Legend Of Sword Devil/C1 Rowe's Main Entrance
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Legend Of Sword Devil/C1 Rowe's Main Entrance
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C1 Rowe's Main Entrance

"Xiao Yun, from now on, you have to take care of yourself." Lee Baiyun's father, Li Nian Shui, said to his son, who was about to leave.

Lee Baiyun's body trembled. His expression was grave and he seemed reluctant to leave. Of course, if it wasn't because his family was so poor that he couldn't keep the pot boiling, he wouldn't want to leave home.

Just when Lee Baiyun wanted to say something, the sound of horses and carriages came from outside the door. Lee Baiyun looked outside the door and his uncle got off.

"Are you ready? "Hey, Luo Yun, take out your little brother's clothes." Lee Baiyun's uncle, Luo Jie, said to the carriage.

A delicate voice came from the carriage, "Yes."

This girl was Luo Yun, Luo Jie's daughter was Lee Baiyun's cousin. Luo Yun had been engaged to Lee Baiyun since she was young, but now that Lee Baiyun's family background was gone, Luo Yun did not want to be with Lee Baiyun anymore. She was very distant from him. Luo Jie wanted to go back on his word, but he couldn't say it out loud due to his relatives. Therefore, he didn't want to say it out loud.

Luo Yun got off the car and handed a shirt to Lee Baiyun. Lee Baiyun really wanted to refuse, but since it was an important interview, he had no choice but to take the shirt from Luo Yun.

"Thank you!" Lee Baiyun didn't know what to say at the moment, so he asked his cousin politely. Luo Yun was a beauty, a natural born beauty. It was unavoidable for a beauty to have a bit of pride in herself. When her fair arms were revealed, Lee Baiyun was shocked. He was amazed that there was such a beautiful arm in this world. Seriously, just when he was in a daze, his uncle …

"Ahem, we should head out now."

"Cui Er, bring xiaojie home. Tell Madam that I won't be coming back, I'm going to Yuezhou for some matters." Luo Jie said to a young maid who was standing beside the carriage.

"It's the old master!" The young maid accepted the order and knelt down.

Luo Yun did not feel that way about Lee Baiyun. Lee Baiyun was ashamed of himself as well. This was not a small blow to him.

"Wait a moment, I have something to say to Yun'er." Lee Baiyun's father said to Lee Baiyun.

"Then we'll walk slowly. Yun'er, hurry up." Luo Yun got into the carriage as she spoke.

Li Nian Shui said to his son as soon as he saw Luo Jie walk away: "Lee Baiyun, remember this. You must study well to change your fate. That's how your cousin looks at you!"

Lee Baiyun nodded heavily, then kneeled on the ground "normally" and kowtowed three times to his father.

"Go!" Li Nian Shui was waved away by Lee Baiyun.

"Then I'll be going. Take care, father." Lee Baiyun's eyes were filled with tears.

Li Nian Shui didn't say anything. Ever since Lee Baiyun died, he hadn't said much. If Lee Baiyun didn't have nothing in these two worlds, he would have really followed Lee Baiyun.

"Father, don't worry. Your son will definitely live up to your expectations. As for that marriage, I don't care about it. I know very well that a woman like her isn't worth loving." Lee Baiyun said angrily in his heart. He immediately wiped the tears off his face and chased after Ye Zichen.

Lee Baiyun didn't go on the train with Luo Yun the most. He was on the same car as his servant, and his uncle pretended not to see. After getting on the car, no one talked, only the sound of the deer's rut could be heard.

He did not say a word. After Lee Baiyun went through a lot of things, he changed, becoming very cold and indifferent. He seemed to have seen through everything in the world.

He had been like this for the past five days, and now, their convoy had already entered the Yue State City.

Lee Baiyun's uncle wanted to do something in the city. It seemed that he wanted to pick up some goods.

Lee Baiyun was clear that this was for those examiners. If they took money or benefits, even if they were a fool, they could still enter the Luozheng Sect.

