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C10 Danger

"This won't do. I think you should find some monsters to kill!" Yang Xuechi said.

"That's what I was thinking." Lee Baiyun said.

The setting sun was beautiful, but not as beautiful as Yang Xuechi. She sighed and said, "I really want to go home!"

"You have a home?"

"Of course, don't you have a home as well?" Yang Xuechi asked.

"I do have a home, of course I miss home as much as you do." Lee Baiyun looked at the colorful clouds in the sky and said, "I think we will all be lost in silence!"

"Hehe, when did you become so sad? Weren't you always so strong? " Yang Xuechi looked at Lee Baiyun with eyes full of concern and warmth.

"When I first met you, you actually lied to me. At that time, I really woke you up." You said that I had saved you from the quilt of my previous life. In that case, is there really reincarnation? " Lee Baiyun kept his Wolf Soul Sword and leaned against a bamboo branch.

Yang Xuechi didn't laugh. She was very indifferent, because he knew very well one thing. That was, she couldn't tell him about the past and thought that it would be an endless injury to him.

Why would he care so much about his past and present lives? Wasn't it good now? Therefore, Yang Xuechi said, "I think it's time for dinner! If you want anything to eat, I'll make it for you. "

"The dumplings?" Lee Baiyun lost his appetite. What he wanted to eat the most right now was his father's salvage dish.

"What exactly do you want to eat? I can make it for you! " Yang Xuechi smiled, of course. Her unparalleled beauty was really mesmerizing.

"Oh, you know how to fish vegetables?"

"That's for sure." Yang Xuechi went into the kitchen to busy herself. Lee Baiyun felt bored, so he sat down on the bamboo branch and leaped up. Then, he flew up.

"Is this the feeling of flying in the air?" Lee Baiyun was very excited. This was a secret that he had inadvertently earned. If he could even learn this kind of movement technique, then he would definitely be able to win the prize during the competition.

Lee Baiyun repeated it a few times, but his entire body was like a flea jumping up and down.

Gradually, he grasped a stance and gave up on the power of the bamboo branch. He leaped up, imitating the momentum of the bamboo branch. Although this posture was not high, it was sufficient to show that his thoughts were related to movement techniques.

"Hehe, this feeling is really good! Again! " Lee Baiyun concentrated on calming his breath. A stream of air flowed out from the spring under his feet. He bent his knees and guided his body, "Sou!" He rose more than three meters into the air.

"This is incredible!" Lee Baiyun came and went with the bamboo in the bamboo forest. It was quite awe-inspiring. The way he came and went had made his whole body feel like he was suffering from heatstroke.

"Hehe, with your cultivation, you are wasting your own Genuine Qi!" Yang Xuechi had appeared beside Lee Baiyun at some point in time. She looked at Lee Baiyun with a smile.

"So you understand?" Lee Baiyun asked curiously.

"I don't really understand, but I'm definitely not an amateur." Yang Xuechi's smile was not because of her contempt for Lee Baiyun, but because she had read a book in her race called Cloud-shaking Step Technique .

"Hur hur. Tell me, what kind of training do you think I need to do? " Lee Baiyun was looking forward to what Yang Xuechi would say.

"Alright, but my little brother, you have to eat first." Yang Xuechi said.

Lee Baiyun didn't want to do it. He knew that Yang Xuechi definitely had some sort of secret scripture. Seeing Lee Baiyun's stubborn forehead, Yang Xuechi said to Lee Baiyun, "Alright, I'll keep this in my mind. After dinner, I'll write it down. What do you think? " Lee Baiyun naturally agreed after hearing Yang Xuechi's words. He ate in a hurry.

Lee Baiyun's way of eating could be likened to wolfing down food. He only had one goal, and that was to see Sister Yang Xuechi's secret scripture earlier.

"Heavens, can't you be a little slower!" Yang Xuechi was shocked when she saw how good Lee Baiyun's eating method was.

"I was in a hurry. Hurry up, sister. " Lee Baiyun said, "I think you know how I feel."

"I understand. Alright, I give up on you!" Yang Xuechi had no choice but to put down her cutlery and start writing the Cloud-shaking Step Technique.

