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C6 Nanzhuang

Yang Xuechi saw that Lee Baiyun was in danger and exclaimed, "Not good, his Dark Soul Devouring Orb is very powerful!"

Lee Baiyun was already prepared, although he had not fought with anyone many times, due to his experience with Tian Butong last time, he learnt his lesson this time and was not in a hurry to fight with him, he knew the power of the Dark Soul Devouring Pearl very well, so he did not dare to be careless, and used his sword to seal his face.

"Brat, this basic sword skill of yours is like blocking my Dark Soul Devouring Orb!" Jia She laughed obscenely, "Hehe, just throw your life away!" Saying this, Cui Ce further increased the power of the Dark Soul Devouring Orb. The dark light from the Soul Devouring Spider instantly wrapped Lee Baiyun inside, and Lee Baiyun and Yang Xuechi were hurriedly covered. At the same time, they felt a force invading them from outside, causing them to feel faint and dizzy.

"Demon!" Use this monster! Who exactly are you! " Yang Xuechi felt that this person was not simple.

"You're all going to die, I'll let you all know what's happening!" Jia She said proudly, "Listen up, I am the tenth disciple of the Saint Hand of Ghost Valley, Jia She!"

"So it's this bastard!" I was wondering how it could be so shameless, so shameless that it killed people and stole their treasures! " Yang Xuechi scolded Jia She in pain. Jia She didn't care about Yang Xuechi's scolding at all. He was such a person, he didn't care about the scolding anymore. He smiled indifferently and said, "Just love your King of Hell, hahaha!"

"Humph!" You must be blind! " Lee Baiyun's Wolf Soul Sword shot out a dark cyan light beam. The Dark Soul Devouring Orb was suddenly hit by the sword qi, causing it to sway a few times in the air, almost falling down. Jia She and Yang Xuechi were shocked, they never thought that the Wolf Soul Sword would be able to block his sword. This sudden change caused both sides to not be surprised, especially Jia She. He had always been confident in his Dark Soul Devouring Orb, so this time he was really shocked. He shouted loudly: "Good boy, you do have some skills!"

Lee Baiyun smiled of course: "How can I be so good at it!"

"How arrogant!" Jia She's sword fingers chanted at the Dark Soul Devouring Orb, and in an instant, the Soul Devouring Orb became bright and loud, the dazzling green light making people unable to open their eyes.

The Wolf Soul Sword was stimulated by the Darkness Soul Devouring Orb so a ball of light similar to a little wolf suddenly floated out of it. That ball of light went straight for the Dark Soul Devouring Orb.

"Wolf soul!" Yang Xuechi was shocked, "You have cultivated a demonic art?"

Lee Baiyun was curious. I didn't practice any demonic arts? How should he put it?

"The Wolf Soul Sword of the black-hearted old fogey is truly powerful, we will meet again in the future!" Jia She kept the Dark Soul Devouring Orb and wanted to escape, but she was blocked by Yang Xuechi.

"Little girl, quickly get out of my way, or else I won't be polite!" Seeing her escape route blocked by Yang Xuechi, Jia She was furious.

"I do not wish for you to show mercy. How can you be a dog that runs away with its tail between its legs? " Yang Xuechi's house was very sharp, and Jia She's lungs were about to explode from the anger.

"Humph!" Lee Baiyun said in disdain, "Let him scram. I, Yu Hu, do not see such a despicable person!"

Just when Lee Baiyun let down his guard, Jia She suddenly shot out the Dark Soul Devouring Orb, and Lee Baiyun's face was about to get hit by the Dark Soul Devouring Orb. Yang Xuechi was extremely scared, she didn't have enough time to protect Lee Baiyun, and everyone thought that Lee Baiyun would be able to open his brain, but a miracle happened, and the Dark Soul Devouring Orb was blocked by a dark black sword.

"How, how, how is this possible!" He had thought that his sneak attack would be very successful, but he never expected that the Wolf Soul Sword would be able to block his Dark Soul Devouring Orb, and furthermore, the darkness energy from the Dark Soul Devouring Orb was devoured by the wolf cub that came out from the Wolf Soul Sword.

The Dark Soul Devouring Orb instantly turned black and looked like a round ball made out of tiles.

