be heard.
When they arrived at a secluded room, Minglan lifted her foot and stepped into it. The room was bare except for the master's chair. There were a few chairs beside it, but there were no other decorations. Cui mama led a few stout ladies to stand around, glaring at the mother and son standing in the middle of the room.
Ming Lan sat down steadily, placed her arms on the armrest, smiled and said, "I had wanted to say, 'I hope you've been well since we last met,' but now I see that you're more than ten years older than before. "You've been raised in Mianzhou, so why are you getting more and more out of shape?"
Manny slowly raised her head. Her hair was messy, her face haggard, and she was dressed in coarse clothing. She looked old, and she said in a low voice, "We are lowly women, not as noble as the Madam. We are young and beautiful."
Ming Lan raised her eyebrows, turning her head towards the boy beside her. "Brother Chang'er, do you know me?"
The boy was about a year old, fair and thin, with his hands clasped around his mother's sleeves and his head lowered. He looked up quickly, his face full of alarm and loathing, and as soon as he caught Ming Lan's gaze, he lowered his head again.
Minglan naturally did not miss the look in his eyes. She only sighed lightly and said, "Cui'er, get someone to send Brother Chang to the west wing for some snacks. If you call sister Rong over, they haven't seen each other for years."
Before the boy could struggle to resist, the four maids on both sides had already rushed over. Two of them held onto Manny while the other two picked up Brother Chang and quickly left the room.
Minglan smiled at her mother and said, "Don't worry. For my own sake, I won't let anything happen to my son in the manor. I'll just send him out, but I just want to have a good talk with you."
Manny was unwilling, but she also knew that Minglan was telling the truth, so she stopped struggling. At that moment, two executioners came in, one holding a high chair, the other a bundle of cloth.
Minlan clapped his hands three times, and the two women made their move quickly. Several of the other maids worked together, either hugging their legs, wrenches, or pressing their heads against their stomachs. After a while, they tied Manny firmly to a chair.
Manny's arms, back, and even her legs were fixed to the ground as if they were welded with iron. Her toes were three inches off the ground, and she was unable to move. She wailed, "When we first came in, we were already searched. We had nothing on us. What's the Madam going to do?"
Minglan said lightly, "It's nothing." "However, I am afraid that if you were to practice the Bronze-headed Iron Bone Method, you will kowtow and destroy my floor tiles."
Manny knew that Minglan was referring to that incident from years ago. She could not hold it in any longer and cried, "... Madam, I was in the wrong the last time. It's all my fault that I was so foolish as to believe the flowery words of the Grand Matron and even dare to offend her. "Later on, when I thought about it, Madam was pregnant. If something were to happen to her, I would have died for sure …"
Her tears flowed profusely. Where she was moved, she wished she could kowtow a few times and have her forehead bleed.
Ming Lan was expressionless, and interrupted her: "I … Save your strength, cry pitifully, will I eat this?" You and I know how things are. The women guarding outside are all ten steps away from this house, and we're the only ones inside. //
She pointed at Cui Mama and the others and teased, "Even if I told them to dance in the house naked, they would. "So …" She smiled and said, "Let's get back to what we were saying. Once we're out of this room, you can go ahead and clean yourself up as much as you want." "Alright." Ye Xiu nodded. "… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
Manny retracted her tears and slowly wiped away the moisture in her eyes, saying coldly, "Alright, I will speak the truth. As soon as we entered the Qilin Hall in the capital, we were called 'taken down'. Madam, you sure are good at handling matters.
Minglan smiled slightly. "You've made two mistakes. "Firstly, it is not an ordinary bailiff but a garrison guard. Secondly, where am I lacking to move? The marquis had specially instructed Lord Liu Zhengjie before he left."
Manny's expression suddenly changed and she said while trembling, "... "You are, Jiro, he sent for me to be apprehended...?"
"The marquis used to say that if you dare to make trouble again, you won't be angry, but you won't believe him." Ming Lan looked at her infatuated and disbelieving appearance, and felt extremely fed up.
"But you are also capable. The news from the front spread only for a few days before you received the letter and rushed back to the capital day and night … When you were sent back to Mianzhou by the Marquis, you must have left a message in the capital. " Minglan was impressed by her ability to leave behind eyes, ears, and courage as she cried and cried while being sent out.
Manny said coldly, "Madam, please don't be so busy praising this servant's house. I'm afraid that even in the countryside, you still have eyes and ears."
Ming Lan laughed, "You're wrong again." It is true that someone has come to report the situation between you and your son from time to time, but it is not my orders to keep an eye on them, but the duke's intentions. The person who sent the message arrived a few days earlier than you, and I shall report to Lord Liu as instructed by the Marquis, then … "
"After that, there will be soldiers waiting for us at the city gate." Manny sneered, and then said, "How do you plan on letting us off the hook now, missus?"
Minglan raised her brows, "You're wrong again. It's time for me to ask what business do you have in the capital?"
Manny raised her head and laughed until the veins on her neck bulged. Then, she said coldly, "It's even a husband and wife! Erlang who is in front of me, I don't know if you are still alive or not, but you are sitting right here! How good is Jiro treats you? Do you have a heart or not! "
Ming Lan thought about it and asked, "Then what should I do?"
