Legend of Fire Star Young Man/C1 Unexpected harvest
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Legend of Fire Star Young Man/C1 Unexpected harvest
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C1 Unexpected harvest

There were a total of four empires on the Star Soul Continent, owned by the Eastern Xia Empire in the east. There were a total of five cities and under each city there were a total of ten small towns.

In the Star Soul Continent, as long as the child was six years old, he would be able to go to the city's Primary School to learn martial skills and cultivate his spiritual energy.

Early in the morning, on a mountain near the Tran Town, a teenager was sitting cross-legged on a rock. The warm sunlight was shining on his face.

"Whew ~" Lin Tian breathed in and out as he slowly stood up.

"Cultivating in the morning is definitely different. Heh, there should be three clouds of spirit energy by now." Lin Tian muttered to himself as he looked at the small town at the bottom of the mountain.

Lin Tian was an ordinary child of the Tran Town, and his father was a Advanced Astrologers. At the same time, he was the only alchemist in the town, although he was only at the first rank, he had a bit of a reputation in the town. Lin Tian had always wanted to become a Starer and an alchemist like his father, but because his physique was of the wind attribute, he was unable to do so. Therefore, he had been cultivating hard to become a respected Starer.

The soul could actually be divided into the power of spirit and the power of soul.

On the Star Soul Continent, people cultivated using spiritual energy. The Starer was a very common profession on the continent. The levels of Starer were divided into ten stages: Starer, Star Master, Star Spirit, Star King, Stellar Sect, Star Lord, Star Lord, Star Sage, Star King, and Star God. There was a distance of Wuyun between each step. Amongst them, One to Two Clouds was the Beginner level, Three Four Clouds was the Intermediate level, and Five Clouds was the Advanced level. If one wanted to become a respected Starer, they had to start cultivating their spirit energy since young. When their spirit energy broke through Wuyun, they had to become a Starer.

Other than the Starer, there was also a special profession on the road: Alchemist. Alchemists could be divided into grades 1 to 9. If one wanted to become an alchemist, the number one requirement was to possess an outstanding soul force. Soul power could be divided into three levels: middle and high. In order to become an alchemist, one's soul power had to be at least at the intermediate stage. However, only an alchemist who was at least rank 4 would be able to detect the soul power. Secondly, one had to have a fire attribute as their physique. All alchemists had to possess a type of flame. Only with a fire attribute physique would one be able to control the flame well.

"Sha ~ sha ~"

Thinking that he would be able to study at the Academy in a few days, Lin Tian became extremely excited and ran towards the town. Suddenly, a rustling sound came from the nearby vegetation.

"This is …." Lin Tian thought, then slowly walked towards the source of the voice.

"Blood Python!"

Lin Tian suppressed the shock in his heart and took a deep breath. Since he was young, he had helped his father organize the medicinal herbs and had some understanding of the beasts. The mature blood python was a rank 4 beast, the one in front of him should be a juvenile blood python. However, even in its youth, it was still a rank 2 beast, and its strength was equivalent to that of a star teacher. It was not an existence that Lin Tian could afford to offend.

Just as he was about to leave quietly, unexpectedly, the blood python was extremely sensitive to temperature. It immediately discovered Lin Tian and turned around, spitting out its red tongue as if it had already treated Lin Tian as its breakfast.

"Let's go all out!"

Even though he was afraid, Lin Tian knew that it was useless. Circulating the Three Cloud Spirit Qi within his body, he pounced towards the juvenile blood python.


Lin Tian roared out, he struck the blood python's head with his palm, the blood python turned its head and swung its tail, slamming heavily onto Lin Tian's body. The huge force of the slap sent Lin Tian flying, his entire body smashing into a tree branch not far away, causing him to fall down and faint.

The blood python flicked its tongue gracefully and slowly approached Lin Tian. It didn't notice at all that there was a strange silver light flickering near the grass where Lin Tian had fainted.

Just as the blood python was getting close to Lin Tian, the silver light suddenly entered its body, as if it was stimulated by the light, it suddenly swung its body, and after a while, it stopped struggling and collapsed into the grass, a ray of light shooting out from its body and hiding inside the grass.

After a long while, Lin Tian finally woke up. He rubbed his still dizzy head and muttered, "Am I dead?"

As soon as he stood up, he noticed the Blood Python that was motionlessly lying on the grass not far away. Lin Tian ran towards the town at the bottom of the mountain with a "Ah" sound.

Lin Tian ran for a while but stopped when he realised that the blood python was not chasing him.