"You must be my errand boy now."

"Sure, no problem!" Lee Baiyun said straightforwardly.

Yang Xuechi wanted to laugh when she saw him behaving like that, but he didn't. She still said seriously, "Lee Baiyun, then why don't you write and serve him?"

"He's here!" Lee Baiyun took the ink quickly and started grinding the ink.

Yang Xuechi took the pen and started writing on the snow-white paper with a 'sha sha' sound. Very quickly, a line of words appeared on the paper.

The Traveling Cloud was like water and full of spirit. The intention was to be the first to arrive.

Lee Baiyun looked at it and almost lost himself in thought. He actually forgot to grind the ink. Yang Xuechi finished writing after a while. She said to Lee Baiyun, "Hello! Don't look anymore, the ink is gone! "

"Ah, oh." Only then did Lee Baiyun come to reality.

Yang Xuechi was finally done writing. She handed the book over to Lee Baiyun and then said seriously: "Remember, this mental cultivation method is a skill for Fox Race. Don't ever go against someone with Fox Race.

Lee Baiyun thought it was something important, so he agreed without thinking.

In the evening, Lee Baiyun cultivated the Explosive Flaming Technique for a while, and then went to sleep after cultivating the Cloud-shaking Step Technique for a while.

The next morning, Yang Xuechi knocked on Lee Baiyun's door: "Lazy guy! You're still sleeping! "

Yang Xuechi knocked on the door for a while, but Lee Baiyun didn't open it. She couldn't help but feel curious, where did this brat go so early?

So he called out, "Are you still sleeping? Will you die like this? "

However, there was still no reply. At this moment, she was extremely anxious. Did this person just die from Qi deviation from yesterday's cultivation method?

Thinking of this, Yang Xuechi no longer cared about whether men and women were willing to be intimate with each other. She struck out with her palm, forming the 'Mine Pond'! In an instant, it was in pieces!

"Cough cough!" What is it! "Sister Xuechi, you're not happy this early in the morning, why are you venting your anger at the door?" There was a person standing outside the door. If it wasn't Lee Baiyun, then who else could it be? He was still fine and looked to be in good spirits.

"You brat, where did you run off to? I'm so worried!" Only then did Yang Xuechi's worried heart calm down.

"Ahem, big sister Xuechi, look what I brought you!" Lee Baiyun flashed in front of Yang Xuechi. It was a package wrapped in lotus leaves. The faint fragrance of the lotus leaves wafted from the tip of Yang Xuechi's nose and seeped into her heart. She looked as if she was at the edge of a lotus pond.

"What is it!" Yang Xuechi couldn't wait to open the package. He found that there was wild lychee inside. Yang Xuechi loved this kind of thing. She was smiling, with curved eyebrows and a lovely face.

"It's good of you."

"Hur hur, of course I'm fine. Oh, right, what breakfast did you make?" Lee Baiyun saw Yang Xuechi peel a piece of lychee and put it in her mouth. He also felt hungry, so he asked.

"Well, this is breakfast. I've already prepared it. In order to save time, we'll eat while we walk. " Yang Xuechi gave a package to Lee Baiyun. It was wrapped in brown paper and eaten.

It must be the Oil Pine Cake. Lee Baiyun could already smell the alluring fragrance.

"Let's go!" Yang Xuechi said as she carried a bag on her back.

"Looks like we'll be going for a long time?"

"What are you talking about?" Don't you want to be a disciple? " Yang Xuechi pushed Lee Baiyun away.

Lee Baiyun smiled: "It's best if we eat this inside our stomachs!"

Yang Xuechi ignored him and followed behind Lee Baiyun. They were heading towards the back of the mountain.

The back of the mountain was a forbidden area, and he didn't know why Luozheng Sect would classify this place as a forbidden area.

Lee Baiyun and Yang Xuechi soon arrived at the quiet mountain area at the back of the mountain. This was a piece of open grass. The trees on the edge of the grassland were not tall, only about the height of a person. The scenery seemed to be quite nice, and there was a small stream flowing out of the valley, with gurgling streams flowing through the white stones. There were also some small fish that were coming and going freely, and some fish hawks were waiting at the side of the small stream for the unwary fish to catch them.