After a while, Luo Jie returned with a pile of brocade and paintings, as well as antiques. Rojer's uncle may have done so as a form of compensation to Lee Baiyun, but he felt a bit bad for trying to break off the engagement.

Lee Baiyun's uncle was very rich. Even though it wasn't the rich side, it could be said that he had thousands of family possessions. With such a strong power, wanting to bring Lee Baiyun into the most strict Luozheng Sect, would only be a matter of raising one's hand and raising one's foot.

Luo Yun looked at Lee Baiyun with disdain. In her heart, she thought: "Lee Baiyun, your aptitude is too poor. I'm afraid that even if you enter Luozheng Sect, you won't be able to cultivate anything."

Luo Yun started to cultivate under the tutelage of Martial Aunt Ling Yun when she was seven. Now that she was in the Qi Cultivating Stage and Lee Baiyun just entered the sect, he probably wouldn't be able to catch up to her anymore.

Cultivation was divided into 12 levels: One was Foundation Establishment, Qi Cultivation, Qi Gathering, Returning to the True, Essence Gathering, Focus, Cauldron Refining, Bone Burning, Calcining, Soaring, Deity Ascension, and the five elements being immortal.

Right now, Lee Baiyun was as poor as a pauper. His cousin was like a rich person, so he naturally couldn't raise his head in front of her.

It wasn't that Luo Yun looked down on him, but that Lee Baiyun looked down on him as well. He felt that he was useless, that he had wasted so many years of his life for nothing.

This was the first time he regretted it so much, even though he was now fourteen years old.

Lee Baiyun thought for a while and they left the city. After another hour of driving, they arrived at a mountain peak outside of Yuezhou City called Tian Yue Mountain. This sect was not one of the top sects in the Falling Cloud Continent. However, for these people without cultivation mana, their lives were like a god's. Not everyone could cultivate. It all depended on talent. Those with no talent could not ascend into the next realm even if they cultivated for hundreds of years. They also had to return to the netherworld and go back into the cycle of reincarnation.

Many people cultivated to become immortals, but Lee Baiyun wasn't. He had the ambition to become a mortal, and he didn't want to be looked down upon. As for becoming an immortal, he never even thought about it.

In front of the mountain gate were two towering mountain gates. In front of the mountain gate were two tall and sturdy gatekeepers with Luozheng Sect medallions on their waists. Lee Baiyun looked at them with a bit of displeasure in his heart. If it wasn't for the sake of survival, he wouldn't have thought of this so-called bullsh * t Luozheng Sect cultivation. His dream was to become an alchemist and forge a great sword in the world.

Unfortunately, without the guidance of a master teacher, he had followed the village's Little Zhang Tie for three years of training. The distance between him and the forging of an exceptional sword was simply too far.

Since things had come to this, he might as well start cultivating. Lee Baiyun thought for a while and felt that he shouldn't think too much about it. Instead, he should practice the Cultivation Method well. Only by doing so would he have the right to speak.

From today onwards, his fate had quietly changed. The heavens would not let a person's luck continue forever.

Luo Jie handed over the post. A gatekeeper saluted and went to report.

After a while, a oily faced cultivator came out. There were some more python patterns on his clothes, which was clearly different from the clothes of the disciples guarding the gate. The only difference was that there was an eagle pattern on his left sleeve, which looked like the symbol of Luozheng Sect, which was also the emblem of his sect.

This old man was called Qing Ling Zi, the examiner of Luozheng Sect, and was in charge of the sect's new disciples.

Qing Ling cupped her hands together and smiled, "Master Luo, what brings you here?"

Luo Jie also clasped his fists. "Hur Hur, a man of the mortal world. I'm sorry for disturbing your cultivation. The things that I've come to do are things that I've told you before. Take a look." said Roger, tilting his head to indicate that one of his men should come forward.

Qing Ling saw the expensive silks and paintings and her eyes turned green. All of these belonged to the rich.

Qing Lingzi did not understand. She pulled Luo Jie aside and said, "Master Luo, you're so rich. Can't you help him? "Why send us to this desolate place?"

