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C3 Pyretic Fluid

The reason why Lee Baiyun's master praised him was because he didn't want him to feel any pressure. Even if his talent was poor, his master wouldn't say that he was bad. The reason was simple, he didn't want his disciple to be hurt.

This was the first time Lee Baiyun heard this, and he was very happy in his heart. After all, he had been here for a long time and this was the first time he met someone who could confirm his identity.

The next day, he and his master went to the Cloudsoaring Mountain to gather herbs early in the morning.

There were many spiritual herbs growing there, so many cultivators would go there to pick herbs. Because there were a lot of people going there, this created a shortage of medicinal herbs, so once you gather some spiritual herbs, it was very likely that you would immediately encounter some experts to surround and take away the herbs in your hands.

The master and disciple duo had woken up a long time ago. When they were ready, Jiulongzi asked Lee Baiyun, "Are you ready?"

"En!" Lee Baiyun replied. Jiulongzi suddenly pointed his sword, and a blue celestial sword appeared before his eyes.

"Master, what is this?" Lee Baiyun was curious.

"This is an Ice Blue Sword, my magic treasure. When you have the ability, you can find your own sword materials and train to become a peerless good sword." Jiulongzi looked at his magical equipment with pride in his heart.

Lee Baiyun was drooling in envy.

Jiulongzi jumped on his icy-blue sword and stood firmly on it.

Lee Baiyun was extremely surprised. Was this the legendary Imperial Sword Technique?

"What are you doing? When your cultivation reaches the essence gathering stage, you will naturally be able to encounter flying! " Jiulongzi said confidently. He wasn't bragging, but asking for Lee Baiyun's self-esteem and determination.

"Oh. I feel like I'm in a dream! " Lee Baiyun was extremely happy. This time, he had truly broadened his horizons. He followed his master's instructions and leapt onto the icy-blue sword. He felt the icy-blue sword sink down suddenly, and then rise up again as the sword returned to its previous balanced state.

"Kacha!" Jiulongzi against the icy-blue sword commander, the sword "whoosh!" He immediately flew towards the southwest. This posture shocked Lee Baiyun's heart. He said in surprise, "It can't be that the sword fell down, right?"

Jiulongzi was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. He smiled and said, "What do you think?"

"Ah!" Lee Baiyun's master hugged tightly, afraid that he would fall down. He looked at the high altitude, and the mountain ranges below were like small piles of earth.

"If I fall down like this, I won't even be able to find my face." Lee Baiyun was very scared.

"Don't look down there. Look beside you. Look at Baiyun, who's curling up like a wisp of smoke. You won't be so scared!"

Hearing this, Lee Baiyun immediately did as his master told him. As expected, he felt less fear. His mood, with Baiyun in the misty sky and the endless blue, was so intoxicated by it that for a moment he forgot all about the danger.

"We're here!" Jiulongzi glanced at Lee Baiyun and said, "Look at you, you look like a bear. Just a tiny bit of danger is enough to scare you to this extent!"

"Ha ha!" Lee Baiyun smiled and knocked his head.

This is the Fire Spirit Sword, the first magic treasure that I have bestowed to you. Although it is of the White grade, and just with your current cultivation, you can't drive a high grade good sword.

As Jiulongzi said this, he pressed his green jade-like bracelet and with a "glare", a treasured sword that was like bloodstone jumped out.

"This is a White grade weapon. Forging can increase the strength by ten times. How to forge a sword skill is a matter of the future. Right now, you have to stand on your own two feet and learn how to fight monsters." Jiulongzi threw the sword to Lee Baiyun. Lee Baiyun stretched out his hand and grabbed it. He felt the heavy weight of the sword, and he also felt a warm pulse feeling on the sword.

"What a good sword." Lee Baiyun praised.

"Such a sword and you're already like this, you really have no experience!"

"Master, I feel that this sword's forging level is much better than our family's firewood knives. Look at how narrow and thin this sword is. It's actually so heavy. This proves that this sword is not made of ordinary materials."