Manny said loudly, "Do you even need me? Go to the government and find some reinforcements to see if they can save Erlang's life. Find out if there are any familiar people in the Northwest. Also … "Enter the palace sage, and leave your hair untouched. May the emperor, on account of Erlang's past achievements, pardon this defeat!"
Ming Lan couldn't hold it in anymore, and laughed while covering her mouth, unable to straighten her waist. "You actually took the script seriously?! "Are you still using your hair to cover your legs? Wenji, save your husband?!"
She stopped after a long while, and laughed while panting, "Firstly, the army is out in full force now, where are the other armies? Could it be that he wanted Lord Liu to bring the garrison that had protected the capital to the northwest? Second, the important town in the northwest, military matters, even the civil officials can't easily inquire about it, let alone me, a woman? Don't get into trouble! "Thirdly, so far, His Majesty hasn't given any orders, not even the censors themselves have spoken. What kind of favor do I need?!"
Manny's face was livid from her laughter. She gritted her teeth and said sharply, "My lady's heart is crystal clear and extremely smart. But it is not as bad as being infatuated with Erlang!"
"Infatuation? "Stop joking, how do you think Master Hou is going to let you off?"
Manny's expression suddenly changed. "He, he …"
Minglan said quietly, "Master Hou used to be here. If you dare to come and nag again, I won't call you Brother Chang anymore?"
Manny screamed, "Don't even think about separating us!"
"It wasn't me. Master Hou didn't plan on dirtying my hands." Minglan shook her head slowly, "As the marquis wishes, Lord Liu will send Brother Chang away the moment he holds you in his arms, choosing a good and honest family to raise. I was the one who told Lord Liu to send you guys over, and to ask Sister Rong to meet up with your little brother again. "
"... Then … What about me? " Manny was stunned.
Minglan said coldly, "Can't you tell? If the Marquis is interested, where are you two from in Mianzhou? However, the marquis had only sent people to look at Gu Chang. He had never stopped you at all, so why was that? Master Hou doesn't care what you do! Wait till you send Brother Chang away, then you can go wherever you want to die! " Eh? Is this considered fishing enforcement?
Manny shook her head with all her might as she wailed, "Erlang won't treat me like this! No! "It won't happen..." Only now did she get scared, and after crying for a long time, she suddenly raised her head and stared straight at Minglan, wailing, "Madam, I was the one who was stupid and stupid. I don't know what's good for me, I beg Madam to bring Brother Chang into the mansion! Madam has treated Big Sister Rong so well, so she can teach him a good lesson! "
"I don't need to teach him. Weren't you going to die without a son? Now you're willing to do so. " Minglan looked at her indifferently, the corner of her mouth curving into a slight smile of ridicule. "It looks like you've taught Brother Chang well these past few years."
Teach him to hate, teach him to take revenge, teach him to constantly talk about his birth mother with Gu Tinye, teach him how to 'get along' with his first-born brothers.
Manny's eyes shrunk, and then her face was quickly filled with grief. "Without my mother by my side, at least I'll be in front of father!" He is an honest child, and will be filial to my wife in the future … "
"Brother Chang'er definitely cannot return to the sect." "These are the Marquis' exact words."
Manny's eyes were filled with venom as she growled, "You vicious person, it's all Hu!" It must be you who incited and incited them. How could Erlang Shen be so heartless to us, mother and son! "
Minglan looked at her for a moment before slowly saying, "Why do you think Master Hou wanted to bring Brother Chang into the manor? Because no one knew who the Marquis was going to marry, and Brother Chang was so young, I don't think you have a son yet. Wait for the child to enter the house to slowly enlighten, perhaps still can save — but you say no. Later on, the Marquis and I, with a mother like you teaching us, it was nothing much. I thought that you wouldn't harm our son, but you definitely wouldn't be worried that Brother Chang would be together with my child. "It's said that it's impossible to guard against. There's only a thousand years of being a thief, but there's no such thing as a thousand years of being a thief."
Manny looked as if she had been stabbed in the heart. Her face was as pale as a sheet as she muttered, "I don't believe it, I don't believe it. You came specially to piss me off. Erlang Shen must be reciting 'mother and son'."
Minglan did not sneer. Looking at Manny deceiving herself, she said after a long while in a low voice, "Today, I will tell you to choose a path for Brother Chang." He sighed, "As long as you agree, and never leave Mianzhou in this life, and never waste your energy, I will ask the Marquis to send Brother Chang to the Chang Clan for upbringing."
Manny raised her head in shock. Senior Servant Chang? "
Minglan nodded. "A few days ago, I went with Senior Servant Chang. She, instead of being called Brother Chang, might as well be raised by her. Sister Yan'er is already married, and Brother Nian is busy studying day and night.
What a kind old man, unable to bear the suffering of a child. Minglan sighed in her heart and continued, "You should know that as a woman, there is no righteous path for you to walk. And seeing how much progress her grandson has made, Brother Chang will definitely have some prospects."