"No matter how beautiful the scenery is, it doesn't seem to belong to us! "What a pity, life is in a hurry, it's rare for me to have so much free time!" Lee Baiyun had an unbeatable feeling, he saw this beautiful mountain road.

Yang Xuechi rolled her eyes at him and said, "Isn't she beautiful? Look at what this is! "

Lee Baiyun followed the direction Yang Xuechi was pointing towards. He saw that the clear stream had somehow turned into blood. The stream was still reeking of blood.

"This isn't an animal or monster, it looks like human blood!" Yang Xuechi frowned. "Is there anyone else?"

Lee Baiyun thought about how his Senior Brother was here yesterday, then did someone from Luozheng Sect suffer a disaster here? Therefore, he said in shock: "Yesterday, my senior brother came here, could it be that he is someone from the Luozheng Sect? There is only one sect called Luozheng Sect here! "

"I think it's very likely, but we can't exclude the people from other sects or some Dark Domain. They might have been injured by monsters, that might not be true!" Yang Xuechi guessed.

"I think we should go and take a look. After looking for a while, do you understand?" Lee Baiyun felt that rather than guessing randomly, it would be better to check it out.

Along the way up the stream, the blood that flowed out was getting thicker and thicker, which made Lee Baiyun's hair stand on end.

Yang Xuechi was a fox and had a keen sense for blood. She sniffed and said, "Little brother, don't go anymore. The blood is coming from here!"

"Here?" Lee Baiyun was skeptical.

Yang Xuechi knew that Lee Baiyun wouldn't believe her, so she used a branch to pry away a screw-like rock.

"What about the blood?" Lee Baiyun was curious as to whether there was still blood left upstream.

"The blood on top of it is a camouflage. That is Su Mu Shui. Su Mu is red, but there is no fishy smell." As Yang Xuechi said this, her expression suddenly changed, "Not good! They've found out that someone is coming! "

"What?" Lee Baiyun was confused by Yang Xuechi's reaction.

"I don't have time to explain it to you. We should leave this place as soon as possible, so as to avoid any unexpected calamities." Yang Xuechi said as she dragged Lee Baiyun, who was stunned by the blackwood, back the way they came.

At that moment, a shadow suddenly appeared in the sky.

Yang Xuechi was shocked. "It's too late. I think we should split up!"

"NO!" We have to be together! " Lee Baiyun grabbed Yang Xuechi's hand tightly and tried his best to move it. He started to operate the Cloud-shaking Step Technique that Yang Xuechi passed to him yesterday.

A surprised voice came from the shadow, "Eh?!"

"This person's cultivation is so high, he's like an emperor!" Lee Baiyun exclaimed.

Yang Xuechi said, "Of course. Perhaps your origins are really not small. It seems that there is still a Demon Hunter behind your mountain. It's just that I don't know who this Demon Hunter is. I find it strange that no one from your sect has noticed it even though they're so close to it. "

Lee Baiyun shrugged his shoulders to express his confusion. All of this was probably only known to the elders of Luozheng Sect and the rest of the leaders.

"Now we should just ignore everyone else and escape for our lives. This guy is chasing us like hell!" Lee Baiyun was already out of breath.

But he couldn't stop because he knew that 99.99% of stopping would be fatal. Life was still more important, even if it was a bit tiring.

That Umbra didn't use its full strength just now, but now that he thought about it, this brat really had some perseverance. He had to increase his strength to chase after Lee Baiyun.

Lee Baiyun saw that the shadow in the sky sped up, and he couldn't help but become anxious. When this person was in a hurry, he would forget everything. Without even looking at his feet, he only felt the branches by his ear rustling behind him and the branches beside his eyes. Suddenly, he felt his feet go weak and he fell into a crack in the rock.

The crack on the stone was very narrow, but it was just big enough for the two of them to enter. The shadow also descended, and when he saw how narrow the crack was, he got angry.

The two fell through a crack in the stone and lost consciousness.