"Jiulongzi is about to faint. Can your machete compare to my sword? Even though it was only the lowest grade of an immortal sword, it was still superior to the thousands upon millions of wood knives in the world.

"Stop bullshitting and move quickly!" Jiulongzi said to Lee Baiyun.

Lee Baiyun had no choice but to separate from his master.

Jiulongzi didn't go far. He was afraid that his silly disciple would be in danger, so he searched for Nine-Petalled Cloud within a certain range and didn't go too far away from Lee Baiyun. The goal was that if Lee Baiyun was in danger, he could rush to his side as soon as possible.

The nine clouds could be used to concoct the Nine Yang Pellet, and was an essential pill for cultivation. Therefore, all nine clouds in this region had been collected by the Cultivator and sold for five million silver taels. That was why there were so many people searching for the nine clouds in the Cloudsoaring Mountain.

Although Lee Baiyun was very dumb, his luck wasn't bad. He searched for a while and found a nine flower cloud beside a giant rock. To prevent himself from making a mistake, he opened the book and read it carefully.

"Ye Ruo Yun, nine leaves gather, page red, back cyan, in the middle of the nine leaves is a small branch, on the branch is also a leaf, as follows." Lee Baiyun was very happy, and started dancing with joy, "Hehe! I found it! "

However, Lee Baiyun ignored the pair of evil eyes staring at him.

This person was none other than the seed seller, Tian Butong. He also came up the mountain to collect more Spirit Gathering Grass, but he didn't expect to meet the person he most wanted to meet here, so he secretly followed this kid, wanting to see what he was doing. When he saw that this brat found the nine clouds, his dark heart came again.

"F * * k, this five million!" "This brat's f * cking lucky, laozi has been here hundreds of times, but I actually didn't find him. This brat, all of a sudden, you saw these nine clouds."

Lee Baiyun carefully dug out with his pickaxe. Just as he was about to put it in his medicine bag, a strong hand suddenly grabbed his arm.

Lee Baiyun looked closely and saw that this person was none other than the person who chased after him yesterday. He felt very strange so he asked, "What are you doing?"

Tian Butong thought this brat was an idiot, he sneered: "What do you think I'm doing? "Idiot!" Tian Butong reached out towards the grass.

Only then did Lee Baiyun realize that Tian Butong was trying to snatch his Nine Flower Clouds. He quickly retracted his hand and dodged Tian Butong's hand. Tian Butong couldn't hold onto the grass for a while and couldn't help but be shocked. He said in a strange voice, "Eh? I can't see that your cultivation is not bad. "

Actually, Lee Baiyun never thought that he could defeat Tian Butong, he only reacted instinctively. How would he know that he had eaten Jiulongzi's Spirit Gathering Pill and drank the Mysterious Ice Jade Fire Wine? Plus, he had a very good master, that would be very impressive.

Tian Butong did not hesitate. After all, these nine clouds were a huge temptation to him. He could not just give up like this, so he continued to grab the nine clouds.

"F * ck!" Lee Baiyun was furious. He initially did not want to defend himself, but this man was so unreasonable that it caused him to be furious. He struck back with his heart and the Fire Spirit Sword attacked Tian Butong like a fiery python.

After all, Tian Butong had cultivated for many years and had seen many different kinds of battles. He did not care a single bit about this kind of rough fighting style, and while he was waiting for Lee Baiyun's sword to pierce his body, he suddenly moved to the side agilely and avoided Tian Butong's sword. In the meantime, he grabbed Lee Baiyun's Fire Spirit Sword. He tried his best to get up, and only after several times did he finally get up. After standing still, he saw that the grass in his hands had already been taken away by Tian Tong. He suddenly grasped his sword, spat out angrily, and chased after Tian Butong, blocking the path in front of him.

"Brat, you still haven't given up yet!" Tian Butong was very angry in his heart. Originally, he didn't want to keep quiet when he found the Nine-Petalled Cloud. However, this brat's pestering made him want to kill him.