"What if I break my promise?" Manny asked after a while.
Minglan blinked, smiled and said, "By God, as long as you agree, I won't tell you to go back on your word."
Looking at Minglan's gentle smile, Manny felt a chill run down her spine for no reason. She knew the meaning of her words; once she agreed, she would be immediately escorted back to the Mianzhou City. The influence of the House of Marquis Ning would only need to speak a few words to the magistrate, and she would be imprisoned, unable to leave the ravine for the rest of her life.
Minglan saw the uncertainty on Manny's face, as if she was having a fight in her heart. She smiled and said, "How is it? "I've thought about it."
Manny spat in disdain and coldly snorted, "I don't believe you even with your brilliant tongue! I want to see Jiro, he definitely won't let us down! "
Minglan was slightly disappointed as she sighed, "Brother Chang... Sigh, forget it, you're the one who gave birth to him, so just do as the duke says. "
She slowly stood up and left while holding Little Peach. She didn't want to look at this selfish and cold woman again.
When he returned to his room, he saw his teammate holding onto a pair of shiny brass Nine Links. Seeing that his mother was back, he immediately dropped Nine Links, stood up shakily on the brick bed, and opened his arms in a childish voice... "Mother …"
Minglan's heart was filled with warmth as she hugged her son for a long time. Seeing that the little fatty was about to climb up to the top of her mother, she quickly went over to hug him.
Minglan was lying on the brick bed, smiling as she watched Little Fatso roll around on the soft mattress. He was so tired from his insanity that he stretched out his limbs and slept soundly on his little belly.
Ming Lan looked at her son's sweet sleeping face with inexplicable sadness — in fact, it would be safer to send Brother Chang'er to a place no one knew about, where he could be raised by a reliable family. Furthermore, raising a child took so much effort that she couldn't bear to have Senior Servant Chang clean up this mess for the Gu family. Ai, why bother finding trouble with yourself?
However... In this world, not all women were qualified to be mothers.
After a short rest, Greenwood hurriedly came in and reported in a low voice, "Madam, Brother Chang'er …" "And his mother, it's all up to Lord Liu." Grandma Cui sighed and said, "Lord Liu has troubled so much. But... It's because my family has been disgraced. "
Minglan couldn't help but sniff, secretly thinking that in Liu Zhengjie's line of work, he might not know the private matters of those officials.
"Where's Sister Rong?"
Greenwood was unable to hide his excitement, for fear of Minglan, he could only try his best to keep his composure. "Brother Chang didn't recognize Miss Rong for a long time, and we girls couldn't do it even after trying to coax her for a long time. The brother and sister sat in silence. That woman is here... The mother and daughter pair closed the door and chatted. Who knew that there would be a quarrel later on? Miss Rong cried and ran back to her room. Listen, she's still crying right now. "
Ming Lan was silent.
Greenwood could only continue to talk to himself, "According to Master Hou's instructions, Brother Chang will send me off on my way. That woman will also be rushing out of the capital on her own path. The janissary sent by Lord Liu had a few words with Manager Hao while they were having their drinks. If they meet that woman again, they will immediately send her to the desert. "
Ming Lan continued to remain silent. Gu Tinye had once said that the brothers who knew him in the past were magnanimous. Only Liu Zhengjie often taunted him because of his woman's benevolence. Gu Tinye would never stop. He would always be troubled in the future. Others might show mercy to Manny, but Liu Zhengjie definitely wouldn't be angry — he had entrusted the task to him.
Minglan was slightly surprised when someone reported to her that the dragon had been slaughtered. She hurriedly said, "Please speak to the outside world." With the sound of heavy footsteps, Slaughtering Dragon stood in the outer room and said in a low voice: "Sorry for disturbing your rest, this little one has something to report."
Mama Cui carefully carried Little Fatso into the room. Green Branch stood by the door and said in a clear voice through the curtain, "Please, Master Tu. Madam is listening."
Slaughtering Dragon said, "During this period of time, I have been investigating the market and I feel that something is amiss. How could the news of the great military affairs in front of them, with no written news of them, spread like this? The guy who sent the message to the Mianzhou Region was not well-informed. Why... "So fast …?"
His words were tactful, but Ming Lan immediately understood. With a quick thought, her heart shook, and she cried out involuntarily: "That's reasonable, Master Tu! I am already in this mountain, but I never thought of this place! "
She had once wondered about the source of the news of defeat, but she had never thought about it the other way around.
One must know that in ancient times, information was often kept a secret, and people were afraid of spreading rumors that would stir up people's hearts. For example, in this military campaign, even if a huge defeat had taken place in front of them, they would still have to put on a front; however, this time, a rumor had spread like wildfire!
"What do you mean …?" Ming Lan hesitated.
Dragon Slayer said, "Me too can't tell. "However, there seems to be some instability in the capital recently. Lord Liu has come to some deserts this morning, most of which are of unknown identity. I think it's better for Madam to be safe than to send some able-bodied men from the manor to look after the house …"
After thinking for a moment, Ming Lan slowly nodded her head.
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