"Die!" Lee Baiyun's Wolf Soul Sword pierced straight through. Jia She was instantly sucked dry by the Wolf Soul Sword and turned into a dried up corpse.

Yang Xuechi saw that these big men would expose Lee Baiyun's Wolf Soul Sword, so she suddenly threw a few white attacks at them. In the blink of an eye, these big men were covered by her white attacks.

"Tighten!" Yang Xuechi said to Yang Xuechi, 'Bai Lian,' and that Bai Lian immediately shrunk back. Yang Xuechi said to Yang Xuechi, 'Bai Yi,' and that Bai Cai immediately shrunk back. 'With a' kacha kacha 'sound, the rest of the big men's bones seemed to have been crushed by something, and they all died from bleeding from all their orifices.

"Ah!" Only then did Lee Baiyun recover his clarity. He looked at Jia She who fell on the ground. That haggard appearance was really scary. He panicked and said, "This, this, I didn't do it on purpose!

"That's it, he wants your life. Remember, little brother, they are not kind people. In this world of cultivation, only the strong will talk about morality and survival, and the weak will always be killed."

"Huh?" It was the first time Lee Baiyun heard such extreme words. He was stunned for a moment. Only then did he know how cold the other side of Yang Xuechi was. Could this be the human world? Everyone has two sides? Was there a fake side to him, and a real side to him?

Just as Lee Baiyun was thinking, Yang Xuechi set all the bodies on fire.

Lee Baiyun said in surprise, "What are you doing!"

"I want to destroy them all, if not I would love to know that you can't cultivate your Wolf Soul Sword in Luozheng Sect anymore!" Yang Xuechi said.

Lee Baiyun thought for a while. Yang Xuechi was right. I must do this. Besides, they are all villains. If I do this, I'm afraid I won't suffer the wrath of heaven.

"Thank you!" Lee Baiyun said.

Yang Xuechi laughed when she saw Lee Baiyun's serious look. "You're hilarious. Let's leave quickly. What are you doing selling these nine clouds?"

Lee Baiyun didn't want to tell Yang Xuechi. How could the smart Yang Xuechi know what Lee Baiyun was thinking? He just wanted to sell it and rent himself a room.

"I'll take you to a place where you can sell your grass fairly and probably sell it for 500 thousand yuan."


"Yes, but it's in Yuezhou City."

"Huh?" Lee Baiyun didn't want to leave his master for too long. He was afraid that his master would be worried.

However, Yang Xuechi said that Lee Baiyun was too worried. He had been missing for so many days and even his master was indifferent to it. How much time had he wasted? She told Lee Baiyun to be at ease, and that he could ask an honest and loyal messenger to help him deliver a message to his master. Lee Baiyun thought this was a good idea, so he agreed.

In Yuezhou City, in front of an ancient stone building called Da Xia, Lee Baiyun and Yang Xuechi appeared. It was noon. Yang Xuechi found a middle-aged man and whispered in his ear for a while. Then the middle-aged man told Yang Xuechi to wait.

After a while, a pretty girl in maid attire walked out. The girl invited Lee Baiyun and Yang Xuechi in.

Lee Baiyun had never entered such a grand place before. At that moment, he was attracted by the magnificent stone building.

Along the way, there was a row of huge stone pillars with two people hugging each other. The stone pillars were engraved with armored warriors. All of the warriors had different expressions, but they were all glaring at the front.

Lee Baiyun and the others passed through a long corridor and arrived at a courtyard that was overflowing with the fragrance of flowers. This courtyard was very pleasing to the eyes. The decorations here were quite grand, and one could tell from the sight of these buildings that it was the courtyard of someone from an aristocratic family. Lee Baiyun did not know whose yard this was, but he was sure that the owner of this house was a very powerful person, and one of the most powerful people in the whole of Yuezhou City.

As expected, the servant arranged for Lee Baiyun and Yang Xuechi to stay at the pavilion, arranged for some tea and some snacks, and then retreated to the side.

After a while, this elegant and graceful Young Master walked over. He cupped his hands and said, "I'm really sorry. I have something to attend to, so please forgive me for making you wait for a moment."

Lee Baiyun also exchanged pleasantries with this Young Master.