"Brat, you're courting death!" The veins on Tian Butong's hand popped out and a murderous look appeared on his face. Suddenly, his hand displayed a powerful killing move. This was the legendary Black Wind Palm of the Dark Domain.

Of course, Lee Baiyun didn't know what the Black Wind Palm was, but he felt that the palm was dark and had a fishy smell, so he yelled in his heart, "Not good!"

He wanted to dodge, but it was too late. Being struck by Tian Butong's palm, he felt like his vision had turned black and his entire body was like a fallen leaf that had been blown away by the wind. He felt like his body was floating and one was falling, but he held onto the nine flower clouds tightly.

After an unknown period of time, he finally woke up. It was a thread of warm sunlight that woke him up. He opened his eyes and discovered a woman that was even more dazzling than the sun.

The woman stood by the side of the lake. As the wind blew, the corners of her skirt fluttered, giving her an otherworldly appearance against the lush green waters of the mountain.

"You're awake?" The woman didn't turn her head, but she was speaking.

Lee Baiyun paused for a moment, then said, "Miss, are you talking to me?"

"Hehe!" I was just talking to you, is there anything threatening about this place? " The woman's words were laced with thorns.

"So it was you who saved me?" Lee Baiyun wanted to get up and bow to the girl. However, he didn't expect that his chest would be in so much pain when he just moved it. Beads of sweat immediately oozed out of his forehead.

"The heck! "Damn it, it seems like that Tian Butong really wants to kill me with a slap!" Lee Baiyun felt as if his sternum had been broken.

The woman lightly said, "Don't move, if you don't want to die too early."

"Then, thank you, young lady. Thank you for saving me."

"I don't have such good intentions. I only saved you because I was afraid that you would die in this person's hands. Otherwise, who would care about you. " The girl was staring at the water. Lee Baiyun was very curious. He didn't know why he was so focused on the water. Could it be that treasures were about to appear in the water?


Lee Baiyun naturally felt bored after the girl got his nose covered in dust, so he laid on the bed and continued sleeping. Who knew that even if he wanted to sleep, he would not be able to sleep. After all, boredom was boredom. Thus, he decided to start cultivating the mental cultivation method that his master had taught him.

Unfortunately, the moment he tried to circulate his Qi, his internal organs felt as if they had received an immense amount of force, and he immediately stopped moving.

"Hey!" Kid, can you not be like that? Your poison is still in your heart. With your luck, the poison will spread. You could have lived for ten days.

"What!" When Lee Baiyun heard this, there was no doubt that a thunderbolt had struck his head.

"Calm down for a moment," he said. "When my master comes, I'll give you a piece of scale armor. You'll be fine." For some reason, the girl's tone suddenly became softer. Lee Baiyun sighed helplessly and said, "This is a woman's heart, a needle in the sea!"

Just as Lee Baiyun was sighing, a handsome voice suddenly came from the sky, "Qing'er, have you seen any trace of this thing?"

The woman was startled and said, "Nope, Master."

That long beard was silvery-white and had white teeth and a rosy complexion. In his hand was a horsetail whisk commonly used by Daoists, making him appear and fall like a deity. After he landed on the ground, his eyebrows shot up. "Qing'er, do you have anyone else here?"

The woman calmly replied, "That's right. He fell off a cliff. I didn't want him to pollute such a beautiful scenery, so I saved him."

The Daoist laughed and said, "I think it's a lie that Qing'er likes him. Hehe, then I, Qing'er, will save him!" That Taoist actually dared to joke around with his disciple, he was truly shameless. When he finished his sentence, the woman spat: "Master, I'll be angry if you say it again!"

"Fine, I won't say it." It seemed like the Daoist wanted to have a good time and brought about a loss of interest, so he could only helplessly shake his head.

That Taoist walked over and looked at Lee Baiyun with a poverty-stricken expression on his face, "You are a disciple of Jiulongzi?"