Yang Xuechi pressed down on Lee Baiyun's body. The two of them maintained this posture until Lee Baiyun woke up. Only then did they realize Yang Xuechi was lying on top of them.

Lee Baiyun wanted to get up, but he couldn't because he didn't want to wake Yang Xuechi up.

Lee Baiyun looked around and confirmed that he was still alive. This was still human, not hell.

Lee Baiyun looked around. There was no place to escape, but there was a dark river here with some unknown turtles. This Turtle looked very strange. It had a very long and slender tail and looked like a big tadpole from afar. It had black fur all over its body, and these hairs were like the thorns of a sea urchin. Besides, its carapace was a bit like a turtle's, but it was better looking than a turtle's.

Strands of sunlight shone through the cracks in the rock, so it was not dark down here.

Lee Baiyun looked up along the light. He suddenly noticed that there was a pair of evil eyes staring at him from the crack in the rock. The pair of blood-red eyes looked as if fresh blood was about to flow out from within. This made Lee Baiyun's heart turn cold. He thought to himself: "What a scary eye! Could it be the shadow from earlier? "It seems like he has a huge body. Otherwise, we would have been done for a long time ago!"

Those blood-red eyes were staring at Lee Baiyun and Yang Xuechi. It seems like they won't rest until they're trapped to death. Lee Baiyun understood this point!

Soon it was dark and he could no longer see inside the cave.

Yang Xuechi still hadn't woken up. It seemed that she had fallen quite heavily. Lee Baiyun carried Yang Xuechi and walked deeper inside. He didn't want to be stared at with detestable eyes. Although he couldn't do anything to Yang Xuechi, he still felt that this guy was just that annoying.

The further in they went, the darker it became. It was so dark that one could not see their own fingers in front of them. Lee Baiyun summoned his Fire Wolf, which floated in the air. Its flames could make this pitch-black space light up.

"Aooo!" The Fire Wolf was calling the police, so there was danger deep in their hearts.

"Is it dangerous?" Lee Baiyun asked the Fire Wolf.

The Fire Wolf did not know how to speak human words.

"If it is something dangerous, I will bring it back to fight. You must protect this mistress. It is injured, and I will not forgive you for the rest of my life!" Lee Baiyun said to the Fire Wolf.

The Fire Wolf released: "Wuu wuu." His reputation seemed to be complaining about his grievances. Of course, Lee Baiyun was reluctant to part with the Fire Wolf, he was joking.

Moving forward, the darkness grew even darker. Lee Baiyun was familiar with this thing because when he was young, he often went to the Snake Valley with his father to catch snakes. This was the smell of the Snake Valley. Lee Baiyun was immediately prepared. It seems like there's a snake inside.

Just as Lee Baiyun held onto the Wolf Soul Sword nervously, he suddenly shouted, "Tiger Stab!" Suddenly, a long silver object came into view.

Lee Baiyun looked at the thing and his two eyes were green like a cat's eye stone. The thing had a bloody mouth that was spewing black smoke and a mouthful of teeth as thick as a white finger.

"Fire Wolf! "Protect my sister!" Lee Baiyun bellowed and stabbed out with the Wolf Soul Sword. His sword attack was "Rising Light Soaring Hong!" It was the tenth form of the Rising Light Sword Skill.

Although the sword technique was not old, it was still extremely sharp. The wind from the sword howled around the sword as streams of sword wind carried a cloud of dust as they flew towards the snake's seven inches area.

"Aooo!" The Fire Wolf stood in front of Yang Xuechi and bared its fangs as it roared at the silver serpent.

The silver serpent did not expect Lee Baiyun's speed and sword art to be so fast. It twisted its body, dodging Lee Baiyun's sword. Lee Baiyun thought that the snake would retreat, so he immediately used Rising Light Sword Skill's Rising Sun Catching Moon, and when the strength in the sword grew old, he continued to add another force. The speed of the sword was extremely fast. The silver serpent felt a sense of danger. It curled its body and swept its tail towards Lee Baiyun's lower body. This way, Lee Baiyun had no choice but to take his lower body into consideration and retract his sword. How could the brain of a snake have such wisdom? Lee Baiyun naturally retracted his feet and dodged the sweep.

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