The three chatted for a while. From the intimacy between Yang Xuechi and this gongzi, Lee Baiyun could tell that they knew each other.

This young master seemed to be able to read Lee Baiyun's meaning. He smiled and said: "Brother, what do you call me?"

"My name is Lee Baiyun."

"My name is Yue Lei."

"Hm!" I was waiting for young master, what do you think? " Lee Baiyun didn't want to be delayed here. He wanted to return to his sect as soon as possible, otherwise, it would be bad if his master was worried.

"Of course I am clear about this. Let your dear brother reveal your item, I already had my men prepare the silver notes." Yue Lei was very generous and open. Judging from his demeanor, he was indeed like a hero.

"Please take a look, Young Master." Lee Baiyun took out the nine clouds and passed it to Yue Lei. Yue Lei held it in his hand and scrutinized it carefully. He said in pleasant surprise, "Good stuff! I'll give you 6 million. This guy has been growing it for 50 years. It's a high-quality medicine."

"What do you mean? Can you tell the age of his growth? " Lee Baiyun was extremely curious.

Yue Lei pointed at Lee Baiyun and said, "Look at the markings on this stalk. This circle will last for a year and this guy has been growing for 50 years. On this land, nine clouds that have been growing for fifty years are already rare. "

"That's right, it's all because of this fellow. A lot of people went there to collect some cultivation necessities, and they're almost out of stock." Yang Xuechi sighed.

At that moment, the middle-aged man from before came over. He placed a stack of banknotes on the table and stepped back.

"Brother, please count."

"You, I don't need to worry. From your thunderous bearing, I knew that you were the lord of this Yue Prefecture." It was said that their family's ancestor met some mysterious person who taught them the secret thunder cultivation method. It was said that the reason why this Yue State was able to enjoy peace and tranquility for thousands of years was because this Lei was very profound and powerful. Lee Baiyun did not know that, but he had heard this story from the mouth of the older generation, and that was because those evil monsters did not dare to take notice of the Yue family. When they heard about the Yue Clan, those people avoided them. The influence that the Yue Clan had in Yue Prefecture was probably even more resounding than their Luozheng Sect. Of course, even though their Luozheng Sect were poor, they were still ranked below the Yue Clan.

After bidding Yue Lei farewell, Lee Baiyun went straight to Bamboo Town.

It was already dusk by the time he reached Bamboo Town.

Yang Xuechi and Lee Baiyun came on horseback.

Along the way, Yang Xuechi purposely delayed for time. This girl was a little strange, Lee Baiyun didn't understand anything about her, so he had to have her. Therefore, it was already dusk when they reached Bamboo Town.

Lee Baiyun didn't enter the town, but went straight to the South Manor.

"Why did you take me out of the house?" Yang Xuechi was curious.

"Of course it's to buy the house."

"I think this house is quite creepy. There won't be ghosts?" Yang Xuechi frowned.

Lee Baiyun looked inside and said, "There's no ghost here. It's just that no one lives for a long time and everything has become so desolate." Lee Baiyun's words made Yang Xuechi's heart feel a lot more at ease.

Lee Baiyun was curious. This sister doesn't even blink when she kills people. Could it be that she's scared of these evil spirits?

Just as Lee Baiyun wanted to ask Yang Xuechi, that rascal ran into the yard.

Lee Baiyun looked at the grass that reached his waist and felt a bit scared. He had a bad feeling that the scene here was so uncomfortable.

"I think we should get out of here." Lee Baiyun pulled Yang Xuechi and wanted to leave.

"En!" Yang Xuechi also felt this was very strange and agreed with Lee Baiyun's suggestion. This village was extremely desolate. There were basically no chickens and dogs barking, which made Lee Baiyun curious. He remembered that when he first came to Tian Yue Mountain, he clearly saw that the southern village was brightly lit in the middle of the night.

Jiu Zi, when this Lee Baiyun felt that something was not right, he suddenly felt that a lot of Black-clothed Man had already surrounded him and Xuechi's sister. They were five hundred meters away.

"Sister, we are surrounded. It seems like they are not good people."

"You only know now, I just got the feeling that this house isn't good, and you don't believe me?" Yang Xuechi seemed to blame him.

Lee Baiyun just smiled and said, "Sis, this house is weird, even the whole village feels weird."