"Why didn't the guy chase us?" Could it be that she's already full and can't be bothered with me? "Or my luck exploded?"

Lin Tian grabbed onto the hair that had been messed up from the fall, and suddenly remembered that the blood python seemed to be motionless, as if there were still wounds on its body.

"Is he dead?" "Yes, he must be dead, or else why didn't he come after me?"

Thinking about it, Lin Tian was secretly happy, he immediately ran over, but stopped when he was close by. He stared at the blood python for a while. After he was certain that the blood python had died for some reason, he slowly walked over.

Lin Tian's foot stepped onto the grass covered with silver light.


The light suddenly shot up along Lin Tian's feet. Lin Tian only had enough time to scream before fainting.

The light did not stop moving because of Lin Tian's fainting, instead, it went even faster, and when it reached Lin Tian's brain, it suddenly started to tremble.

It turned out that the light was a wisp of a juvenile fire, and that the juvenile fire was born from the energy of heaven and earth. It could absorb the moonlight energy during the night, and as a result, it grew in the grass, looking extremely cold. Although an alchemist was on the 'Heavenly Flame Ranking' 'Heavenly Flame', no one had discovered this fire and it was not on the 'Heavenly Flame' ranking board.

When this fire was first born, if a magical beast encountered it, it would immediately devour their soul, helping them grow stronger. However, if it met someone with extremely high soul power, it would be merged by the spirit of that person or magical beast.

Lin Tian's soul force was naturally strong, and reached a high level. Although Lin Tian was unconscious, the soul force that came with the intrusion of the juvenile fire still fought him.

If this juvenile fire had matured, it might not even have its power to rank in the top ten of the Heavenly Flame Ranking. But at the moment, it was only in its infancy, fighting against Lin Tian's soul power, in the beginning, it was on par, but now, it was slowly being merged by Lin Tian's soul force.

And Lin Tian's soul, had also begun to undergo changes because of this small juvenile fire.

The sunset had a tinge of redness on it as it hung in the sky. Sensing the lingering sunlight on its face, Lin Tian's tightly shut eyes blinked open.

"What just happened?" Lin Tian recalled the matters before he fainted, but he couldn't think of any reason.

"I don't care. Eh, the Blood Python's corpse is still here. Haha, I've struck it rich this time."

Lin Tian found a place to hide the juvenile blood python, then ran towards the town. This time, Lin Tian had run into the juvenile blood python, it was really hard to obtain. Although the blood python was dead, the pressure of the Rank 2 beast made the nearby beasts not dare to come close, otherwise, even if Lin Tian was hiding, he would definitely be eaten by the wild beast.

"Father!" Lin Tian shouted as soon as he returned home.

"What's the matter, Little Tian?" "Why are you in such a hurry? Why did you go out in the morning and come back only now?" Lin Zhan walked out from refining pharmacy, and looked at Lin Tian suspiciously. Although Lin Tian was just a child, he was very sensible, at the age of 6, he had already learnt many things from him, and it was rare for him to be so flustered.

"Father, when I was training on the mountain this morning, I ran into a young blood python …" Lin Tian told Lin Zhan about what happened today.

When Lin Zhan heard that something seemed to have sneaked into his body, he anxiously used his spirit energy to inspect Lin Tian's body, but he did not find anything, so he said to Lin Tian: "Go and find something to eat in the kitchen, or let your mother cook it for you. "Then I'll go back to my room to rest. I'll bring the blood python back with me. The pressure of a Class 2 Magical Beast shouldn't disappear so quickly. The other magical beasts on the mountain shouldn't be able to find the corpse so quickly." With that, Lin Zhan went to retrieve some things.

After quickly eating something, Lin Tian returned to his room to check on the situation.


Feeling that his soul seemed to be different from before, Lin Tian let out a light sigh. Although he did not know what difference it was due to the fact that his cultivation was not sufficient, he could clearly feel that it was different. Normally, he would only feel a breeze, but now, it was mixed with a cold and hot feeling.

"Could it be …?"

Lin Tian tried to circulate his spirit energy, and a ray of dim light shot out from his fingers. The dim light was extremely cold, but Lin Tian could clearly feel the terrifying temperature from it.

"Haha, I can become an alchemist now!" Lin Tian laughed. Although he did not know why, Lin Tian knew that this meant that he could control fire and become an alchemist just like his father. Lin Tian continued to play with the light between his fingers until he used up all of his spirit energy.

"I wonder if this flame can be used to refine medicine?" Lin Tian was worried again.

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