Luo Jie smiled bitterly, "You are right. It is a pity that I am not willing to give it to them. I can only think of a way to help my nephew out of this mess." So I thought of you, you see? "

The spirit-son looked at Lee Baiyun and waited for a while before saying, "I think that kid's aptitude is too poor. Cultivating is impossible."

"Then you better not ignore it, Adept." Luo Jie quickly stuffed a handful of silver notes into Qing Lingzi's hand. Qing Ling replied with a smile, "Sure, sure."

Qing Ling called her disciple over. He asked where the disciple was from, and the disciple replied that there was nothing left. The spirit child was very anxious. The disciple was also very anxious as he scratched his head. He suddenly said, "There is one, but …" "But what? As long as it can be stuffed inside, it's fine. But when we get the chance in the future, we can adjust it with those words, right?"

"Master, only the Medicine Hall needs people."

"Then that's it. You can take him to change his clothes and bring him to the medicine garden." Qing Ling said.

"Yes, master." The disciple replied. Then, he said to Lee Baiyun, "Follow me."

Lee Baiyun saluted and said goodbye to his uncle and cousin, but Luo Jie replied to him. Luo Yun acted as if she didn't see him, which made Lee Baiyun very upset. It made him think that he had to prove to his cousin that she was underestimating him.

After Lee Baiyun left, Luo Jie greeted Qing Yun Zi. Although these two were friends, they weren't close friends either. Their relationship was established on the basis of money, so although this Qing Lingzi seemed to be a true person, she was an extremely vulgar person.

Lee Baiyun followed the disciple to change his clothes and then went to the medicinal field.

Lee Baiyun felt that this place was cold and deserted, more like a dumpster than a pharmacy. There was dust everywhere, and the furnace was quiet and cold. There was no one here except, of course, spiders.

That disciple seemed very respectful. He bowed towards the room and said, "Martial Uncle Jiulongzi, I have come under the order of my master to send a disciple to you."

After a long time, there was still no sound from inside. This made Lee Baiyun feel very strange inside, this bastard couldn't be trying to make me look bad, right? There's no one here, yet he said this kind of thing, it really doesn't make sense!

Just as Lee Baiyun was thinking, he suddenly heard a yawn and a short old man walked out. His hair was dusty, tied with many knots, and his clothes were ragged. He looked like a beggar.

"I haven't slept enough." The old man looked at Lee Baiyun and said, "You have nothing to do here, all you have to do is sleep."

"What?" Lee Baiyun was astonished. He was happy in the beginning, but now his dream had been shattered. This medicine garden was originally just for show, and didn't have anything to do with alchemy at all.

"Stop bullshitting. If you want to stay, then shut up. If you don't want to leave, then listen to me!" Jiulongzi was not polite at all.

Lee Baiyun thought: "I finally met him, sigh!" Who told him to be so unlucky?

Wu Tie rolled his eyes at Lee Baiyun and said, "Stop being so emotional. Since you are willing to come to my place, hehe!" "You can clean this place up, and then you can rest." Jiulongzi yawned and went back to sleep.

Lee Baiyun looked at the room full of dust and spider webs and thought to himself: What the f * ck is this! However, he had no choice. He could either endure it or scram.

The disciple said to Lee Baiyun, "You can stay here. What are you called? I'm a good student."

"My family's Lee Baiyun." Lee Baiyun said calmly.

"En!" The disciple took the pen and quickly wrote it down. He said, "My name is Zhang Kun. If you have any problems in the future, or are in any trouble, you can come and find me."

"Mm, thank you, Senior Brother." Lee Baiyun said politely.

Zhang Kun immediately felt that this new disciple wasn't bad. Although he was a bit dumb, he still liked him a lot.

"It's getting late, I'm leaving!" Zhang Kun said as he looked at the sky.

After saying goodbye to this senior, Lee Baiyun started to get busy. He had to clean up this place as per Jiulongzi's instructions. Lee Baiyun tidied himself up from dusk all the way to late at night. After finishing the cleaning, he was completely tired and comfortable. This time, he no longer washed up, but fell asleep beside the furnace instead.