"Oh?" Yang Xuechi looked at Lee Baiyun in surprise. "Don't tell me you know something?"

Lee Baiyun said, "At least, I know these people are human, not ghosts."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."

"Good!" If you dare to lie to me, you can wash my clothes for a month. " Yang Xuechi said proudly.

"This, this, I am a man."

"Can't men wash clothes?" Yang Xuechi asked.

"Alright, they're here. We have to face the enemy. I can feel a strong killing intent coming from them." Lee Baiyun pulled Yang Xuechi behind him as he spoke.

At this moment, a group of black-clothed people filled the courtyard. The person in the lead was a person that held a Sky Devil hook in his hand. That person's beard was very long.

"Sky Tyrant Demon Hook, a person from the Dark Domain!" Yang Xuechi asked in surprise.

"People from the Dark Domain, why the f * ck would they come to the Yue State!" Lee Baiyun was also surprised.

"Hehe, Little Ni, you know quite a lot. What a pity young lad. The one beside you is a thousand-year-old fox demon. Don't let her suck you dry of your vital energy." The leader laughed obscenely.

Yang Xuechi said angrily, "Shameless!"

"Hehe, what's so shameless about that? If I had a girl like her by my side, I wouldn't be able to stay calm!" The leader looked at Yang Xuechi with a lecherous gaze, as though Yang Xuechi was already in his place. Lee Baiyun was furious as he looked at that guy's lustful eyes. He scolded, "Shameless scumbag, you're courting death!"

As Lee Baiyun said this, his Wolf Soul Sword flew out.

After devouring the Fire Spirit Sword and the Soul Devouring Orb, its power increased tremendously. The most important thing was that the wolf in the Wolf Soul Sword had changed its demonic nature a lot due to the righteous Fire Spirit Sword. As a result, the Wolf Soul no longer looked like a wild wolf, but more like a Fire Wolf.

"Awoo!" The Fire Wolf that flew out from Wolf Soul Sword pounced towards those people.

"Wolf Soul Sword!" the leader exclaimed.

"Kid, this is not a Wolf Soul Sword, is your Black hearted old man's Wolf Soul Sword like this?" Yang Xuechi said deliberately. The leader finally believed it, the Wolf Soul Sword was said to be a dark gray wolf, and the Fire Wolf that came out of the sword, this was related to the black-hearted old man's Wolf Soul Sword.

"Everyone, don't panic. Get close!" The leader waved the Devil hook and a formation appeared, trapping the two inside.

"What kind of array is this?" I'm not sure. " Lee Baiyun doesn't know anything about formations. He doesn't want to be in such a sorry state in front of Yang Xuechi, so his words are rather conservative. He only said that he didn't know anything about it.

Yang Xuechi smiled calmly, "This is the Dark Domain's Dragon Gate Array. There are a total of twelve dragons, arranged according to the terrain, there's no big deal. The first place we attacked was Zi's area, which is their weakest spot."

When the leader saw that his formation had been seen through, he was enraged, "Little girl, you're courting death!"

With that, he activated the formation. This formation was indeed heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and filled with the shock of ghosts and gods. In the blink of an eye, the atmosphere turned dark and gloomy. The wind carried a ghost-like wailing sound that sent chills down one's spine.

"Sister Xuechi, where do you think their son is?!"

"It's on the first seat on your right." Yang Xuechi had already figured out the weakness of the formation.

However, the moment Lee Baiyun thrust his sword, the person completely dodged it. The others managed to cover this weakness as five hooks clamped onto Lee Baiyun's Wolf Soul Sword.

"Good, he really does have some skills." Lee Baiyun exclaimed.

"Lil 'Bro Baiyun, don't worry, they are the Dragon Seizing Gate Formation. This will change and overlap. As long as you can pierce through one of these five people, then you'll be able to pierce through the position of that brat!"

"Alright!" Lee Baiyun followed Yang Xuechi's instructions and stabbed out his sword. The person in the middle with the magic hook indeed arrived. Then the chilly wind stopped. These people all showed their true colors.

"Everyone run!" The leader of the group shouted.

"You want to run? I still have something to ask you, and you want to run away?" Yang Xuechi smiled and said, "Brat, just wait for my punishment!"

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