Lee Baiyun was stunned, "I am."

"You really won't lie, but I saw you eat the Spirit Gathering Pill and drink the Black Ice Jade Fire Wine. Otherwise, you would have been hung under the Black Wind Palm."

"Black Wind Palm?" Lee Baiyun was surprised and moved. His wound hurt again. He did not show his teeth. He did not want to embarrass himself in front of his elders.

This person was Qing Xuanzi, ranked tenth in the ranking list of cultivation experts. On this continent, he was also a very famous person. His master, Jiulongzi, was ranked ninth, so Qing Xuanzi was very clear about who the cultivation technique Lee Baiyun practiced. Naturally, he remembers his opponents very clearly.

"Yes, Black Wind Palm, don't you know?"

"I don't know." Lee Baiyun's honest answer almost made Qing Xu fall to the ground. How could a person in the cultivation world not know about the Black Wind Palm? This was way too strange!

"Well, you have defeated me! You've met me with this injury. I can help you heal it, but I have a condition, and that is that you must take me as your master. "

"What?" Lee Baiyun looked at Qing Xuanzi and said, "I already have a master, I can't take you as my master anymore."

"Fine, you have guts. Just wait for the poison to kill you!" Qing Xuanzi really did not understand how stupid the people from before this year were. This was called refusing a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit. When a kid like you was about to die, you begged me not to ask for it.

Lee Baiyun had already thought about it in his heart. Even if he died, if he died and became someone else's disciple without the permission of his master, wouldn't that mean he was deceiving his teacher and killing his ancestors? In the cultivation world, people would be wiped out by the sect in front of the scum.

On the fifth day, Lee Baiyun felt like his body was being pricked. On his arm, there were a lot of black spots, and there was also a long black hair.

At this moment, Qing Xu walked in. Lee Baiyun continued in pain, "Don't force yourself. If you promise me, I'll immediately cure your poison. If you don't, hehe, after an hour, you'll probably be a corpse."

"Cut the crap, just die!" Lee Baiyun still insisted on his position.

"It's really hopeless." Qing Xuanzi flicked his sleeve and left. After Qing Xu left, Lee Baiyun struggled to get up. He crawled out of the bed with difficulty and crawled towards the lakeside. He planned to throw himself into the lake to commit suicide. Even if he died, it wouldn't be dirty in their place. Lee Baiyun felt that it would be better this way. There might be some kind of monster in this lake. If he ate himself, then it wouldn't dirty his place.

Lee Baiyun made up his mind and rolled towards the lake. His whole body was like a rock as he fell into the lake with a "bang".

The lake water was originally as calm as a mirror, but after being mixed up by Lee Baiyun, it suddenly surged up into the sky.

A fiery red thing that looked like a loach, but many times bigger than the loach, leapt out of the lake. It roared angrily, and that sound was deafening. Qin Shou-qing felt dizzy from the roar. She could not stand it any longer, she felt that it was taking her life.

Qing Xuanzi was extremely happy, after all, he had been on guard here for so many days, and now that the thing was finally out of the water, he was extremely happy. He threw the long iron hook in his hand towards the red "Loach", which had a rope at one end, and this hook just happened to catch the back of the red "Loach".

"It's really amazing!" The veins on Qing Xuanzi's arm began to bulge. It seemed like the power of this thing was not just ordinary. Of course, this thing's name was called Flametail, it was one of the ten great monsters, and its meat directly rose by thirty years after eating cultivation. This meant that this thing could allow a person's cultivation to gain thirty years of true strength out of thin air, so Qing Xuanzi had wasted so much effort just to catch this thing.

Of course, Qing Xuanzi did not understand why the fire level suddenly jumped out of the water. It was because Lee Baiyun jumped into the water. The fire level wanted to eat Lee Baiyun, so Lee Baiyun accidentally baited it.

This time, Qing Xuanzi was caught in the crossfire. He struggled in pain, making him sweat profusely.

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