After sleeping for an unknown period of time, he suddenly felt as if his head had been struck. He suddenly opened his eyes. It was none other than his master, Jiulongzi.

"Master, you're awake!" Lee Baiyun said while trembling in fear.

"Hehe, kid, you're not bad. You're cleaner than I thought. To express my feelings, I won't be sleeping today anymore." Go and boil some water for me. Master, I want to take a bath. "

"Ah!" Lee Baiyun was stunned.

"What are you being so stupid for?" I want to take a bath, don't you hear? "He's been sleeping for 30 years now, but he won't be able to sleep again after being woken up by someone else." Jiulongzi reprimanded Lee Baiyun.

Lee Baiyun immediately went to prepare it.

Lee Baiyun was surprised to find out that there was no one here other than himself and Jiulongzi.

However, Lee Baiyun didn't know that Jiulongzi was an expert in alchemy. He didn't know that it was because Jiulongzi didn't want to sleep after looking at him that he decided to personally teach this kid.

Lee Baiyun prepared everything for the shower and then went to report to Jiulongzi. Jiulongzi smiled and said, "Not bad, okay." Jiulongzi smiled as he went into the bathroom to take a bath.

The Luozheng Sect's rule was that the disciples who entered the sect were given a gift by the examiner, and were not called master by any other sect.

Not long after, Jiulongzi came out. He was no longer as short as before, almost 1.78 meters, which made Lee Baiyun extremely surprised. He could only rub his chin a little and drop it to the ground.

"Disciple, don't be surprised. This is the level of origin gathering. Even if you have cultivated to this level, you would still be like this." Jiulongzi said calmly. In his hand, there was something the size of a pigeon egg.

"Eat it, then you will fall asleep. When you wake up, you will be very thirsty, but don't be in a hurry to drink water. Wait for an hour before you drink water."

Lee Baiyun stared at this thing curiously. He asked, "What is this thing?"

"If I tell you to eat, then eat. What are you spouting nonsense for!" Jiulongzi was very unhappy.

"En!" Lee Baiyun was very clear that he had no choice but to obey unconditionally.

Lee Baiyun knew, it was because Jiulongzi's talent was too poor and didn't have any foundation. With this pill, he could directly raise the kid's power to a new level, which meant he didn't need to cultivate to reach the Qi Condensation level.

After Lee Baiyun swallowed this thing, he suddenly felt as if his body was burning. He even felt that the heat was almost going to burn him to ashes.

"How did this happen?" Lee Baiyun was terrified.

"Haha!" Not bad! "Looks like you have the luck to consume a Spirit Gathering Pill like me." Jiulongzi said with a smile.

"What nonsense is this!?" You deliberately killed me! " Lee Baiyun felt that he was really going to die, so he said angrily.

However, Jiulongzi completely disregarded him and looked at Lee Baiyun as if he was admiring a treasure. Lee Baiyun gradually lost all power to resist. Then, he passed out.

Then, he did something strange. He dreamt that he was in a sea of fire, fighting against some fire dragons and fire beasts. The fire dragons only made his body break out in sweat, and just when he was being enveloped by the flames until it couldn't hold on, a white jade hand suddenly stretched out towards him. He looked carefully and saw that it was his cousin Luo Yun. At this moment, Luo Yun's expression was still as cold as ever. When she saw that the person she saved was Lee Baiyun, he fell back into the fire due to his loose technique.

"It's over!" Lee Baiyun thought.

Just when Lee Baiyun was feeling desperate, the fire gradually stopped and rain began to fall from the sky.

"This is mine." Only then did Lee Baiyun realize that everything he saw was all a dream. Jiulongzi was still grinning on the side. He looked at Lee Baiyun and said, "Hurry up and wash up, you're so smelly!"

Only then did Lee Baiyun realize that his white dao robe had a dark layer on it. It was greasy, like the oil in a ditch. He was disgusted.

Lee Baiyun walked into the shower room and opened the sink. Water poured down from his head. He thought about what had happened in his dream and felt very strange.

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